Title:Consistent Gentoo tool naming scheme
Last-Modified:2004/10/25 16:53:16
Author:Donnie Berkholz <spyderous at>,
Created:16 March 2004
Post-History:17-Mar-2004, 25-Oct-2004



This GLEP proposes to create a more consistent, logical and usable naming scheme for Gentoo-specific configuration and update tools. It proposes changing the scheme to gentoo-config-<toolname> and gentoo-update-<toolname>.

Status Update

The author notes that this GLEP "needs significant work", which is unlikely to occur until either winter vacation or next summer. Marking as deferred for the time being.


A consistent prefix on these tools will allow users to easily find them on the system by merely entering "gentoo-<tab><tab>" for a complete listing or "gentoo-config-<tab><tab>" or "gentoo-update-<tab><tab>" to get a listing of the specific category.

In the current situation, it is trivial to miss a configuration tool unless one reads a portage log of installed files for a package. Revamping the naming scheme would enable users to find these tools more easily.


The following packages and tools are affected (gentoo- prefix removed for ease of reading, current name follows suggested name):

x11-base/opengl-update -> config-opengl (opengl-update)
sys-devel/distcc -> config-distcc (distcc-config)
app-admin/zope-config -> config-zope (zope-config)
app-sci/blas-config -> config-blas (blas-config)
dev-java/java-config -> config-java (java-config)
dev-ruby/ruby-config -> config-ruby (ruby-config)
net-www/webapp-config -> config-webapp (webapp-config)
sys-devel/cc-config -> config-cc (cc-config)
sys-devel/gcc-config -> config-gcc (gcc-config)
dev-lang/python -> update-python (python-updater)
sys-apps/baselayout -> update-modules (modules-update)
sys-apps/baselayout -> update-env (env-update)
sys-apps/baselayout -> update-etc (etc-update)
sys-apps/baselayout -> config-rc (rc-update)


Three primary options were presented for the naming scheme:

In an example of another distribution, Red Hat moved to a redhat-config-* scheme within the past couple of years to provide more consistent and easier-to-find tools.

After two discussions on gentoo-dev, the majority favored this unified prefix for the tools, with a minority in objection, variously favoring one of the first two schemes above.

Backwards Compatibility

To ensure a smooth transition, a wrapper script will be provided in the old location. This wrapper will print a warning, sleep 5 seconds, then run the tool from its new location. The wrapper script should be provided for the next two new ebuilds for the package, whether they are revision or version bumps. On the third update, the wrapper script will be removed.

In addition, einfo warnings will be added in the ebuilds for the first three new ebuilds. They will run in one more ebuild beyond removal of the wrapper script.

Reference Implementation

not yet ..