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about.xml  1.39  9 years  swift  Markup changes, no content
articles.xml  1.19  10 years  neysx  Removed redirect
contact.xml  1.7  6 years  nightmorph  people need to stop emailing www@ with documentation bugs, especially invalid on…
contract.xml  1.14  4 years  robbat2  Update gentoo-dev address.
graphics.xml  1.54  4 years  sping  Add vector remake of "gentoo-cow" GDM 2.x background
irc.xml  1.137  2 years  hwoarang  irc.xml: Add #gentoo-rs as requested by bitlord on #gentoo-groupcontacts
lists.xml  1.145  2 years  jmbsvicetto  Fix typos. Move remaining closed lists to the closed lists section. Sort alphabe…
mirrors-rsync-data.xml  1.72  2 years  a3li  rsync3.fr merged with rsync2.fr
mirrors-rsync.xml  1.3  7 years  darkside  Update verbage about infra rotation
mirrors.xml  1.582  7 years  robbat2  Bug #290598: Update the comments re which files should be edited.
mirrors2.xml  1.4  5 years  darkside  remove ibiblio.org, they stopped mirroring Gentoo
mirrors3.xml  1.195  2 years  a3li  Remove Datapipe, bug 539490
name-logo.xml  1.12  2 years  dabbott  removed the word 'content' and replaced it with 'works' ver 2 Bug 536484
philosophy.xml  1.11  10 years  neysx  Got rid of /mainpage/@id attribute, at last Fixed all pages this change made inv…
projects.xml  1.13  3 years  swift  Remove Tenshi from listing (has been removed from Project altogether)
shots.old-2010.xml  1.1  5 years  dabbott  renamed old screeshot page for future reference
shots.old-2011.xml  1.1  4 years  dabbott  2011 screenshots page
shots.old.xml  1.1  5 years  dabbott  backup of screenshots page
shots.xml  1.49  4 years  dabbott  updated screenshot page
sponsors.xml  1.122  2 years  robbat2  Buchhorn: change their branding pieces
stores.xml  1.22  3 years  dabbott  added vendor, Linux Shop of iamcj
support.xml  1.9  10 years  neysx  Got rid of /mainpage/@id attribute, at last Fixed all pages this change made inv…
where.xml  1.164  2 years  jmbsvicetto  Fix typo, improve clarity and fix broken links. Fixes bug 523116 and bug 523348.…

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