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7<author title="Author"> 7<author title="Author">
8 <mail link="drobbins@gentoo.org">Daniel Robbins</mail> 8 <mail link="drobbins@gentoo.org">Daniel Robbins</mail>
9 <mail link="cybersystem@gentoo.org">Sascha Schwabbauer</mail> 9 <mail link="cybersystem@gentoo.org">Sascha Schwabbauer</mail>
10</author> 10</author>
11 11
12<version>1.5</version> 12<version>1.7</version>
13<date>October 17, 2004</date> 13<date>2004-12-25</date>
14 14
15<chapter> 15<chapter>
16<title>Mailing List Overview</title> 16<title>Mailing List Overview</title>
17<section> 17<section>
18<body> 18<body>
213</tr> 213</tr>
214<tr> 214<tr>
215 <ti><c>gentoo-laptop</c></ti> 215 <ti><c>gentoo-laptop</c></ti>
216 <ti>Discussion on powersaving, pcmcia and other laptop-related stuff.</ti> 216 <ti>Discussion on powersaving, pcmcia and other laptop-related stuff.</ti>
217</tr> 217</tr>
219 <ti><c>gentoo-bsd</c></ti>
220 <ti>Discussion about Gentoo/BSD.</ti>
223 <ti><c>gentoo-java</c></ti>
224 <ti>Discussion about Java on Gentoo.</ti>
227 <ti><c>tenshi-announce</c></ti>
228 <ti>Announcements about the <uri link="/proj/en/infrastructure/tenshi/">Tenshi</uri> project.</ti>
231 <ti><c>tenshi-user</c></ti>
232 <ti>Discussion about the <uri link="/proj/en/infrastructure/tenshi/">Tenshi</uri> project.</ti>
218</table> 234</table>
219 235
220</body> 236</body>
221</section> 237</section>
222<section> 238<section>
253 <ti>Korean Gentoo User Mailing List</ti> 269 <ti>Korean Gentoo User Mailing List</ti>
254</tr> 270</tr>
255<tr> 271<tr>
256 <ti><c>gentoo-user-pl</c></ti> 272 <ti><c>gentoo-user-pl</c></ti>
257 <ti>Polish Gentoo User Mailing List</ti> 273 <ti>Polish Gentoo User Mailing List</ti>
276 <ti><c>gentoo-user-cs</c></ti>
277 <ti>Czech and Slovak Gentoo User Mailing List</ti>
258</tr> 278</tr>
259<tr> 279<tr>
260 <ti><c>gentoo-doc-de</c></ti> 280 <ti><c>gentoo-doc-de</c></ti>
261 <ti>German Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti> 281 <ti>German Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti>
262</tr> 282</tr>
278<tr> 298<tr>
279 <ti><c>gentoo-doc-id</c></ti> 299 <ti><c>gentoo-doc-id</c></ti>
280 <ti>Indonesian Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti> 300 <ti>Indonesian Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti>
281</tr> 301</tr>
282<tr> 302<tr>
283 <ti><c>gentoo-doc-it</c></ti> 303 <ti><c>gentoo-docs-it</c></ti>
284 <ti>Italian Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti> 304 <ti>Italian Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti>
285</tr> 305</tr>
286<tr> 306<tr>
287 <ti><c>gentoo-doc-nl</c></ti> 307 <ti><c>gentoo-doc-nl</c></ti>
288 <ti>Dutch Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti> 308 <ti>Dutch Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti>
313 <ti>For the discussion of libconf development</ti> 333 <ti>For the discussion of libconf development</ti>
314</tr> 334</tr>
315<tr> 335<tr>
316 <ti><c>bug-wranglers</c></ti> 336 <ti><c>bug-wranglers</c></ti>
317 <ti>Special-purpose list for the Gentoo Bug Wranglers</ti> 337 <ti>Special-purpose list for the Gentoo Bug Wranglers</ti>
340 <ti><c>www-redesign</c></ti>
341 <ti>Dedicated to the development of the new Gentoo website</ti>
318</tr> 342</tr>
319</table> 343</table>
320 344
321</body> 345</body>
322</section> 346</section>

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