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.frozen (dead)  1.2  13 years  robbat2  removing lockfiles
book.dtd  1.31  22 months  swift  Add redirect capabilities to handbook
common.dtd  1.4  4 years  swift  Introduce version attribute for the license tag in GuideXML The license tag is …
election.dtd  1.3  9 years  neysx  #184505 add a link to nominee's platform
funnychars.dtd  1.1  9 years  neysx  #128615 #184875 Factored out common GuideXML bits
gleps.dtd  1.1  9 years  neysx  Added support for a glep index
glsa-old.dtd  1.2  11 years  neysx  A DTD is not an xml file
glsa.dtd  1.17  8 years  neysx  Add @count to <revised>
guide.dtd  1.53  4 years  swift  Fix #379883 - removing @link attribute from DTD
herds.dtd  1.4  12 years  pauldv  Add some new tags to the herds.xml file
inserts.dtd  1.4  10 years  neysx  Add <version> tag to inserts.xml
metadata.dtd  1.13  3 years  swift  Add CPE information to metadata (cfr thread "extending metadata.xml to support C…
metadoc.dtd  1.16  7 years  neysx  Simplify DTD and use shared parts
mirror.dtd (dead)  1.4  8 years  robbat2  Remove old mirror dtd now. Renamed to mirrors.
mirrors.dtd  1.3  6 years  robbat2  Bug 293434: Change mirrorgroup, mirror and country to zero-or-more instances to …
project.dtd  1.16  3 years  swift  Adding disclaimer and redirect to project XML, preparation for wikification
repositories.dtd  1.1  7 years  robbat2  Adding repositories.dtd for sping, per the revamp of the overlays project, maste…
staffing-needs.dtd  1.2  9 years  neysx  Allow <uri> in <description>
test.dtd (dead)  1.8  9 years  neysx  removed test.dtd
userinfo.dtd  1.14  6 years  robbat2  Joined and retired may be multi-valued.

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