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1 seemant 1.1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2     <?xml-stylesheet href="/xsl/project.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>
3     <?xml-stylesheet href="/xsl/guide.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>
4     <!DOCTYPE project SYSTEM "/dtd/project.dtd">
6     <project>
7     <name>qa</name>
8     <longname>Gentoo Quality Assurance</longname>
9     <description>
10     The Quality Assurance Project provides an umbrella project for keeping
11     Gentoo's portage tree in a consistent state across all the architectures.
12     This means that syntax, dependencies (both compile-time and run-time),
13     file sizes, changelog and metadata entries are all kept up to date and as
14     accurate as possible.
15     </description>
17     <longdescription>
18     </longdescription>
20     <goals>
21     </goals>
23     <dev role="Project Lead" description="Gentoo QA Project Leader">swegener</dev>
24     <dev role="Assistant Lead" description="Advisor">seemant</dev>
26     <!--<subproject ref="/proj/en/qa/something/index.xml"/>-->
27     <extraproject name="RepoSuperMan">
28     <p>Repoman is a tool that is used by Gentoo developers to perform pre-commit quality checks. It is available in the <uri link="http://packages.gentoo.org/packages/?category=app-portage;name=gentoolkit-dev">gentoolkit-dev</uri> package currently. Sven has taken the code and updated it to perform better and more through checks on a tree wide basis.</p>
29     </extraproject>
31     <extrachapter position="bottom">
32     <title>I Want to Participate</title>
33     <section>
34     <body>
35     <p>
36     All current and future Gentoo developers should endeavour to be a part of the QA project in some fashion. This includes helping to come up with a QA policy, as well as doing your part to ensure that your packages meet a certain set of QA standards. Additionally, we hope that all Gentoo developers will be co-operative in finding and fixing QA issues. Future and prospective developers can contact our
37     <uri link="http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/devrel">recruiters</uri>.
38     </p>
39     </body>
40     </section>
41     </extrachapter>
43     </project>

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