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13file sizes, changelog and metadata entries are all kept up to date and as 13file sizes, changelog and metadata entries are all kept up to date and as
14accurate as possible. 14accurate as possible.
15</description> 15</description>
16 16
17<longdescription> 17<longdescription>
18The Gentoo Quality Assurance Project aims to keep the portage tree in a consistent
19state. We work with other teams to address problems found with their packages, and
20create QA policies that reflect the best practices to follow when working on ebuilds.
21In addition to that, we keep up to date technical documentation to assist developers
22with working on packages in the tree, in a general sense.
18</longdescription> 23</longdescription>
19 24
20<goals> 25<goals>
27 <li>
28 Keep the tree in a state which benefits all of our users and developers alike
29 </li>
30 <li>
31 Create documentation to assist developers
32 </li>
33 <li>
34 Work with other teams to overcome deficiencies in tools Gentoo uses
35 to better suit the needs of all developers and users
36 </li>
37 <li>
38 Develop QA policies with the interest of improving the quality of Gentoo overall
39 </li>
21</goals> 41</goals>
22 42
23<dev role="Lead">halcy0n</dev> 43<dev role="Lead">halcy0n</dev>
24<dev role="Member" description="autorepoman">swegener</dev> 44<dev role="Member" description="autorepoman">swegener</dev>
25<dev role="Member">seemant</dev> 45<dev role="Member">seemant</dev>

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