Title:An "old-school" metastructure proposal with "boot for being a slacker" Part II
Last-Modified:2007/10/12 02:08:27
Author:Alec Warner <antarus at>



This GLEP amends GLEP 39[#GLEP39]_. A new project must be announced to the community prior to it's conception. The announcement should state the project goals, the plan to achieve those goals, and any other information deemed useful to the community by the person proposing a new project.


Projects were being started behind the scenes that people were not aware of; this included developers and users alike. It was thought important to notify the community of new projects. This also enables new projects to get valuable feedback before getting to far into design and implementation.


We hope projects receiving feedback fare better in the long run with regards to general reception as well as meeting the goals set forth in their announcement. We hope projects announced early get more volunteers by virtue of being announced and in the community's view.

Backwards Compatibility

Projects already announced before 19-Oct-2006 are not affected. Since this GLEP was authored nearly a year later, conceivably projects announced since then should retroactively send mail regarding their goals and means to achieve them if they have not done so already; otherwise they would be in breach of policy set in 2006.


New projects should send an Request For Comments mail to gentoo-dev (and optionally gentoo-project) in order to received feedback from the Gentoo community. Once the feedback has been received and changes incorportated into the goals and design (if any), the project team should send a mail to gentoo-dev-announce (and optionally gentoo-announce) regarding it's launch.

The contents of the announcements is left intentionally vague as to not restrict the scope of projects, goals, and means. If announcement, projects, goals, or means end up being terrible; the authors of this GLEP fully expect the community to chew you out over it.

This GLEP does not empower the community to kill a new project, even if everyone decides it sucks.


This document has been placed in the public domain.