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1Gentoo Linux Installer TODO 1Gentoo Linux Installer TODO
2Copyright 2004 Gentoo Technologies, Inc. 2Copyright 2005 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
3 3
4If you are working or plan to work on a task here put your name by it.
6Things still needing to be done for the ALPHA release (on experimental livecd):
7 Backend:
8 Make sure partitioning somewhat works. (agaffney)
11 DialogFE:
12 Add networking setup for CC <whisper>samyron</whisper>
13 update partitioning stuff (agaffney) (sorry)
15 gtkFE:
16 Progress bar. (agaffney)
17 custom kernel and kernel bootsplash options.
19Things to put into the BETA release:
20 Add add_groups to ALL the files
21 Add binary kernel option for ALL files.
22 Fix the hacked up exception code.
25Add custom kernel code. (codeman)
26Fix bootloader code for udev. (codeman)
27Add rest of add_users and fix overwriting user info bug (codeman and agaffney)
28Switch most outputs to tty8 (codeman)
29custom kernel and kernel bootsplash options. (codeman)
30i gotta check for dhcp in the network stuff and emerge it if it is? (codeman)

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