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2009-screenshot-contest.xml  1.6  10 years  dabbott  Fixed winners link
2009-screenshot-judges.xml  1.4  11 years  dabbott  fixed spacing
2009-screenshot-winners.xml  1.3  7 years  swift  Removing link attribute from guides
20090724-robbat2-interview.xml  1.4  11 years  nightmorph  add news announcement, item for robbat2's interview by dabbott
20090918-jmbsvicetto-interview.xml  1.2  11 years  dabbott  Interview with jmbsvicetto revision
20090929-interview-patryk-ostc.xml  1.2  10 years  robbat2  "Derivative" and "Derivatives" are somewhat different in the sense of OSTCs busi…
2010-screenshot-contest.xml  1.8  10 years  dabbott  added judges link
2010-screenshot-judges.xml  1.5  10 years  dabbott  fixed spelling error
20100401-andrzej-interview.xml  1.1  10 years  dabbott  Andrzej Wasylkowski interview
20100830-sevenl-interview.xml  1.1  10 years  dabbott  Interview with David Gallo and Cassius Adams from SevenL Networks
20101204-vilhelm-interview.xml  1.3  9 years  dabbott  grammar and punctuation fixups thanks to Jan Kundr├ít
2011-screenshot-contest.xml  1.2  9 years  dabbott  added link to forum post
2012-screenshot-contest.xml  1.3  8 years  dabbott  updated forum link
2012-screenshot-winners.xml  1.1  8 years  dabbott  2012 screenshot winners page
20120119-milan-interview.xml  1.2  8 years  dabbott  fixed line wrap
Fernando_Judge.png  1.1  11 years  dabbott  Added Judge Fernando's screenshot
Marcos_Judge.png  1.1  11 years  dabbott  Markos Chandras screenshot for judges introduction
Noel_Judge.png  1.1  11 years  dabbott  Noel Saliba screenshot for judges introduction
index.xml  1.49  5 years  hwoarang  Redirect to wiki
material.xml  1.3  7 years  swift  Removing link attribute from guides
media.xml  1.11  8 years  jdhore  Add my FLOSS Weekly appearance to the media page.
presentation.xml  1.7  10 years  jmbsvicetto  Removed retired developers from project pages and updated lead roles entries.
press.xml  1.6  10 years  jmbsvicetto  Removed retired developers from project pages and updated lead roles entries.
roadmap.xml  1.7  7 years  swift  Removing link attribute from guides
shots.xml  1.4  9 years  dabbott  fixed link to last years page
website.xml  1.2  8 years  yngwin  Add myself to website subproject

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