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Glep 41 was approved

1 GLEP: 41
2 Title: Making Arch Testers official Gentoo Staff
3 Version: $Revision: 1.7 $
4 Last-Modified: $Date: 2007/01/25 04:00:16 $
5 Author: Simon Stelling <blubb@gentoo.org>, Homer Parker <hparker@gentoo.org>
6 Status: Approved
7 Type: Standards Track
8 Content-Type: text/x-rst
9 Created: 7-Sep-2005
10 Post-History: 15-Sep-2005, 13-Nov-2005, 17-Aug-2007
12 Abstract
13 ========
15 Arch Testers should be treated as official Gentoo staff.
17 Status
18 ======
20 Rejected by the Gentoo Council on 13 Oct. 2005. This GLEP may be resubmitted
21 if the issues brought up in the council meeting,
22 http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/council/meeting-logs/20051013.txt,
23 are addressed in a new version of this GLEP.
26 Motivation
27 ==========
29 Since Mike Doty (kingtaco) created an Arch Tester (AT) project in January 2005
30 to reduce the developer's load and the amount of open keywording bugs for the
31 amd64 porting team, many users have volunteered to become ATs. They are doing
32 a fair share of everyday's work to keep the amd64 and ppc trees up to date.
33 While they spent many hours and even had to pass the staff quiz, they are
34 currently not recognized as official members of Gentoo.
37 Specification
38 =============
40 ATs should basically be treated as staff. This includes the following changes
41 to the current situation:
43 - Get a @(subdomain_to_be_determined).gentoo.org email address. The email
44 address will just be an alias, and will be forwarded to their @gentoo.org
45 address if they go on to become a Gentoo developer.
46 - Get read-only access to the gentoo-x86 repository. This doesn't have to be
47 individual accounts, a single account, without a shell, with all of their
48 keys will be sufficiant.
50 There will be a 30 day probationary/mentoring period for new ATs.The lead AT/HT
51 for arch/herd will be responsible for the mentoring period. If arch/herd
52 doesn't have a Lead AT/HT, then either the arch/herd lead or the Strategic AT
53 Lead will be responsible. The Lead AT is a seasoned developer that watches for talent,
54 recruits and mentors ATs. Additionally, the mentoring period should be shortened
55 to a minimum of two weeks if an AT wants to take the end quiz to become a developer,
56 assuming he has been AT for at least two weeks. The amd64 porting team has handled
57 situations like this for a while and only made positive experiences.
59 Also, the idea of an arch tester as a trustworthy user who is able to test
60 critical changes (such as hard masked software branches), could be expanded
61 to other herds. These 'ATs' wouldn't be called arch testers as the 'arch' is
62 irritating, instead, herd tester (HT) could be used.
64 As arch testers (and herd testers) become official staff, they should be
65 handled by DevRel.
67 Since ATs don't want to have to handle the big 'communication overhead'
68 normally, they won't be subscribed to the gentoo-core mailing list and won't
69 be able to vote.
72 Backwards Compatibility
73 =======================
75 All current active arch testers should be migrated.
78 Copyright
79 =========
81 This document has been placed in the public domain.

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