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Fri Feb 18 23:52:38 2005 UTC (13 years, 2 months ago) by codeman
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added progress bar to dialogfe and fix logger bug in ArchTemplate.

1 Gentoo Linux Installer TODO
2 Copyright 2005 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
4 If you are working or plan to work on a task here put your name by it.
6 Things still needing to be done for the ALPHA release (on experimental livecd):
7 Backend:
8 Make sure partitioning somewhat works. (agaffney)
10 DialogFE:
11 update partitioning stuff (agaffney) (sorry)
12 gtkFE:
13 custom kernel and kernel bootsplash options.
14 simple partitioning interface (MB and %)
15 add back resizing support
17 Things to put into the BETA release:
18 Add add_groups to ALL the files
19 Add binary kernel option for ALL files.
20 Fix the hacked up exception code.
21 secondary progress bar and X of Y for emerge notifications
22 add steps descriptions and a way for the FEs to show them
23 add documentation?
24 merge progress bar with a tailbox for dialogfe.
26 Done:
27 Add custom kernel code. (codeman)
28 Fix bootloader code for udev. (codeman)
29 Add rest of add_users and fix overwriting user info bug (codeman and agaffney)
30 Switch most outputs to tty8 (codeman)
31 custom kernel and kernel bootsplash options. (codeman)
32 i gotta check for dhcp in the network stuff and emerge it if it is? (codeman)
33 so 'PORTAGE_TMPDIR="/mnt/gentoo/var/tmp"
34 PKGDIR="/mnt/gentoo/usr/portage/packages" quickpkg xorg-x11' then
35 emerge -K xorg-x11 (agaffney)
36 Add networking setup for CC (samyron!)
37 dialog progres bar (codeman)
38 Progress bar. (agaffney)


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