Title:Gentoo Linux monthly bug day
Last-Modified:2003/11/10 19:03:31
Author:Brian Jackson <iggy at>
Type:Standards Track
Post-History:09-Jul-2003, 28-Jul-2003



I stole this idea from liquidx who probably stole it from one of the many projects that do something similar.


Gentoo Linux should have one day a month that is devoted to clearing out bugs, and accepting new ebuilds from bugzilla. This one day a month should not replace a developers normal bug tracking duties. This "bug day" should become something that involves the user community to make them feel closer to the developers.


I believe this would help keep the number of bugs in bugzilla at a lower level. This would also be a good chance for some user submitted ebuilds to be commited that would normally go overlooked. I think this is a good idea. We could turn this into a big deal for the user community


This doesn't require any coding. It just requires one day each month that little other than bug closing will happen. I would like to see all developers participate, but I know it's unlikely that we could get everybody free on the same day. The majority of the people that have had an opinion have suggested a weekend day. We will have bugday's on a Saturday. Gentoo developers can try to get some of the users to help them out. A prize to the most succesful developer was suggested. This is an idea to keep in mind for the future. I guess I'm going to be the one coordinating this until I get help, but when I do get help in coordinating this we can coordinate via irc if all parties are capable, or email if not. I will send out a notice telling the details at least one week in advance to the -dev, -core, and -user mailing lists.


Gnome [1] , Mozilla, Zope [2] , and other open source projects do something similar with good success.




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