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index.xml  1.179  3 years  kensington  dastergon left the project.
kde-config.xml (dead)  1.3  8 years  nightmorph  Remove obsolete kde3 guide now that it's all out of Portage. was marked obsolete…
kde-cvs.xml (dead)  1.20  8 years  nightmorph  remove ancient 5-year-old dead project
kde-expat-upgrading.xml (dead)  1.3  8 years  nightmorph  removed old, dead file
kde-flash.xml (dead)  1.7  8 years  nightmorph  remove kde-flash.xml (again), now that it's not referenced in any ebuilds
kde-split-ebuilds.xml (dead)  1.4  8 years  nightmorph  remove old, dead file
kde4-guide.xml  1.108  5 years  kensington  The remained of the KDE 4 guide has been migrated to the wiki, wrt bug #432272. …
kde4.xml (dead)  1.26  8 years  tampakrap  forgot to remove the file
kde44-46-upgrade.xml (dead)  1.18  4 years  johu  Remove obsolete guide
kde4_old.xml (dead)  1.2  8 years  nightmorph  removed outdated, dead guide not linked anywhere else
kdebuild-1.xml (dead)  1.3  9 years  jmbsvicetto  Removed the kdebuild-1.xml guide as it no longer has any relevance for the KDE t…
kdepim-4.7-mask.txt (dead)  1.2  4 years  johu  Remove kdepim-4.7-mask.txt, moved to kde overlay.
qt4-based-ebuild-howto.xml (dead)  1.7  8 years  hwoarang  Remove old document since it is on Qt project folder now
qt4-split-ebuilds.xml (dead)  1.2  9 years  yngwin  Removing qt 4.4 migration guide, which is no longer needed. See bug 248110.

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