--- xml/htdocs/proj/en/glep/glep-0042.html 2005/12/11 01:38:18 1.4 +++ xml/htdocs/proj/en/glep/glep-0042.html 2005/12/13 03:21:59 1.5 @@ -32,11 +32,11 @@ Title:Critical News Reporting -Version:$Revision: 1.4 $ +Version:$Revision: 1.5 $ Author:Ciaran McCreesh <ciaranm at gentoo.org> -Last-Modified:$Date: 2005/12/11 01:38:18 $ +Last-Modified:$Date: 2005/12/13 03:21:59 $ Status:Draft @@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Created:31-Oct-2005 -Post-History:1-Nov-2005, 5-Nov-2005, 7-Nov-2005, 11-Dec-2005 +Post-History:1-Nov-2005, 5-Nov-2005, 7-Nov-2005, 11-Dec-2005, 13-Dec-2005 @@ -101,7 +101,7 @@

Although most package updates are clean and require little user action, occasionally an upgrade requires user intervention during the upgrade process. Recent examples of the latter include the gcc-3.4 stabilisation on x86 -and the mysql-5 database format changes.

+and the mysql-4.1 database format changes.

There are currently several ways of delivering important news items to our users, none of them particularly effective:

A more reliable way of getting news of critical updates out to users is required to avoid repeats of the various recent upgrade debacles. This GLEP proposes a @@ -207,7 +208,7 @@ mm is the month (01 through 12) and dd is the day of the month (01 through 31). The short-name is a very short name describing the news item (e.g. yoursql-updates), consisting only of the characters a-z, -0-9 and - (hyphen).

+0-9, + (plus), : (colon) and - (hyphen).

News Item Directories

@@ -377,14 +378,16 @@

Client Side

Whenever relevant unread news items are found, the package manager will create a -file named /var/lib/portage/news/news.unread (if it does not already exist) -and append the news item identifier (eg 2005-11-01-yoursql-updates) on a new -line.

+file named /var/lib/gentoo/news/news-magic-chicken.unread (if it does not +already exist) and append the news item identifier (eg +2005-11-01-yoursql-updates) on a new line.


Future changes to Portage involving support for multiple repositories -may require one news list per repository. Assuming repositories have some -kind of unique identifier, this file could be named news-repoid.unread.

+may introduce repository names. In this case, the magic-chicken part of the +filename should be replaced by a string representation of the repository +name. Thus, news item clients should use a wildcard rather than hardcoding +the magic-chicken string.

Notification that new relevant news items will be displayed via the emerge tool in a similar way to the existing "configuration files need @@ -398,13 +401,14 @@

  • After an emerge sync
  • After an emerge --pretend
  • Before an emerge <target> (which may also include a red warning message)
  • +
  • Before an emerge --ask <target> sequence
  • The package manager may use a timestamp check file to avoid having to process news items unnecessarily.

    The package manager must keep track of news items that have already been added to the unread list to avoid repeatedly marking a deleted news item. This could -be handled via a news.skip file, but implementation is not specified by this -GLEP.

    +be handled via a news-magic-chicken.skip file, but implementation is not +specified by this GLEP.

    Users who really don't care about news items can use rsync_excludes to filter out the metadata/news/ directory.

    @@ -413,9 +417,11 @@

    News Item Clients

    Once a news item is marked for reading, third party tools (or traditional core Unix tools) can be used to display and view the news files.


    When a news item is read, its name should be removed from the news.unread -file. News clients may add the name to a news.read file in the same -directory with the same file format.


    When a news item is read, its name should be removed from the +news-magic-chicken.unread file. If a news client acts as an interactive +reader rather than a gateway, it should then add the name to a +news-magic-chicken.read file in the same directory with the same file +format (again, magic-chicken should be a wildcard rather than hardcoded).

    An eselect [3] module shall be created as the 'suggested' display tool; other display tools (for example, a news to email forwarder, which would be ideal for users who sync on a cron) are left as options for those who @@ -597,7 +603,7 @@