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  • Implementation Requirements
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  • Backwards Compatability
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  • Backwards Compatibility
  • References
  • Copyright
  • @@ -97,15 +97,19 @@ Even though XML sucks, there is already a framework in place for these files. The filename will be blah-misc/metadata.xml. The character set used shall be UTF-8 for consistency with GLEP 31 [2].


    A new top level <catmetadata> element shall be added to the DTD to -distinguish category metadata elements from the existing <pkgmetadata> -elements.


    A new top level <catmetadata> element shall be added to the DTD. This +is necessary because the existing <pkgmetadata> element is not +appropriately named, and doing a global rename would be impractical. Using +a different element would also permit additional category-specific data to +be added at a later date.

    The existing <longdescription> elements shall be used for descriptions. The lang attribute shall be used to indicate the human language of the description -- all categories must have at least an English (en) description.

    The <herd> and <maintainer> elements are not generally relevant at -the category level.

    +the category level. They may be specified as a fall-back "assume that +everything in this category is maintained by these people", but this must +not be used as a replacement for proper per-package metadata.


    The app-vim category could use a metadata.xml file like the @@ -131,14 +135,15 @@ element.

    A metadata file would have to be added to every category in the tree. This could be done over a period of time.


    repoman checks for category metadata files would not be necessary.


    repoman would need a few small changes to be able to handle +per-category metadata files.

    The "packages.gentoo.org metadata" bug [3] would need to be updated to ask for category descriptions as well.

    The metadata documentation [1] would require some additions.


    Backwards Compatability


    Backwards Compatibility

    The metadata DTD will remain backwards compatible.

    The category metadata files will need to be considered "optional until implemented" rather than immediately becoming mandatory.

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