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copyright/         (from /)
copyright-assignment/         (from /)
handbook/         (from /)
manager-meetings/         (from /)
meetings/         (from /)
ombudsman/         (from /)
quiz/         (from /)
recruiters/         (from /)
roll-call/         (from /)
staffing-needs/         (from /)
undertakers/         (from /)
user-relations/         (from /)
assignment.txt (dead)  1.3  12 years  vapier  now in the copyright subdir
copyright-assignment.xml (dead)  1.17  12 years  kloeri  Remove all mentions of copyright assignment doc, bug 140286.
devrel-07162003.log  1.1  15 years  brandy  DevRel meeting log for 07/16/2003 added
devrel-07232003.log  1.1  15 years  avenj  Adding meeting log
inactive-devs.xml (dead)  1.3  15 years  spyderous  Moved to roll-call/.
inactive_devs.txt (dead)  1.3  15 years  spyderous  Pulling text form. See inactive-devs.xml.
index.xml  1.107  5 years  hwoarang  Mark devrel page as obsolete
manager-meetings.xml (dead)  1.7  11 years  kloeri  Remove manager meetings.
new-dev-training.xml (dead)  1.18  9 years  nightmorph  Killed new-dev-training.xml per devrel's request on bug 255416. didn't bother wi…
policy.xml  1.22  5 years  hwoarang  Updated policy moved to wiki
project.xml (dead)  1.3  15 years  seemant  new format
test.blah (dead)  1.2  15 years  seemant  blah again9;2~
user-relations.xml (dead)  1.5  14 years  plasmaroo  Removing now-gone user-relations.xml which was moved to user-relations/index.xml…

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