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1 <?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8"?>
4 <!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd">
6 <guide>
7 <title>Gentoo Infrastructure Frequently Asked Questions</title>
8 <author title="Author">
9 <mail link="klieber@gentoo.org">Kurt Lieber</mail>
10 </author>
11 <abstract>
12 This page lists the most commonly-asked questions and their answers regarding Gentoo's infrastructure.
13 </abstract>
15 <version>0.9</version>
16 <date>21 August 2003</date>
17 <chapter>
18 <title>FAQs</title>
19 <section>
20 <body>
21 <p>
22 <b>Q:</b> Can I compile and/or install &lt;some program&gt; on dev.gentoo.org? It would make my life much easier.
23 </p>
24 <p>
25 <b>A:</b> Generally, no. The primary purpose of dev.gentoo.org is to provide email functionality and facilitate file transfers between developers. It is <b>not</b> intended to be a general shell access type server. Where there is a program that a <b>significant</b> number of Gentoo developers may benefit from by having it installed, we will certainly look at adding it. <c>procmail</c> is a perfect example of just such a program. If you feel there is a program that should be added, please contact klieber.
26 </p>
27 <p>
28 Specifically, we do not install, support or provide IRC bouncers.
29 </p>
30 <p>
31 <b>Q:</b> I have a problem with &lt;some service&gt;. Who do I contact?
32 </p>
33 <p>
34 <b>A:</b> Please see the <uri link="/proj/en/infrastructure/#doc_chap3">list</uri> of active developers as well as their areas of responsibility for pointers on who to contact.
35 </p>
36 </body>
37 </section>
38 </chapter>
39 </guide>

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