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Sat Mar 19 21:10:47 2005 UTC (13 years, 5 months ago) by codeman
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Updated TODO list to show our progress towards alpha release

1 Gentoo Linux Installer TODO
2 Copyright 2005 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
4 If you are working or plan to work on a task here put your name by it.
6 Things still needing to be done for the ALPHA release (on experimental livecd):
7 Backend:
8 rewrite install_filesystem_tools()
9 DHCP client-controller side doesn't work. (kindof fixed?)
10 DialogFE:
11 where does hostname get set?
12 gtkFE:
13 listed in fe/gtk/TODO
15 Things to put into the BETA release:
16 Add add_groups to ALL the files
17 Add binary kernel option for ALL files.
18 Fix the hacked up exception code.
19 secondary progress bar and X of Y for emerge notifications
20 add steps descriptions and a way for the FEs to show them
21 add documentation?
22 merge progress bar with a tailbox for dialogfe.
23 support for /etc/portage/*
24 partitioning error checking.
26 Future feature requests:
27 add distcc support
28 add auto-update script to crontab once every week.
29 if you chose to emerge X, have it configured and set to start on bootup
30 god help us if we have to get your printer set up too!
33 Done:
34 Add custom kernel code. (codeman)
35 Fix bootloader code for udev. (codeman)
36 Add rest of add_users and fix overwriting user info bug (codeman and agaffney)
37 Switch most outputs to tty8 (codeman)
38 custom kernel and kernel bootsplash options. (codeman)
39 i gotta check for dhcp in the network stuff and emerge it if it is? (codeman)
40 so 'PORTAGE_TMPDIR="/mnt/gentoo/var/tmp"
41 PKGDIR="/mnt/gentoo/usr/portage/packages" quickpkg xorg-x11' then
42 emerge -K xorg-x11 (agaffney)
43 Add networking setup for CC (samyron!)
44 dialog progres bar (codeman)
45 Progress bar. (agaffney)
46 services step.add coldplug and hotplug when doing genkernel. (codeman)
47 setting gateway and DNS servers. (codeman)
48 Make sure partitioning somewhat works. (agaffney)
49 update partitioning stuff (agaffney) (thank you!)


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