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21 <p>For more information, see 21 <p>For more information, see
22 <uri link="http://glep.gentoo.org/glep-0001.html">GLEP 1</uri> 22 <uri link="http://glep.gentoo.org/glep-0001.html">GLEP 1</uri>
23 and 23 and
24 <uri link="http://glep.gentoo.org/glep-0002.html">GLEP 2</uri>. 24 <uri link="http://glep.gentoo.org/glep-0002.html">GLEP 2</uri>.
25 </p></longdescription> 25 </p></longdescription>
26 <dev role="lead" description="GLEP Editor">g2boojum</dev>
27 <dev role="dev" description="GLEP Editor Trainee">antarus</dev> 26 <dev role="dev" description="GLEP Editor Trainee">antarus</dev>
28 <dev role="dev" description="GLEP Editor Trainee">dev-zero</dev> 27 <dev role="dev" description="GLEP Editor Trainee">dev-zero</dev>
29 <resource link="http://www.gentoo.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/xml/htdocs/proj/en/glep/?cvsroot=gentoo"> 28 <resource link="http://www.gentoo.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/xml/htdocs/proj/en/glep/?cvsroot=gentoo">
30 Files and tools in CVS 29 Files and tools in CVS
31 </resource> 30 </resource>
34<extrachapter> 33<extrachapter>
35 34
36<title>List of Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals</title> 35<title>List of Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals</title>
37 36
38<section> 37<section>
39<title>Implemented Gleps (Final)</title> 38<title>Implemented GLEPs (Final)</title>
40<!-- Use <glepindex status="D,d,A"/> to select on status, default is all --> 39<!-- Use <glepindex status="D,d,A"/> to select on status, default is all -->
41<body> 40<body>
42<glepindex status="F"/> 41<glepindex status="F"/>
43</body> 42</body>
44</section> 43</section>
45 44
46<section> 45<section>
47<title>Accepted but not implemented gleps (Accepted)</title> 46<title>Accepted but not implemented GLEPs (Accepted)</title>
48<body> 47<body>
49<glepindex status="A"/> 48<glepindex status="A"/>
50</body> 49</body>
51</section> 50</section>
52 51
53<section> 52<section>
54<title>Draft Gleps (Drafts)</title> 53<title>Draft GLEPs (Drafts)</title>
55<body> 54<body>
56<glepindex status="D"/> 55<glepindex status="D"/>
57</body> 56</body>
58</section> 57</section>
59 58
60<section> 59<section>
61<title>Deferred, Rejected, Withdrawn, or Moribund Gleps</title> 60<title>Deferred, Rejected, Withdrawn, or Moribund GLEPs</title>
62<body> 61<body>
63<glepindex status="d,R,W,M"/> 62<glepindex status="d,R,W,M"/>
64</body> 63</body>
65</section> 64</section>
66 65

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