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8 <mail link="drobbins@gentoo.org">Daniel Robbins</mail> 8 <mail link="drobbins@gentoo.org">Daniel Robbins</mail>
9 <mail link="cybersystem@gentoo.org">Sascha Schwabbauer</mail> 9 <mail link="cybersystem@gentoo.org">Sascha Schwabbauer</mail>
10 <mail link="lcars@gentoo.org">Andrea Barisani</mail> 10 <mail link="lcars@gentoo.org">Andrea Barisani</mail>
11</author> 11</author>
12 12
13<version>2.1</version> 13<version>2.2</version>
14<date>2005-04-05</date> 14<date>2005-04-19</date>
15 15
16<chapter> 16<chapter>
17<title>Mailing List Overview</title> 17<title>Mailing List Overview</title>
18<section> 18<section>
19<body> 19<body>
141 <ti>Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti> 141 <ti>Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti>
142</tr> 142</tr>
143<tr> 143<tr>
144 <ti><c>gentoo-gwn-de</c></ti> 144 <ti><c>gentoo-gwn-de</c></ti>
145 <ti>German Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti> 145 <ti>German Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti>
148 <ti><c>gentoo-gwn-nl</c></ti>
149 <ti>Dutch Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti>
146</tr> 150</tr>
147<tr> 151<tr>
148 <ti><c>gentoo-translators</c></ti> 152 <ti><c>gentoo-translators</c></ti>
149 <ti>For discussion of document translation issues</ti> 153 <ti>For discussion of document translation issues</ti>
150</tr> 154</tr>

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