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Wed Feb 7 03:02:11 2007 UTC (11 years, 3 months ago) by codeman
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updating TODO
fixed dhcp iface bug.  need extra [0]
adding height to gauge dialog, will see if it works.
adding a progress status to the kernel compilation.

1 Gentoo Linux Installer TODO
2 Copyright 2005 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
4 If you are working or plan to work on a task here put your name by it.
6 Things still needing to be done for the BETA release:
7 Backend:
8 custom network info needs to get sent to the glimd clients.
9 percentage partitioning
10 netboot image
11 Move Bootloader/arch list to IP
12 wireless support
14 In Progress:
15 partitioning error checking.
16 ???add distcc support (UNTESTED)
17 add r_pppoe configuration stuff.
18 network mounts into the fstab
20 gli-dialog:
21 fix up uri browser
22 when doing do_recommended the mounts should be set automatically. we should know.
23 try to know the filesystem of the partition.
24 fix progressbar for compiling kernel
25 beep after a do_steps for user to know it's time to do stuff
26 fix height of progressbar
27 failed_install_cleanup doesn't work anymore.
28 load network interface info for active interfaces.
30 livecd:
31 nox MOTD change for installer command.
32 keep terminal open for command-line installer icon.
33 Things to put into a later version:
35 Future feature requests:
37 add auto-update script to crontab once every week.
39 god help us if we have to get your printer set up too!
41 Robbat's thing:
42 GLIArchitectureTemplate.build_kernel():
43 - test with 2.4 kernels
44 - Check custom config for correct initrd support when using genkernel
45 - might need to pass --evms2/--lvm2/--dmraid to genkernel.
48 Done:


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