--- xml/htdocs/proj/en/glep/glep-0023.html 2006/11/19 22:46:27 1.6 +++ xml/htdocs/proj/en/glep/glep-0023.html 2006/11/19 22:50:15 1.7 @@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ /* :Author: David Goodger :Contact: goodger@users.sourceforge.net -:date: $Date: 2006/11/19 22:46:27 $ -:version: $Revision: 1.6 $ +:date: $Date: 2006/11/19 22:50:15 $ +:version: $Revision: 1.7 $ :copyright: This stylesheet has been placed in the public domain. Default cascading style sheet for the PEP HTML output of Docutils. @@ -275,9 +275,9 @@ Title:Handling of ACCEPT_LICENSE -Version:1.4 +Version:1.5 -Last-Modified:2006/11/18 07:27:47 +Last-Modified:2006/11/19 22:46:27 Author:Jason Stubbs <jstubbs at gentoo.org>, Marius Mauch <genone at gentoo.org> @@ -369,8 +369,8 @@ implicitly accept its license. To this end, implementations will also need to handle grouping of licenses.

At a minimum, there needs to be the groups GPL-COMPATIBLE, -FSF-APPROVED, OSI-APPROVED and NON-INTERACTIVE. -NON-INTERACTIVE licenses are those that don't require interactive +FSF-APPROVED, OSI-APPROVED and NON-MUST-HAVE-READ. +NON-MUST-HAVE-READ licenses are those that don't require manual acceptance for to be considered legally binding. This is the current behaviour of portage.

These groups are defined in a new file license_groups in @@ -438,7 +438,7 @@ configuration variable be named ACCEPT_LICENSE as some users may already have it set due to ebuilds using eutil.eclass's implementation. It also mandates that the default ACCEPT_LICENSE be -set to @NON-INTERACTIVE in the main gentoo repository as implementations +set to @NON-MUST-HAVE-READ in the main gentoo repository as implementations are not required to provide an internal default.

@@ -467,7 +467,7 @@