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doc-policy.xml  1.28  5 years  swift  Update GDP policy to be more in line with recent developments, resources etc. Se…
doc-quiz.xml  1.6  6 years  swift  Removing link attribute from guides
doc-tipsntricks.xml  1.30  8 years  nightmorph  typo fix, spotted by jkt on the ML
fix-me.xml.txt  1.1  13 years  swift  Update on GDP policy
gorg.xml  1.5  4 years  graaff  Update version and edit date for previous change.
handbook-release.xml  1.5  5 years  swift  Moved to https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Documentation/Handbook_Release
metadoc-guide.xml  1.8  6 years  swift  Removing link attribute from guides
testfile  1.2  14 years  neysx  Testing #65086
translators-howto.xml  1.17  4 years  swift  Moved to wiki, howto was rather inaccurate to say the least nowadays

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