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1 GLEP: 15
2 Title: Gentoo Script Repository
3 Version: $Revision: 1.2 $
4 Last-Modified: $Date: 2003/10/13 11:00:20 $
5 Author: James Harlow <hythloday@gentoo.org>,
6 Status: Approved
7 Type: Standards Track
8 Content-Type: text/x-rst
9 Created: 30 Sep 2003
10 Post-History: 30-Sep-2003
13 Abstract
14 ========
16 There is currently no central repository for scripts that are useful
17 in administering a Gentoo system. This GLEP proposes a way to deal
18 with this issue.
20 Motivation
21 ==========
23 There are many small tasks on a Gentoo system that can be made much
24 easier and fault-proof by scripting. However, not everyone has the
25 experience to write such scripts; those that do have the choice of
26 tracking down scripts on developer's webpages or with a search engine,
27 or writing them themselves, often duplicating effort that has been
28 already done by other people.
30 A better solution would be to have a repository of these scripts on
31 www.gentoo.org.
33 Specification
34 =============
36 A scripts@gentoo.org email alias would be setup and forwarded to the team that
37 will accept and publish these scripts to the website. The team will need
38 access to a portion of the website, but just enough to add the scripts, and
39 update links from the main "scripts" page. I would propose it be a
40 subproject of the tools or base top level project. The scripts team would
41 need commit access to gentoo/xml/htdocs/proj/en/[base|tools]/scripts/.It
42 shouldn't increase the load on gentoo.org significantly.
44 The scripts should be divided by type of task, for example sysadmin,
45 gentooadmin, misc, and internally well-commented. If there are enough then
46 it might be appropriate to have a search interface.
48 Rationale
49 =========
51 A repository on gentoo.org would address the problem of not having a
52 central point where all the scripts reside; and as gentoo.org is
53 trusted by most gentoo users, it would also solve the problem of
54 running scripts without knowing their exact effect. Further trust
55 could be generated by having developers sign their scripts and
56 uploading the signatures in parallel.
58 Periodically, a snapshot could be taken of the repository, the scripts
59 QA'd, and a package made and distributed.
61 Having a well-publicised script repository would also ease major
62 changes to the distribution, and could be a first line of defence to
63 provide workarounds for security problems in packages.
65 Backwards Compatibility
66 =======================
68 Not a problem for this GLEP.
71 Copyright
72 =========
74 This document has been placed in the public domain.

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