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1 Gentoo Linux Installer README
2 Copyright 2004 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
3 $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/src/installer/README,v 1.3 2004/04/11 21:47:21 esammer Exp $
5 The Gentoo Linux Installer (or GLI) is a consistent installer for all
6 architectures supported by Gentoo itself. The final installer will support
7 multiple UIs including plain text, curses, GTK, Qt, and others.
9 Project pages and information:
11 http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/releng/installer/
13 Reporting bugs:
15 Please file all bug reports at http://bugs.gentoo.org
16 Please make sure you select "Gentoo Linux" as the product and "GLI" as the
17 component. (GLI is for Gentoo Linux Installer.) Make sure you include as much
18 relevant information as possible about your system.
20 Contacting Us:
22 Most of the time, the developers can be found on irc.freenode.net in the
23 #gentoo-installer channel. Come by and chat.
25 There is also an official mailing list for discussion. Send an email to
26 gentoo-installer@lists.gentoo.org to subscribe. Follow the directions you
27 receive back.
29 Coding Guidelines:
31 If you'd like to contribute code, we ask that certain coding guidelines be
32 followed to keep all code consistent, neat, and clean. These are not to
33 punish or be overly controlling, but to promote readability and overall
34 consistency. The following are the current "rules of engagement" when
35 dealing with code:
37 1. Class names should be StudlyCaps using complete words such as
38 InstallProfile, or ClientConfiguration. All classes should be "new style"
39 Python classes (inherit from "object").
41 2. All source files should be in the form of GLISomeClassName.py. This is
42 to keep our modules and classes separate.
44 3. All source files should have a header like that of
45 src/GLIInstallProfile.py which is already in the tree.
47 4. All instance variables should be "private" such as _filename or
48 _username and use underscores ('_') to separate words such as
49 _chroot_directory or _syslog_daemon. All instance variables should be
50 nouns (check exceptions with devs in #gentoo-installer).
52 5. Methods should use the same capitalization and word separation as
53 instance variables. If a method is an accessor (gets or sets a specific
54 instance variable) it should use the get_<instance var name> and
55 set_<instance var name> naming. All method names should be verbs (check
56 exceptions with devs in #gentoo-installer).
58 6. Public instance variables are bad. Please encapsulate all code.
60 7. Instance variables should be defined (or bound) as class scope and
61 initialized in __init__ as appropriate. Please keep all dynamic and
62 decentralized definitions to a minimum.
64 8. Keep abbreviations to a minimum - what is obvious to you is not to
65 everyone else. Please be aware that not all developers and users are
66 native English speakers.
68 9. When in doubt, check with the other devs in #gentoo-installer.
70 10. There are always exceptions to the rules, but please do not assume
71 your code is the exception. New guidelines will be listed here.


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