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Fri Nov 18 12:53:13 2005 UTC (12 years, 5 months ago) by wolf31o2
File size: 505113 byte(s)
This is the first version of this data.  The pcitable and MonitorsDB files came from http://cvs.mandriva.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/soft/ldetect-lst/lst/ while blacklist and check-cards come from Red Hat's hwdata package.  The Cards file was created by me from the entries in the pcitable.

1 wolf31o2 2 0x0000 0x0000 "snd-cs46xx" "Card without SSID set"
2     0x0001 0x1002 "bttv" "ATI Technologies Inc.|TV Wonder"
3     0x0001 0x1461 "bttv" "AVerMedia|TVPhone98"
4     0x0001 0x8139 0x10ec 0x8139 "8139too" "|Realtek 8139"
5     0x0002 0x1461 "bttv" "Avermedia|TVCapture 98"
6     0x0003 0x1002 "bttv" "ATI Technologies Inc.|TV Wonder/VE"
7     0x0003 0x1461 "bttv" "AVerMedia|TVPhone98"
8     0x0004 0x1461 "bttv" "AVerMedia|TVPhone98"
9     0x0012 0x11bd "bttv" "Pinnacle|PCTV"
10     0x001c 0x11bd "bttv" "Pinnacle|PCTV Sat"
11     0x003d 0x00d1 "unknown" "Real 3D|i740 (PCI)"
12     0x0070 0x4000 "unknown" "Hauppauge computer works Inc.|WinTV PVR-350"
13     0x0070 0x4001 "unknown" "Hauppauge computer works Inc.|WinTV PVR-250 (v1)"
14     0x0070 0x4009 "unknown" "Hauppauge computer works Inc.|WinTV PVR-250"
15     0x0070 0x4801 "unknown" "Hauppauge computer works Inc.|WinTV PVR-250 MCE"
16     0x0079 0x0e11 "bttv" "Canopus|WinDVR PCI"
17     0x0095 0x0680 "unknown" "Silicon Image, Inc. (Wrong ID)|Ultra ATA/133 IDE RAID CONTROLLER CARD"
18     0x0101 0x14c7 "bttv" "Modular Technology MM205 PCTV"
19     0x0101 0x15cb "bttv" "AG GMV1"
20     0x018a 0x0106 "8139too" "LevelOne|FPC-0106TX misprogrammed [RTL81xx]"
21     0x021b 0x8139 "8139too" "Compaq Computer Corp.|HNE-300 (RealTek RTL8139c) [iPaq Networking]"
22     0x0291 0x8212 "dmfe" "Davicom Semiconductor Inc.|DM9102A(DM9102AE, SM9102AF) Ethernet 100/10 MBit(Rev 40)"
23     0x02ac 0x1012 "8139too" "SpeedStream|1012 PCMCIA 10/100 Ethernet Card [RTL81xx]"
24     0x0311 0x6000 "bttv" "Sensoray 311"
25     0x0357 0x000a "8139cp" "TTTech AG|TTP-Monitoring Card V2.0"
26     0x0432 0x0001 "pluto2" "SCM Microsystems Inc.|Pluto2 DVB-T Receiver for PCMCIA [EasyWatch MobilSet]"
27     0x045e 0x006e "unknown" "Microsoft|MN-510 802.11b wireless USB paddle"
28     0x045e 0x00c2 "unknown" "Microsoft|MN-710 wireless USB paddle"
29     0x05e3 0x0701 "unknown" "CyberDoor|CBD516"
30     0x0675 0x1700 "ISDN:hisax,type=36" "Dynalink|IS64PH ISDN Adapter"
31     0x0675 0x1702 "ISDN:hisax,type=36" "Dynalink|IS64PH ISDN Adapter"
32     0x0675 0x1703 "unknown" "Dynalink|ISDN Adapter (PCI Bus, DV, W)"
33     0x0675 0x1704 "unknown" "Dynalink|ISDN Adapter (PCI Bus, D, C)"
34     0x067b 0x3507 "unknown" "Prolific Technology Inc.|PL-3507 Hi-Speed USB & IEEE 1394 Combo to IDE Bridge Controller"
35     0x0700 0x0100 "unknown" "Lava Computer mfg Inc.|LavaPort PCI"
36     0x0700 0x0200 "unknown" "Lava Computer mfg Inc.|LavaPort PCI"
37     0x0815 0x0002 "unknown" "LinTech GmbH|ELKA SO-PCI"
38     0x0871 0xffa1 "ISDN:hisax,type=35" "German telekom|A1T"
39     0x0871 0xffa2 "ISDN:hisax,type=35" "German telekom|T-Concept"
40     0x0914 0x0201 "unknown" "Shanghai Dare Technologies Ltd.|83820 32bit pci mac"
41     0x0914 0x0202 "unknown" "Shanghai Dare Technologies Ltd.|83821 64bit pci gnic"
42     0x09c1 0x0704 "unknown" "Arris|CM 200E Cable Modem"
43     0x0b49 0x064f "unknown" "ASCII Corp.|Trance Vibrator"
44     0x0e11 0x0000 "unknown" "Compaq|CISS SMART2 Array Controller"
45     0x0e11 0x0001 "pci_eisa" "Compaq|PCI to EISA Bridge"
46     0x0e11 0x0002 "unknown" "Compaq|PCI to ISA Bridge"
47     0x0e11 0x000f "unknown" "Compaq|CPQB1A9 StorageWorks Library Adapter (HVD)"
48     0x0e11 0x0046 "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 64xx"
49     0x0e11 0x0049 "unknown" "Compaq|NC7132 Gigabit Upgrade Module"
50     0x0e11 0x004a "unknown" "Compaq|NC6136 Gigabit Server Adapter"
51     0x0e11 0x005a "unknown" "Compaq Computer Corp.|Remote Insight II board - Lights-Out"
52     0x0e11 0x007c "unknown" "Compaq|NC7770 1000BaseTX"
53     0x0e11 0x007d "unknown" "Compaq|NC6770 1000BaseTX"
54     0x0e11 0x0085 "unknown" "Compaq|NC7780 1000BaseTX"
55     0x0e11 0x00b1 "unknown" "Compaq Computer Corp.|Remote Insight II board - PCI device"
56     0x0e11 0x00bb "unknown" "Compaq|NC7760"
57     0x0e11 0x00c0 "unknown" "Compaq|Adaptec AIC-7899G 64Bit,66MHz,Dual Channel WideUltra3 SCSI"
58     0x0e11 0x00ca "unknown" "Compaq|NC7771"
59     0x0e11 0x00cb "unknown" "Compaq|NC7781"
60     0x0e11 0x00cf "unknown" "Compaq|NC7772"
61     0x0e11 0x00d0 "unknown" "Compaq|NC7782"
62     0x0e11 0x00d1 "unknown" "Compaq|NC7783"
63     0x0e11 0x00e3 "unknown" "Compaq|NC7761"
64     0x0e11 0x0508 "tmspci" "Compaq|Netelligent 4/16 Token Ring"
65     0x0e11 0x1000 "unknown" "Compaq|Triflex/Pentium Bridge, Model 1000"
66     0x0e11 0x2000 "unknown" "Compaq|Triflex/Pentium Bridge, Model 2000"
67     0x0e11 0x3032 "unknown" "Compaq|QVision 1280/p"
68     0x0e11 0x3033 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Compaq|QVision 1280/p"
69     0x0e11 0x3034 "unknown" "Compaq|QVision 1280/p"
70     0x0e11 0x4000 "unknown" "Compaq|4000 [Triflex]"
71     0x0e11 0x4030 "cpqarray" "Compaq|SMART-2/P"
72     0x0e11 0x4031 "cpqarray" "Compaq|SMART-2SL"
73     0x0e11 0x4032 "cpqarray" "Compaq|Smart Array 3200"
74     0x0e11 0x4033 "cpqarray" "Compaq|Smart Array 3100ES"
75     0x0e11 0x4034 "cpqarray" "Compaq|Smart Array 221"
76     0x0e11 0x4040 "cpqarray" "Compaq|Integrated Array"
77     0x0e11 0x4048 "cpqarray" "Compaq|Compaq Raid LC2"
78     0x0e11 0x4050 "cpqarray" "Compaq|Smart Array 4200"
79     0x0e11 0x4051 "cpqarray" "Compaq|Smart Array 4250ES"
80     0x0e11 0x4058 "cpqarray" "Compaq|Smart Array 431"
81     0x0e11 0x4070 "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 5300"
82     0x0e11 0x4080 "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 5i"
83     0x0e11 0x4082 "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 532"
84     0x0e11 0x4083 "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 5312"
85     0x0e11 0x4091 "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 6i"
86     0x0e11 0x409a "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 641"
87     0x0e11 0x409b "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 642"
88     0x0e11 0x409c "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 6400"
89     0x0e11 0x409d "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 6400 EM"
90     0x0e11 0x6010 "unknown" "Compaq|HotPlug PCI Bridge 6010"
91     0x0e11 0x7020 "usb-ohci" "Compaq|USB Controller"
92     0x0e11 0xa0ec "unknown" "Compaq|Fibre Channel Host Controller /P"
93     0x0e11 0xa0f0 "unknown" "Compaq|Advanced System Management Controller"
94     0x0e11 0xa0f3 "unknown" "Compaq|Triflex PCI to ISA Bridge"
95     0x0e11 0xa0f7 "unknown" "Compaq|Cirrus Logic VGA Video Controller"
96     0x0e11 0xa0f8 "usb-ohci" "Compaq|USB Open Host Controller"
97     0x0e11 0xa0fc "cpqfc" "Compaq|Fibre Channel Host Controller"
98     0x0e11 0xae10 "cpqarray" "Compaq|Smart-2/P RAID Controller"
99     0x0e11 0xae29 "unknown" "Compaq|MIS-L"
100     0x0e11 0xae2a "unknown" "Compaq|MPC"
101     0x0e11 0xae2b "unknown" "Compaq|MIS-E"
102     0x0e11 0xae31 "unknown" "Compaq|System Management Controller"
103     0x0e11 0xae32 "tlan" "Compaq|Netelligent 10/100"
104     0x0e11 0xae33 "triflex" "Compaq|Triflex Dual EIDE Controller"
105     0x0e11 0xae34 "tlan" "Compaq|Netelligent 10"
106     0x0e11 0xae35 "tlan" "Compaq|Integrated NetFlex-3/P"
107     0x0e11 0xae40 "tlan" "Compaq|Netelligent 10/100 Dual"
108     0x0e11 0xae43 "tlan" "Compaq|ProLiant Integrated Netelligent 10/100"
109     0x0e11 0xae69 "unknown" "Compaq|CETUS-L"
110     0x0e11 0xae6c "tlan" "Compaq|Northstar"
111     0x0e11 0xae6d "unknown" "Compaq|NorthStar Bridge"
112     0x0e11 0xb011 "tlan" "Compaq|Integrated Netelligent 10/100"
113     0x0e11 0xb012 "tlan" "Compaq|Netelligent 10 T/2"
114     0x0e11 0xb01e "unknown" "Compaq|NC3120 Fast Ethernet NIC"
115     0x0e11 0xb01f "unknown" "Compaq|NC3122 Fast Ethernet NIC"
116     0x0e11 0xb02f "unknown" "Compaq|NC1120 Ethernet NIC"
117     0x0e11 0xb030 "tlan" "Compaq|Netelligent WS 5100"
118     0x0e11 0xb04a "unknown" "Compaq|10/100TX WOL UTP Controller"
119     0x0e11 0xb060 "cciss" "Compaq|Smart Array 5300 Controller"
120     0x0e11 0xb0c6 "unknown" "Compaq|10/100TX Embedded WOL UTP Controller"
121     0x0e11 0xb0c7 "unknown" "Compaq|NC3160 Fast Ethernet NIC"
122     0x0e11 0xb0d7 "unknown" "Compaq|NC3121 (Rev A & B)"
123     0x0e11 0xb0dd "unknown" "Compaq|NC3131 Fast Ethernet NIC"
124     0x0e11 0xb0de "unknown" "Compaq|NC3132 Fast Ethernet Module"
125     0x0e11 0xb0df "unknown" "Compaq|NC6132 Gigabit Module"
126     0x0e11 0xb0e0 "unknown" "Compaq|NC6133 Gigabit Module"
127     0x0e11 0xb0e1 "unknown" "Compaq|NC3133 Fast Ethernet Module"
128     0x0e11 0xb123 "unknown" "Compaq|NC6134 Gigabit NIC"
129     0x0e11 0xb134 "unknown" "Compaq|NC3163 Fast Ethernet NIC"
130     0x0e11 0xb13c "unknown" "Compaq|NC3162 Fast Ethernet NIC"
131     0x0e11 0xb144 "unknown" "Compaq|NC3123 Fast Ethernet NIC"
132     0x0e11 0xb163 "unknown" "Compaq|NC3134 Fast Ethernet NIC"
133     0x0e11 0xb164 "unknown" "Compaq|NC3135 Fast Ethernet Upgrade Module"
134     0x0e11 0xb178 "cciss" "CISSB|Smart Array 5i/532 cards"
135     0x0e11 0xb196 "unknown" "Compaq Computer Corp.|Conexant SoftK56 Modem"
136     0x0e11 0xb1a4 "unknown" "Compaq|NC7131 Gigabit Server Adapter"
137     0x0e11 0xb200 "unknown" "Compaq Computer Corp.|Memory Hot-Plug Controller"
138     0x0e11 0xb203 "unknown" "Compaq Computer Corp.|iLo Integrated Lights Out Processor"
139     0x0e11 0xb204 "unknown" "Compaq Computer Corp.|iLo Integrated Lights Out Processor"
140     0x0e11 0xf130 "tlan" "Compaq|NetFlex-3/P ThunderLAN 1.0"
141     0x0e11 0xf150 "tlan" "Compaq|NetFlex-3/P ThunderLAN 2.3"
142     0x0e11 0xf700 "lpfc" "Compaq|LP7000 Compaq/Emulex Fibre Channel HBA"
143     0x0e11 0xf800 "lpfc" "Compaq|LP8000 Compaq/Emulex Fibre Channel HBA"
144     0x1000 0x0001 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c810"
145     0x1000 0x0002 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c820"
146     0x1000 0x0003 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c825"
147     0x1000 0x0004 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c815"
148     0x1000 0x0005 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c810AP"
149     0x1000 0x0006 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c860"
150     0x1000 0x000a "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c1510"
151     0x1000 0x000b "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c896"
152     0x1000 0x000c "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c895"
153     0x1000 0x000d "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c885"
154     0x1000 0x000f "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c875"
155     0x1000 0x0010 0x0e11 0x4040 "cpqarray" "Symbios|53c1510 Array Mode [Compaq Integrated Smart Array]"
156     0x1000 0x0010 0x0e11 0x4048 "cpqarray" "Symbios|53c1510 Array Mode [Compaq Integrated Smart Array]"
157     0x1000 0x0010 0x1000 0x1000 "sym53c8xx" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|53C1510 PCI to Dual Channel Wide Ultra2 SCSI Controller (Intelligent mode)"
158     0x1000 0x0010 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c895"
159     0x1000 0x0012 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c895a"
160     0x1000 0x0013 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c875a"
161     0x1000 0x0020 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c1010-33 Ultra3 SCSI Adapter"
162     0x1000 0x0021 "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c1010-66 Ultra3 SCSI Adapter"
163     0x1000 0x0030 "mptscsih" "Symbios|53c1030"
164     0x1000 0x0031 "unknown" "LSI Logic|53C1030ZC PCI-X SCSI Controller"
165     0x1000 0x0032 "mptscsih" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|53c1035 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI"
166     0x1000 0x0033 "megaraid" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|1030ZC_53c1035 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI"
167     0x1000 0x0035 "unknown" "LSI Logic|53C1035 PCI-X SCSI Controller"
168     0x1000 0x0040 0x1000 0x0033 "megaraid_mbox" "LSI Logic|MegaRAID SCSI 320-2XR"
169     0x1000 0x0040 0x1000 0x0066 "megaraid_mbox" "LSI Logic|MegaRAID SCSI 320-2XRWS"
170     0x1000 0x0040 "mptscsih" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|53c1035 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI"
171     0x1000 0x0041 "unknown" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|53C1035ZC PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI"
172     0x1000 0x0050 "mptsas" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SAS1064 PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS"
173     0x1000 0x0054 "mptsas" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SAS1068 PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS"
174     0x1000 0x0056 "mptsas" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SAS1064E PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS"
175     0x1000 0x0058 "mptsas" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SAS1068E PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS"
176     0x1000 0x005a "mptsas" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SAS1066E PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS"
177     0x1000 0x005c "unknown" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SAS1064A PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS"
178     0x1000 0x005e "mptsas" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SAS1066 PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS"
179     0x1000 0x0060 "unknown" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SAS1078 PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS"
180     0x1000 0x0066 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|MegaRAID SCSI 320-2XRWS"
181     0x1000 0x008f "sym53c8xx" "Symbios|53c875J"
182     0x1000 0x0407 "megaraid_mbox" "LSI Logic|PowerEdge RAID Controller 4/QC"
183     0x1000 0x0408 "megaraid_mbox" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|MegaRAID"
184     0x1000 0x0409 "megaraid_mbox" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|MegaRAID"
185     0x1000 0x0411 "megaraid_sas" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|MegaRAID"
186     0x1000 0x0518 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|MegaRAID SCSI 320-2"
187     0x1000 0x0520 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|MegaRAID"
188     0x1000 0x0523 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|MegaRAID SATA 150-6"
189     0x1000 0x0530 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|MegaRAID SCSI 320-0X"
190     0x1000 0x0531 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|MegaRAID SCSI 320-4X"
191     0x1000 0x0532 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|MegaRAID SCSI 320-2X"
192     0x1000 0x0621 "mptfc" "Symbios|FC909"
193     0x1000 0x0622 "mptfc" "Symbios|FC929"
194     0x1000 0x0623 "mptscsih" "Symbios|FC929 LAN"
195     0x1000 0x0624 "mptfc" "Symbios|FC919"
196     0x1000 0x0625 "mptscsih" "Symbios|FC919 LAN"
197     0x1000 0x0626 "mptfc" "Symbios|FC929X"
198     0x1000 0x0627 "mptscsih" "Symbios|FC929X_LAN"
199     0x1000 0x0628 "mptfc" "Symbios|FC919X"
200     0x1000 0x0629 "mptscsih" "Symbios|FC919X_LAN"
201     0x1000 0x0630 "mptscsih" "LSI Logic|LSIFC920 Fibre Channel I/O Processor"
202     0x1000 0x0640 "mptfc" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|FC949X Fibre Channel Adapter"
203     0x1000 0x0642 "mptfc" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|FC939X Fibre Channel Adapter"
204     0x1000 0x0646 "unknown" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|FC949ES Fibre Channel Adapter"
205     0x1000 0x0701 "yellowfin" "Symbios|83C885 gigabit ethernet"
206     0x1000 0x0702 "yellowfin" "Symbios|Yellowfin G-NIC gigabit ethernet"
207     0x1000 0x0804 "unknown" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SA2010"
208     0x1000 0x0805 "unknown" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SA2010ZC"
209     0x1000 0x0806 "unknown" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SA2020"
210     0x1000 0x0807 "unknown" "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic|SA2020ZC"
211     0x1000 0x0901 "unknown" "Symbios|61C102"
212     0x1000 0x0e11 "cpqarray" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|Integrated Array Controller"
213     0x1000 0x1000 "megaraid" "Symbios|63C815"
214     0x1000 0x1001 "unknown" "LSI Logic|53C895 Symbios Ultra2 SCSI controller"
215     0x1000 0x1028 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 4/DC"
216     0x1000 0x1960 "megaraid_mbox" "LSI Logic|PowerEdge RAID Controller 3/QC"
217     0x1000 0x4040 "cpqarray" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|Integrated Array Controller"
218     0x1000 0x4048 "cpqarray" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|Integrated Array Controller"
219     0x1000 0x4523 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|MegaRAID SATA 150-4"
220     0x1000 0x8086 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|Intel(R) RAID SCSI Controller SRCU42X"
221     0x1000 0xa520 "megaraid" "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR|MegaRAID SCSI 320-0"
222     0x1001 0x0010 "unknown" "Initio|PCI 1616 Measurement card with 32 digital I/O lines"
223     0x1001 0x0011 "unknown" "Initio|OPTO-PCI Opto-Isolated digital I/O board"
224     0x1001 0x0012 "unknown" "Initio|PCI-AD/DA Analogue I/O board"
225     0x1001 0x0013 "unknown" "Initio|PCI-OPTO-RELAIS Digital I/O board with relay outputs"
226     0x1001 0x0014 "unknown" "Initio|PCI-Counter/Timer Counter Timer board"
227     0x1001 0x0015 "unknown" "Initio|PCI-DAC416 Analogue output board"
228     0x1001 0x0016 "unknown" "Initio|PCI-MFB Analogue I/O board"
229     0x1001 0x0017 "unknown" "Initio|PROTO-3 PCI Prototyping board"
230     0x1001 0x0020 "unknown" "Kolter Electronic - Germany|ispLSI1032E Universal digital I/O PCI-Interface"
231     0x1001 0x9100 "initio" "Initio|INI-9100/9100W SCSI Host"
232     0x1002 0x000b "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7000"
233     0x1002 0x0084 "Card:ATI Mach64" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Mach64"
234     0x1002 0x0088 "Card:ATI Mach64" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Mach64 (SuSE Econ)"
235     0x1002 0x010a "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL 8800 64Mb"
236     0x1002 0x013a "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7000/Radeon VE"
237     0x1002 0x0152 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL 8800 128Mb"
238     0x1002 0x0162 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL 8700 32Mb"
239     0x1002 0x0172 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL 8700 64Mb"
240     0x1002 0x1002 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL 8800 64Mb"
241     0x1002 0x3150 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|M24 1P [Radeon Mobility X600]"
242     0x1002 0x3154 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|M24 1T [FireGL M24 GL]"
243     0x1002 0x3e50 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X600 Pro (PCI-Express)"
244     0x1002 0x3e54 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X600 Pro GL (PCI-Express)"
245     0x1002 0x3e70 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|X600 Radeon X600 Pro (Secondary)"
246     0x1002 0x3e74 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|X600 Radeon X600 Pro GL (Secondary)"
247     0x1002 0x4136 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon IGP320 (A3) 4136"
248     0x1002 0x4137 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon IGP330/340/350 (A4) 4137"
249     0x1002 0x4141 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Mach32 [68800-3 AA]"
250     0x1002 0x4144 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9500 AD (AGP)"
251     0x1002 0x4145 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9500 AE (AGP)"
252     0x1002 0x4146 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9600TX AF (AGP)"
253     0x1002 0x4147 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL Z1 AG (AGP)"
254     0x1002 0x4148 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9800SE AH (AGP)"
255     0x1002 0x4149 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9800 AI (AGP)"
256     0x1002 0x414a "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9800 AJ (AGP)"
257     0x1002 0x414b "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL X2 AK (AGP)"
258     0x1002 0x4150 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9600 AP (AGP)"
259     0x1002 0x4151 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9600SE AQ (AGP)"
260     0x1002 0x4152 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9600XT AR (AGP)"
261     0x1002 0x4153 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9600 AS (AGP)"
262     0x1002 0x4154 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL T2 AT (AGP)"
263     0x1002 0x4155 "Card:ATI Radeon (fbdev)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV350 AU [Fire GL T2]"
264     0x1002 0x4156 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL RV360 AV (AGP)"
265     0x1002 0x4157 "Card:ATI Radeon (fbdev)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV350 AW [Fire GL T2]"
266     0x1002 0x4158 "Card:ATI Mach64" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Mach32"
267     0x1002 0x4164 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R300 Radeon 9700/9500 Series - Secondary"
268     0x1002 0x4165 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R300 AE [Radeon 9700 Pro] (Secondary)"
269     0x1002 0x4166 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R300 AF [Radeon 9700 Pro] (Secondary)"
270     0x1002 0x4167 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Fire GL Z1 4P SECONDARY Video"
271     0x1002 0x4168 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R350 [Radeon 9800] (Secondary)"
272     0x1002 0x4170 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV350 AP [Radeon 9600] (Secondary)"
273     0x1002 0x4171 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV350 AQ [Radeon 9600] (Secondary)"
274     0x1002 0x4172 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV350 AR [Radeon 9600] (Secondary)"
275     0x1002 0x4173 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV350 ?? [Radeon 9550] (Secondary)"
276     0x1002 0x4237 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7000 IGP (A4+) 4237"
277     0x1002 0x4242 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 8500 AIW BB (AGP)"
278     0x1002 0x4243 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 8500 AIW BC (AGP)"
279     0x1002 0x4336 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon IGP320M (U1) 4336"
280     0x1002 0x4337 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon IGP330M/340M/350M (U2) 4337"
281     0x1002 0x4341 "snd-atiixp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP150/200 AC'97 Audio Controller"
282     0x1002 0x4342 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP150/200 HUB Bridge"
283     0x1002 0x4345 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|EHCI USB Controller"
284     0x1002 0x4347 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|OHCI USB Controller #1"
285     0x1002 0x4348 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|OHCI USB Controller #2"
286     0x1002 0x4349 "atiixp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Dual Channel Bus Master PCI IDE Controller"
287     0x1002 0x434c "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP150/200 LPC Controller"
288     0x1002 0x434d "snd-atiixp-modem" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP AC'97 Modem"
289     0x1002 0x4353 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|SMBus"
290     0x1002 0x4354 "Card:ATI Mach64" "ATI Technologies Inc.|215CT [Mach64 CT]"
291     0x1002 0x4358 "Card:ATI Mach64" "ATI Technologies Inc.|210888CX [Mach64 CX]"
292     0x1002 0x4361 "snd-atiixp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP300 AC'97 Audio Controller"
293     0x1002 0x4363 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|SMBus"
294     0x1002 0x4369 "atiixp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Dual Channel Bus Master PCI IDE Controller"
295     0x1002 0x436e "sata_sil" "ATI Technologies Inc.|436E Serial ATA Controller"
296     0x1002 0x4370 "snd-atiixp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP400 AC'97 Audio Controller"
297     0x1002 0x4371 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP SB400 PCI-PCI Bridge"
298     0x1002 0x4372 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|SMBus"
299     0x1002 0x4373 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP SB400 USB2 Host Controller"
300     0x1002 0x4374 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP SB400 USB Host Controller"
301     0x1002 0x4375 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP SB400 USB Host Controller"
302     0x1002 0x4376 "atiixp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller ATI"
303     0x1002 0x4377 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP SB400 PCI-ISA Bridge"
304     0x1002 0x4378 "snd-atiixp-modem" "ATI Technologies Inc.|IXP AC'97 Modem"
305     0x1002 0x4379 "sata_sil" "ATI Technologies Inc.|4379 Serial ATA Controller"
306     0x1002 0x437a "sata_sil" "ATI Technologies Inc.|437A Serial ATA Controller"
307     0x1002 0x437b "snd-hda-intel" "ATI Technologies Inc.|SB450 Azalia HD audio"
308     0x1002 0x4437 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 7000 IGP 4437"
309     0x1002 0x4554 "Card:ATI Mach64" "ATI Technologies Inc.|210888ET [Mach64 ET]"
310     0x1002 0x4654 "Card:ATI Mach64" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Mach64 VT"
311     0x1002 0x4742 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage Pro AGP 1X/2X"
312     0x1002 0x4744 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage Pro AGP 1X"
313     0x1002 0x4747 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage Pro"
314     0x1002 0x4749 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage Pro"
315     0x1002 0x474c "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage XC"
316     0x1002 0x474d "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage XL AGP 2X"
317     0x1002 0x474e "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage XC AGP"
318     0x1002 0x474f "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage XL"
319     0x1002 0x4750 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage Pro 215GP"
320     0x1002 0x4751 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage Pro 215GQ"
321     0x1002 0x4752 "Card:ATI Rage XL" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage XL"
322     0x1002 0x4753 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage XC"
323     0x1002 0x4754 "Card:ATI Mach64 3D RAGE II" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage I/II 215GT [Mach64 GT]"
324     0x1002 0x4755 "Card:ATI Mach64 3D RAGE II" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage II+ 215GTB [Mach64 GTB]"
325     0x1002 0x4756 "Card:ATI Mach64 3D RAGE II" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage IIC 215IIC [Mach64 GT IIC]"
326     0x1002 0x4757 "Card:ATI Mach64 3D Rage IIC" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage IIC AGP"
327     0x1002 0x4758 "Card:ATI Mach64" "ATI Technologies Inc.|210888GX [Mach64 GX]"
328     0x1002 0x4759 "Card:ATI Mach64 3D Rage IIC" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage IIC"
329     0x1002 0x475a "Card:ATI Mach64 3D Rage IIC" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage IIC AGP"
330     0x1002 0x4844 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage HDTV [HD]"
331     0x1002 0x4964 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV250 Id [Radeon 9000]"
332     0x1002 0x4965 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV250 Ie [Radeon 9000]"
333     0x1002 0x4966 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9000/PRO If (AGP/PCI)"
334     0x1002 0x4967 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9000 Ig (AGP/PCI)"
335     0x1002 0x496c "Card:ATI Radeon (fbdev)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon ????"
336     0x1002 0x496d "Card:ATI Radeon (fbdev)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon ????"
337     0x1002 0x496e "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R250 [Radeon 9000] (Secondary)"
338     0x1002 0x496f "Card:ATI Radeon (fbdev)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R250 [Radeon 9000] (Secondary)"
339     0x1002 0x4a48 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420)"
340     0x1002 0x4a49 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 Pro"
341     0x1002 0x4a4a "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420)"
342     0x1002 0x4a4b "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420)"
343     0x1002 0x4a4c "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420)"
344     0x1002 0x4a4d "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420)"
345     0x1002 0x4a4e "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420)"
346     0x1002 0x4a50 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R420 JP [Radeon X800XT]"
347     0x1002 0x4a68 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420) (Secondary)"
348     0x1002 0x4a69 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420) (Secondary)"
349     0x1002 0x4a6a "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420) (Secondary)"
350     0x1002 0x4a6b "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420) (Secondary)"
351     0x1002 0x4a6c "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420) (Secondary)"
352     0x1002 0x4a6d "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420) (Secondary)"
353     0x1002 0x4a6e "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X800 (R420) (Secondary)"
354     0x1002 0x4a70 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R420 [X800XT-PE] (Secondary)"
355     0x1002 0x4b49 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R480 [Radeon X850XT]"
356     0x1002 0x4b4c "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R481 [Radeon X850XT-PE]"
357     0x1002 0x4b69 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R480 [Radeon X850XT secondary]"
358     0x1002 0x4b6c "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R481 [Radeon X850XT-PE] Secondary"
359     0x1002 0x4c42 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage LT Pro AGP-133"
360     0x1002 0x4c44 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage LT Pro AGP-66"
361     0x1002 0x4c45 "Card:ATI Rage 128 Mobility" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage Mobility M3 AGP"
362     0x1002 0x4c46 "Card:ATI Rage 128 Mobility" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x"
363     0x1002 0x4c47 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage LT-G 215LG"
364     0x1002 0x4c49 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage LT Pro"
365     0x1002 0x4c4b "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Mobility 3 [LK]"
366     0x1002 0x4c4c "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Mobility 3 [LL]"
367     0x1002 0x4c4d "Card:ATI Rage Mobility" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2x"
368     0x1002 0x4c4e "Card:ATI Rage Mobility" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage Mobility L AGP 2x"
369     0x1002 0x4c50 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage LT Pro"
370     0x1002 0x4c51 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|3D Rage LT Pro"
371     0x1002 0x4c52 "Card:ATI Rage Mobility" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage Mobility P/M"
372     0x1002 0x4c53 "Card:ATI Rage Mobility" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage Mobility L"
373     0x1002 0x4c54 "Card:ATI Mach64 Utah" "ATI Technologies Inc.|264LT [Mach64 LT]"
374     0x1002 0x4c57 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility M7 LW (AGP)"
375     0x1002 0x4c58 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Mobility FireGL 7800 M7 LX (AGP)"
376     0x1002 0x4c59 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility M6 LY (AGP)"
377     0x1002 0x4c5a "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility M6 LZ (AGP)"
378     0x1002 0x4c64 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL Mobility 9000 (M9) Ld (AGP)"
379     0x1002 0x4c65 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV250 Le [Radeon Mobility 9000]"
380     0x1002 0x4c66 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 9000 (M9) Lf (AGP)"
381     0x1002 0x4c67 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 9000 (M9) Lg (AGP)"
382     0x1002 0x4c6c "Card:ATI Radeon (fbdev)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|"
383     0x1002 0x4c6d "Card:ATI Radeon (fbdev)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|"
384     0x1002 0x4c6e "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R250 Ln [Radeon Mobility 9000 M9] [Secondary]"
385     0x1002 0x4c6f "Card:ATI Radeon (fbdev)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|"
386     0x1002 0x4d45 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon LE"
387     0x1002 0x4d46 "Card:ATI Rage 128 Mobility" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage Mobility M4 AGP"
388     0x1002 0x4d4c "Card:ATI Rage 128 Mobility" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage Mobility M4 AGP"
389     0x1002 0x4e44 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9700 Pro ND (AGP)"
390     0x1002 0x4e45 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9700/9500Pro NE (AGP)"
391     0x1002 0x4e46 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9700 NF (AGP)"
392     0x1002 0x4e47 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL X1 NG (AGP)"
393     0x1002 0x4e48 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9800PRO NH (AGP)"
394     0x1002 0x4e49 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9800 NI (AGP)"
395     0x1002 0x4e4a "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9800XT NJ (AGP)"
396     0x1002 0x4e4b "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL X2 NK (AGP)"
397     0x1002 0x4e50 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 9600 (M10) NP (AGP)"
398     0x1002 0x4e51 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 9600 (M10) NQ (AGP)"
399     0x1002 0x4e52 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 9600 (M11) NR (AGP)"
400     0x1002 0x4e53 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 9600 (M10) NS (AGP)"
401     0x1002 0x4e54 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL Mobility T2 (M10) NT (AGP)"
402     0x1002 0x4e56 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL Mobility T2 (M11) NV (AGP)"
403     0x1002 0x4e64 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R300 Radeon 9700 (Secondary)"
404     0x1002 0x4e65 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R300 Radeon 9700/9500 Series (Secondary)"
405     0x1002 0x4e66 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R300 [Radeon 9700] (Secondary)"
406     0x1002 0x4e67 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Fire GL X1/Z1 SECONDARY Video"
407     0x1002 0x4e68 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R300 [Radeon 9800] (Secondary)"
408     0x1002 0x4e69 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R350 [Radeon 9800] (Secondary)"
409     0x1002 0x4e6a "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R360 Radeon 9800 XT - Secondary"
410     0x1002 0x4e71 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|M10 NQ [Radeon Mobility 9600] (secondary)"
411     0x1002 0x5041 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro"
412     0x1002 0x5042 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 2x"
413     0x1002 0x5043 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x"
414     0x1002 0x5044 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro"
415     0x1002 0x5045 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 2x"
416     0x1002 0x5046 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x"
417     0x1002 0x5047 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro"
418     0x1002 0x5048 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 2x"
419     0x1002 0x5049 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x"
420     0x1002 0x504a "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro"
421     0x1002 0x504b "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 2x"
422     0x1002 0x504c "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x"
423     0x1002 0x504d "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro"
424     0x1002 0x504e "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 2x"
425     0x1002 0x504f "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x"
426     0x1002 0x5050 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro"
427     0x1002 0x5051 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 2x"
428     0x1002 0x5052 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x"
429     0x1002 0x5053 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro"
430     0x1002 0x5054 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 2x"
431     0x1002 0x5055 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x"
432     0x1002 0x5056 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro"
433     0x1002 0x5057 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 2x"
434     0x1002 0x5058 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x"
435     0x1002 0x5144 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon QD (AGP)"
436     0x1002 0x5145 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon QE (AGP)"
437     0x1002 0x5146 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon QF (AGP)"
438     0x1002 0x5147 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon QG (AGP)"
439     0x1002 0x5148 0x1002 0x010a "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL 8800 64Mb"
440     0x1002 0x5148 0x1002 0x0152 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL 8800 128Mb"
441     0x1002 0x5148 0x1002 0x0162 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL 8700 32Mb"
442     0x1002 0x5148 0x1002 0x0172 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL 8700 64Mb"
443     0x1002 0x5148 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|FireGL 8700/8800 QH (AGP)"
444     0x1002 0x5149 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R200 QI"
445     0x1002 0x514a "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R200 QJ"
446     0x1002 0x514b "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R200 QK"
447     0x1002 0x514c "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 8500 QL (AGP)"
448     0x1002 0x514d "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9100 QM (AGP)"
449     0x1002 0x514e "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 8500 QN R200"
450     0x1002 0x514f "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 8500 QO R200"
451     0x1002 0x5154 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R200 QT [Radeon 8500]"
452     0x1002 0x5155 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R200 QU [Radeon 9100]"
453     0x1002 0x5157 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7500 QW (AGP/PCI)"
454     0x1002 0x5158 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7500 QX (AGP/PCI)"
455     0x1002 0x5159 0x1002 0x000a "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7000/Radeon VE"
456     0x1002 0x5159 0x1002 0x000b "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7000"
457     0x1002 0x5159 0x1002 0x0038 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7000/Radeon VE"
458     0x1002 0x5159 0x1002 0x003a "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7000/Radeon VE"
459     0x1002 0x5159 0x1002 0x00ba "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7000/Radeon VE"
460     0x1002 0x5159 0x1002 0x013a "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 7000/Radeon VE"
461     0x1002 0x5159 0x1028 0x019a "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|PowerEdge SC1425"
462     0x1002 0x5159 0x1458 0x4002 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV100 QY [RADEON 7000 PRO MAYA AV Series]"
463     0x1002 0x5159 0x148c 0x2003 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV100 QY [Radeon 7000 Multi-Display Edition]"
464     0x1002 0x5159 0x148c 0x2023 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV100 QY [Radeon 7000 Evil Master Multi-Display]"
465     0x1002 0x5159 0x174b 0x7112 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV100 QY [Sapphire Radeon VE 7000]"
466     0x1002 0x5159 0x174b 0x7c28 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Sapphire Radeon VE 7000 DDR"
467     0x1002 0x5159 0x1787 0x0202 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV100 QY [Excalibur Radeon 7000]"
468     0x1002 0x5159 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon VE/7000 QY (AGP/PCI)"
469     0x1002 0x515a "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon VE/7000 QZ (AGP/PCI)"
470     0x1002 0x515e "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|ES1000 RN50"
471     0x1002 0x5168 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R200 Qh"
472     0x1002 0x5169 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R200 Qi"
473     0x1002 0x516a "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R200 Qj"
474     0x1002 0x516b "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R200 Qk"
475     0x1002 0x516c "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 8500 Ql"
476     0x1002 0x516d "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R200 Redeon 9100 Series - Secondary"
477     0x1002 0x5245 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 GL"
478     0x1002 0x5246 "Card:ATI Rage 128 TVout" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 GL AGP 1x/2x"
479     0x1002 0x5247 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 RG"
480     0x1002 0x524b "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 VR"
481     0x1002 0x524c "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 VR AGP 1x/2x"
482     0x1002 0x5345 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 4x"
483     0x1002 0x5346 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 4x AGP 2x"
484     0x1002 0x5347 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 4x AGP 4x"
485     0x1002 0x5348 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 4x"
486     0x1002 0x534b "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 4x"
487     0x1002 0x534c "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 4x AGP 2x"
488     0x1002 0x534d "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 4x AGP 4x"
489     0x1002 0x534e "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 4x"
490     0x1002 0x5354 "Card:ATI Mach64" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Mach64 ST"
491     0x1002 0x5446 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Ultra TF"
492     0x1002 0x544c "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Ultra TL"
493     0x1002 0x5452 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Ultra TR"
494     0x1002 0x5453 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro Ultra TS"
495     0x1002 0x5454 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro Ultra TT"
496     0x1002 0x5455 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Rage 128 Pro Ultra TU"
497     0x1002 0x5460 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|M22 [Radeon Mobility M300]"
498     0x1002 0x5464 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|M22 [FireGL GL]"
499     0x1002 0x5548 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R423 UH [Radeon X800 (PCIE)]"
500     0x1002 0x5549 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R423 UI [Radeon X800PRO (PCIE)]"
501     0x1002 0x554a "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R423 UJ [Radeon X800LE (PCIE)]"
502     0x1002 0x554b "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R423 UK [Radeon X800SE (PCIE)]"
503     0x1002 0x554d "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R430 [Radeon X800 XL] (PCIe)"
504     0x1002 0x5551 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R423 UQ [FireGL V7200 (PCIE)]"
505     0x1002 0x5552 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R423 UR [FireGL V5100 (PCIE)]"
506     0x1002 0x5554 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R423 UT [FireGL V7100 (PCIE)]"
507     0x1002 0x556b "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon R423 UK (PCIE) [X800 SE] (Secondary)"
508     0x1002 0x556d "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R430 [Radeon X800 XL] (PCIe) Secondary"
509     0x1002 0x5653 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility X700 (PCIE)"
510     0x1002 0x5654 "Card:ATI Mach64 VT (264VT)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|264VT [Mach64 VT]"
511     0x1002 0x5655 "Card:ATI Mach64 VT (264VT)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|264VT3 [Mach64 VT3]"
512     0x1002 0x5656 "Card:ATI Mach64 VT (264VT)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|264VT4 [Mach64 VT4]"
513     0x1002 0x5772 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R480 [Radeon X850XT (PCIE)]"
514     0x1002 0x5830 "ati-agp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
515     0x1002 0x5831 "ati-agp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
516     0x1002 0x5832 "ati-agp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
517     0x1002 0x5833 "ati-agp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
518     0x1002 0x5834 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9100 IGP (A5) 5834"
519     0x1002 0x5835 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 9100 IGP (U3) 5835"
520     0x1002 0x5836 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RS300 IGP"
521     0x1002 0x5837 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RS300 IGP"
522     0x1002 0x5838 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9100 IGP AGP Bridge"
523     0x1002 0x5858 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Mach32 [68800-6 XX]"
524     0x1002 0x5940 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV280 Radeon 9200 Pro - Secondary"
525     0x1002 0x5941 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV280 Radeon 9200 - Secondary"
526     0x1002 0x5944 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV280 Radeon 9200 SE (PCI)"
527     0x1002 0x5950 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RS480 Host Bridge"
528     0x1002 0x5951 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Xpress 200 (RS480/RS482/RX480/RX482) Chipset - Host bridge"
529     0x1002 0x5954 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon XPRESS 200 (RS480 5954)"
530     0x1002 0x5955 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon XPRESS 200M (RS480 5955)"
531     0x1002 0x5960 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9200PRO 5960 (AGP)"
532     0x1002 0x5961 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9200 5961 (AGP)"
533     0x1002 0x5962 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9200 5962 (AGP)"
534     0x1002 0x5963 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV280 9200"
535     0x1002 0x5964 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9200SE 5964 (AGP)"
536     0x1002 0x5968 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV280 9200"
537     0x1002 0x5969 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon ES1000 RN50 (PCI)"
538     0x1002 0x596a "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV280 9200"
539     0x1002 0x596b "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV280 9200"
540     0x1002 0x5a34 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RS480 PCI-X Root Port"
541     0x1002 0x5b60 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV370"
542     0x1002 0x5b62 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV370 Radeon X600 (PCI-E)"
543     0x1002 0x5b64 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV370 GL Radeon"
544     0x1002 0x5b65 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV370 FireGL D1100 (PCI-E)"
545     0x1002 0x5b70 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV370"
546     0x1002 0x5b72 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon X600(RV380)"
547     0x1002 0x5b74 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV370 GL (Secondary)"
548     0x1002 0x5c61 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 9200 (M9+) 5C61 (AGP)"
549     0x1002 0x5c62 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV280"
550     0x1002 0x5c63 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 9200 (M9+) 5C63 (AGP)"
551     0x1002 0x5c64 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon RV280"
552     0x1002 0x5d44 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV280 Radeon 9200 SE Series - Secondary"
553     0x1002 0x5d4a "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Mobility Radeon X800"
554     0x1002 0x5d4d "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R480 Radeon X850XT Platinum"
555     0x1002 0x5d52 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R480 Radeon X850XT (PCI-E) (Primary)"
556     0x1002 0x5d57 "Card:ATI Radeon" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R423 Radeon X800XT (PCI-E)"
557     0x1002 0x5d6d "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R480 Radeon X850XT Platinum (PCI-E) (Secondary)"
558     0x1002 0x5d72 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R480 Radeon X850XT (PCI-E)"
559     0x1002 0x5d77 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|R423 Radeon X800XT (PCI-E) (Secondary)"
560     0x1002 0x5e4b "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV410 Radeon X700 Pro (PCI-E)"
561     0x1002 0x5e4d "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV410 Radeon X700 (PCI-E)"
562     0x1002 0x5e6b "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV410 Radeon X700 Pro (PCI-E) (Secondary)"
563     0x1002 0x5e6d "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV410 Radeon X700 (PCI-E) (Secondary)"
564     0x1002 0x700f "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|U1/A3 AGP Bridge [IGP 320M]"
565     0x1002 0x7010 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|PCI Bridge [IGP 340M]"
566     0x1002 0x7800 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.| "
567     0x1002 0x7833 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9100 IGP Host Bridge"
568     0x1002 0x7834 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9000 XT IGP (AGP)"
569     0x1002 0x7835 "Card:ATI Radeon (fglrx)" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon Mobility 9200 IGP (RS350M) (AGP)"
570     0x1002 0x7838 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|Radeon 9100 IGP PCI/AGP Bridge"
571     0x1002 0x7c37 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RV350 AQ Radeon 9600 SE"
572     0x1002 0xcab0 "ati-agp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
573     0x1002 0xcab1 "unknown" "ATI Technologies Inc.|A3/U1 Slot1 CPU to PCI Bridge"
574     0x1002 0xcab2 "ati-agp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RS200/RS200M AGP Bridge [IGP 340M]"
575     0x1002 0xcab3 "ati-agp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|RS250/RS250M AGP Bridge"
576     0x1002 0xcbb2 "ati-agp" "ATI Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
577     0x1003 0x0201 "unknown" "ULSI Systems|US201"
578     0x1004 0x0005 "unknown" "VLSI|82C592-FC1"
579     0x1004 0x0006 "unknown" "VLSI|82C593-FC1"
580     0x1004 0x0007 "unknown" "VLSI|82C594-AFC2"
581     0x1004 0x0008 "unknown" "VLSI|82C596/7 [Wildcat]"
582     0x1004 0x0009 "unknown" "VLSI|82C597-AFC2"
583     0x1004 0x000c "unknown" "VLSI|82C541 [Lynx]"
584     0x1004 0x000d "unknown" "VLSI|82C543 [Lynx]"
585     0x1004 0x0100 "unknown" "VLSI Technology|CPU to PCI Bridge for notebook"
586     0x1004 0x0101 "unknown" "VLSI|82C532"
587     0x1004 0x0102 "unknown" "VLSI|82C534"
588     0x1004 0x0103 "unknown" "VLSI|82C538"
589     0x1004 0x0104 "unknown" "VLSI|82C535"
590     0x1004 0x0105 "vlsi_ir" "VLSI|82C147"
591     0x1004 0x0200 "unknown" "VLSI|82C975"
592     0x1004 0x0280 "unknown" "VLSI|82C925"
593     0x1004 0x0304 "unknown" "VLSI|QSound ThunderBird PCI Audio"
594     0x1004 0x0305 "unknown" "VLSI|QSound ThunderBird PCI Audio Gameport"
595     0x1004 0x0306 "unknown" "VLSI|QSound ThunderBird PCI Audio Support Registers"
596     0x1004 0x0307 "unknown" "VLSI Technology Inc.|Thunderbird"
597     0x1004 0x0308 "unknown" "VLSI Technology Inc.|Thunderbird"
598     0x1004 0x0702 "unknown" "VLSI|VAS96011 [Golden Gate II]"
599     0x1004 0x0703 "unknown" "VLSI Technology Inc.|Tollgate"
600     0x1005 0x2064 "unknown" "Avance Logic Inc. [ALI]|ALG2032/2064"
601     0x1005 0x2128 "unknown" "Avance Logic Inc. [ALI]|ALG2364A"
602     0x1005 0x2301 "Card:Avance Logic 2301" "Avance Logic Inc. [ALI]|ALG2301"
603     0x1005 0x2302 "Card:Avance Logic 2302" "Avance Logic Inc. [ALI]|ALG2302"
604     0x1005 0x2364 "unknown" "Avance Logic Inc. [ALI]|ALG2364"
605     0x1005 0x2464 "unknown" "Avance Logic Inc. [ALI]|ALG2364A"
606     0x1005 0x2501 "unknown" "Avance Logic Inc. [ALI]|ALG2564A/25128A"
607     0x100b 0x0001 "unknown" "National Semiconductor|DP83810"
608     0x100b 0x0002 "ns87415" "National Semiconductor|87415"
609     0x100b 0x000e "unknown" "National Semiconductor|87560 Legacy I/O"
610     0x100b 0x000f "unknown" "National Semiconductor|OHCI Compliant FireWire Controller"
611     0x100b 0x0011 "unknown" "National Semiconductor|National PCI System I/O"
612     0x100b 0x0012 "unknown" "National Semiconductor|USB Controller"
613     0x100b 0x001b "unknown" "National Semiconductor|LM4560 Advanced PCI Audio Accelerator"
614     0x100b 0x0020 "natsemi" "National Semiconductor|DP83810 10/100 Ethernet"
615     0x100b 0x0021 "unknown" "National Semiconductor|PC87200 PCI to ISA Bridge"
616     0x100b 0x0022 "ns83820" "National Semiconductor|DP83820 10/100/1000 Ethernet"
617     0x100b 0x0023 "unknown" "National Semiconductor| "
618     0x100b 0x0028 "unknown" "National Semiconductor|CS5535 Host bridge"
619     0x100b 0x002a "unknown" "National Semiconductor|CS5535 South Bridge"
620     0x100b 0x002b "unknown" "National Semiconductor|CS5535 ISA bridge"
621     0x100b 0x002d "cs5535" "National Semiconductor|CS5535 IDE"
622     0x100b 0x002e "snd-cs5535audio" "National Semiconductor|CS5535 Audio"
623     0x100b 0x002f "unknown" "National Semiconductor|CS5535 USB"
624     0x100b 0x0030 "unknown" "National Semiconductor|CS5535 Video"
625     0x100b 0x0035 "cassini" "National Semiconductor|DP83065 [Saturn] 10/100/1000 Ethernet Controller"
626     0x100b 0x0500 "Card:ATI Mach64" "National Semiconductor|SCx200 Bridge"
627     0x100b 0x0501 "Card:ATI Mach64" "National Semiconductor|SCx200 SMI"
628     0x100b 0x0502 "Card:ATI Mach64" "National Semiconductor|SCx200 IDE"
629     0x100b 0x0503 "Card:ATI Mach64" "National Semiconductor|SCx200 Audio"
630     0x100b 0x0504 "Card:ATI Mach64" "National Semiconductor|SCx200 Video"
631     0x100b 0x0505 "Card:ATI Mach64" "National Semiconductor|SCx200 Bridge"
632     0x100b 0x0510 "scx200" "National Semiconductor|SC1100 Bridge"
633     0x100b 0x0511 "unknown" "National Semiconductor|SC1100 SMI"
634     0x100b 0x0515 "scx200" "National Semiconductor|Wireless miniPCI Card (108Mbit)"
635     0x100b 0xd001 "Card:ATI Mach64" "National Semiconductor|87410"
636     0x100c 0x3202 "Card:ET4000 W32i, W32p (generic)" "Tseng Labs Inc.|ET4000/W32p rev A"
637     0x100c 0x3205 "Card:ET4000 W32i, W32p (generic)" "Tseng Labs Inc.|ET4000/W32p rev B"
638     0x100c 0x3206 "Card:ET4000 W32i, W32p (generic)" "Tseng Labs Inc.|ET4000/W32p rev C"
639     0x100c 0x3207 "Card:ET4000 W32i, W32p (generic)" "Tseng Labs Inc.|ET4000/W32p rev D"
640     0x100c 0x3208 "Card:ET6000 (generic)" "Tseng Labs Inc.|ET6000"
641     0x100c 0x4702 "Card:ET6000 (generic)" "Tseng Labs Inc.|ET6300"
642     0x100e 0x0564 "unknown" "Weitek|STPC Client Host Bridge"
643     0x100e 0x55cc "unknown" "Weitek|STPC Client South Bridge"
644     0x100e 0x9000 "Card:Diamond Viper PCI 2Mb" "Weitek|P9000 Viper"
645     0x100e 0x9001 "Card:Diamond Viper PCI 2Mb" "Weitek|P9000 Viper"
646     0x100e 0x9002 "Card:Diamond Viper PCI 2Mb" "Weitek|P9000 Viper"
647     0x100e 0x9100 "Card:Diamond Viper PCI 2Mb" "Weitek|P9100 Viper Pro/SE"
648     0x1011 0x0001 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21050"
649     0x1011 0x0002 "de2104x" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21040 [Tulip]"
650     0x1011 0x0004 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|21030/TGA"
651     0x1011 0x0007 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|NVRAM [Zephyr NVRAM]"
652     0x1011 0x0008 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|KZPSA [KZPSA]"
653     0x1011 0x0009 0x1025 0x0310 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|21140 Fast Ethernet"
654     0x1011 0x0009 0x10b8 0x2001 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|SMC9332BDT EtherPower 10/100"
655     0x1011 0x0009 0x10b8 0x2002 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|SMC9332BVT EtherPower T4 10/100"
656     0x1011 0x0009 0x10b8 0x2003 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|SMC9334BDT EtherPower 10/100 (1-port)"
657     0x1011 0x0009 0x1109 0x2400 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|ANA-6944A/TX Fast Ethernet"
658     0x1011 0x0009 0x1112 0x2300 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|RNS2300 Fast Ethernet"
659     0x1011 0x0009 0x1112 0x2320 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|RNS2320 Fast Ethernet"
660     0x1011 0x0009 0x1112 0x2340 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|RNS2340 Fast Ethernet"
661     0x1011 0x0009 0x1113 0x1207 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|EN-1207-TX Fast Ethernet"
662     0x1011 0x0009 0x1186 0x1100 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DFE-500TX Fast Ethernet"
663     0x1011 0x0009 0x1186 0x1112 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DFE-570TX Fast Ethernet"
664     0x1011 0x0009 0x1186 0x1140 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DFE-660 Cardbus Ethernet 10/100"
665     0x1011 0x0009 0x1186 0x1142 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DFE-660 Cardbus Ethernet 10/100"
666     0x1011 0x0009 0x11f6 0x0503 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|Freedomline Fast Ethernet"
667     0x1011 0x0009 0x1282 0x9100 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|AEF-380TXD Fast Ethernet"
668     0x1011 0x0009 0x1376 0xffff "lmc" "Digital Equipment Corp.|"
669     0x1011 0x0009 0x1385 0x1100 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|FA310TX Fast Ethernet"
670     0x1011 0x0009 0x2646 0x0001 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|KNE100TX Fast Ethernet"
671     0x1011 0x0009 0xffff 0x1376 "lmc" "Digital Equipment Corp.|"
672     0x1011 0x0009 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21140 [FasterNet]"
673     0x1011 0x000a "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|21230 Video Codec"
674     0x1011 0x000c "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DC21130 PCI Integrated Graphics & Video Accel"
675     0x1011 0x000d "Card:Digital 8-plane TGA (Generic)" "Digital Equipment Corp.|PBXGB [TGA2]"
676     0x1011 0x000f "defxx" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DEFPA"
677     0x1011 0x0014 "de2104x" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21041 [Tulip Pass 3]"
678     0x1011 0x0016 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DGLPB [OPPO]"
679     0x1011 0x0017 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|PV-PCI Graphics Controller (ZLXp-L)"
680     0x1011 0x0019 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21142/43"
681     0x1011 0x001a "acenic" "Farallon|PN9000SX"
682     0x1011 0x0021 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21052"
683     0x1011 0x0022 "tulip" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21150"
684     0x1011 0x0023 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21150"
685     0x1011 0x0024 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21152"
686     0x1011 0x0025 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21153"
687     0x1011 0x0026 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21154"
688     0x1011 0x0034 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|Modem56 CardBus"
689     0x1011 0x0045 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21553"
690     0x1011 0x0046 0x0e11 0x4050 "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21554 [Compaq Smart Array Controller]"
691     0x1011 0x0046 0x0e11 0x4051 "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21554 [Compaq Smart Array Controller]"
692     0x1011 0x0046 0x0e11 0x4058 "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21554 [Compaq Smart Array Controller]"
693     0x1011 0x0046 0x103c 0x10c2 "aacraid" "HP|NetRAID-4M"
694     0x1011 0x0046 0x12d9 0x000a "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|VoIP PCI Gateway"
695     0x1011 0x0046 0x4c53 0x1050 "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|CT7 mainboard"
696     0x1011 0x0046 0x4c53 0x1051 "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|CE7 mainboard"
697     0x1011 0x0046 0x9005 0x0364 "aacraid" "Adaptec|5400S"
698     0x1011 0x0046 0x9005 0x0365 "aacraid" "Adaptec|5400S"
699     0x1011 0x0046 0x9005 0x1364 "aacraid" "Digital Equipment Corp.|Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller 2"
700     0x1011 0x0046 0x9005 0x1365 "aacraid" "Digital Equipment Corp.|Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller 2"
701     0x1011 0x0046 0xe4bf 0x1000 "unknown" "Digital Equipment Corp.|CC8-1-BLUES"
702     0x1011 0x0046 "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DECchip 21554 [Compaq Smart Array Controller]"
703     0x1011 0x0365 "aacraid" "Digital Equipment Corp.|5400S"
704     0x1011 0x0e11 "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|Integrated Smart Array"
705     0x1011 0x103c "aacraid" "Digital Equipment Corp.|NetRAID-4M"
706     0x1011 0x1065 0x1069 0x0020 "DAC960" "Digital Equipment Corp.|DAC960P / DAC1164P"
707     0x1011 0x1065 0x1244 0x0800 "ISDN:c4" "Digital Equipment Corp.|21285 Core Logic for SA-110 Microprocessor"
708     0x1011 0x1065 0x1244 0x1100 "ISDN:c4" "Digital Equipment Corp.|21285 Core Logic for SA-110 Microprocessor"
709     0x1011 0x1065 "DAC960" "Digital Equipment Corp.|RAID Controller"
710     0x1011 0x10c2 "aacraid" "Digital Equipment Corp.|NetRAID-4M"
711     0x1011 0x1364 "aacraid" "Digital Equipment Corp.|PowerEdge RAID Controller 2"
712     0x1011 0x1365 "aacraid" "Digital Equipment Corp.|PowerEdge RAID Controller 2"
713     0x1011 0x4050 "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|Integrated Smart Array"
714     0x1011 0x4051 "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|Integrated Smart Array"
715     0x1011 0x4058 "cpqarray" "Digital Equipment Corp.|Integrated Smart Array"
716     0x1011 0x9005 "aacraid" "Digital Equipment Corp.|5400S"
717     0x1013 0x0038 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD754x (laptop)" "Cirrus Logic|GD 7548"
718     0x1013 0x0040 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD754x (laptop)" "Cirrus Logic|GD7555 Flat Panel GUI Accelerator"
719     0x1013 0x0045 "unknown" "Cirrus Logic|A CL-MD5620DT-QC-B WINCOM V9.0 56K"
720     0x1013 0x004c "Card:Cirrus Logic GD754x (laptop)" "Cirrus Logic|GD7556 Video/Graphics LCD/CRT Ctrlr"
721     0x1013 0x00a0 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD543x" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5430/40 [Alpine]"
722     0x1013 0x00a2 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD543x" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5432 [Alpine]"
723     0x1013 0x00a4 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD543x" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5434-4 [Alpine]"
724     0x1013 0x00a8 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD543x" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5434-8 [Alpine]"
725     0x1013 0x00ac "Card:Cirrus Logic GD543x" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5436 [Alpine]"
726     0x1013 0x00b0 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD544x" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5440"
727     0x1013 0x00b8 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD544x" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5446"
728     0x1013 0x00bc "Card:Cirrus Logic GD5480" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5480"
729     0x1013 0x00d0 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD5462" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5462"
730     0x1013 0x00d2 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD5462" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5462 [Laguna I]"
731     0x1013 0x00d4 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD5464" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5464 [Laguna]"
732     0x1013 0x00d5 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD5464" "Cirrus Logic|GD5464BD"
733     0x1013 0x00d6 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD5465" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5465 [Laguna]"
734     0x1013 0x00e8 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD543x" "Cirrus Logic|GD 5436U"
735     0x1013 0x1010 "cs46xx" "Cirrus Logic|CS 4614/22/24 [CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio Accelerator]"
736     0x1013 0x1014 "cs46xx" "Cirrus Logic|CS 4614/22/24 [CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio Accelerator]"
737     0x1013 0x1100 "pd6729" "Cirrus Logic|CL 6729"
738     0x1013 0x1110 "yenta_socket" "Cirrus Logic|PD 6832"
739     0x1013 0x1112 "yenta_socket" "Cirrus Logic|PD 6834 PCMCIA/CardBus Ctrlr"
740     0x1013 0x1113 "yenta_socket" "Cirrus Logic|PD 6833 PCMCIA/CardBus Ctrlr"
741     0x1013 0x1200 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD754x (laptop)" "Cirrus Logic|GD 7542 [Nordic]"
742     0x1013 0x1202 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD754x (laptop)" "Cirrus Logic|GD 7543 [Viking]"
743     0x1013 0x1204 "Card:Cirrus Logic GD754x (laptop)" "Cirrus Logic|GD 7541 [Nordic Light]"
744     0x1013 0x4000 "unknown" "Cirrus Logic|MD 5620 [CLM Data Fax Voice]"
745     0x1013 0x4400 "unknown" "Cirrus Logic|CD 4400"
746     0x1013 0x6001 "cs46xx" "Cirrus Logic|Cirrus CS4610/1 CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio"
747     0x1013 0x6003 "snd-cs46xx" "Cirrus Logic|CS 4614/22/24 [CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio Accelerator]"
748     0x1013 0x6004 "cs46xx" "Cirrus Logic|unknown (? CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio Accelerator?)"
749     0x1013 0x6005 "cs4281" "Cirrus Logic|Crystal CS4281 PCI Audio"
750     0x1014 0x0002 "unknown" "IBM|PCI to MCA Bridge"
751     0x1014 0x0005 "unknown" "IBM|Alta Lite"
752     0x1014 0x0007 "unknown" "IBM|Alta MP"
753     0x1014 0x000a "unknown" "IBM|Fire Coral"
754     0x1014 0x0017 "unknown" "IBM|CPU to PCI Bridge"
755     0x1014 0x0018 "lanstreamer" "IBM|TR Auto LANstreamer"
756     0x1014 0x001b "unknown" "IBM|GXT-150P"
757     0x1014 0x001c "unknown" "IBM|Carrera"
758     0x1014 0x001d "unknown" "IBM|82G2675"
759     0x1014 0x0020 "unknown" "IBM|MCA"
760     0x1014 0x0022 "unknown" "IBM|IBM27-82351"
761     0x1014 0x002d "unknown" "IBM|Python"
762     0x1014 0x002e "ips" "IBM|ServeRAID controller"
763     0x1014 0x0031 "unknown" "IBM|2 Port Serial Adapter"
764     0x1014 0x0036 "unknown" "IBM|Miami"
765     0x1014 0x0037 "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|IBM27-82660 PowerPC to PCI Bridge and Memory Ctrlr"
766     0x1014 0x003a "unknown" "IBM|CPU to PCI Bridge"
767     0x1014 0x003c "unknown" "IBM|GXT250P/GXT255P Graphics Adapter"
768     0x1014 0x003e "olympic" "IBM|16/4 Token ring UTP/STP controller"
769     0x1014 0x0045 "unknown" "IBM|SSA Adapter"
770     0x1014 0x0046 "unknown" "IBM|MPIC interrupt controller"
771     0x1014 0x0047 "unknown" "IBM|PCI to PCI Bridge"
772     0x1014 0x0048 "unknown" "IBM|PCI to PCI Bridge"
773     0x1014 0x0049 "unknown" "IBM|Warhead SCSI Controller"
774     0x1014 0x004e "unknown" "IBM|ATM Controller (14104e00)"
775     0x1014 0x004f "unknown" "IBM|ATM Controller (14104f00)"
776     0x1014 0x0050 "unknown" "IBM|ATM Controller (14105000)"
777     0x1014 0x0053 "unknown" "IBM|25 MBit ATM Controller"
778     0x1014 0x0054 "unknown" "IBM|GXT500P/GXT550P Graphics Adapter"
779     0x1014 0x0057 "unknown" "IBM|MPEG PCI Bridge"
780     0x1014 0x005c "eepro100" "IBM|i82557B 10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter"
781     0x1014 0x005d "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|05J3506 TCP/IP networking device"
782     0x1014 0x005e "unknown" "IBM|GXT800P Graphics Adapter"
783     0x1014 0x007c "unknown" "IBM|ATM Controller (14107c00)"
784     0x1014 0x007d "unknown" "IBM|3780IDSP [MWave]"
785     0x1014 0x008b "unknown" "IBM|EADS PCI to PCI Bridge"
786     0x1014 0x008e "unknown" "IBM|GXT3000P Graphics Adapter"
787     0x1014 0x0090 "unknown" "IBM|GXT 3000P"
788     0x1014 0x0091 "unknown" "IBM|SSA Adapter"
789     0x1014 0x0095 "unknown" "IBM|20H2999 PCI Docking Bridge"
790     0x1014 0x0096 "unknown" "IBM|Chukar chipset SCSI controller"
791     0x1014 0x009f "unknown" "IBM|PCI 4758 Cryptographic Accelerator"
792     0x1014 0x00a1 "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|PowerNP NPr2.7 ATM support device"
793     0x1014 0x00a5 "unknown" "IBM|ATM Controller (1410a500)"
794     0x1014 0x00a6 "unknown" "IBM|ATM 155MBPS MM Controller (1410a600)"
795     0x1014 0x00b7 "unknown" "IBM|256-bit Graphics Rasterizer [Fire GL1]"
796     0x1014 0x00b8 "unknown" "IBM|GXT2000P Graphics Adapter"
797     0x1014 0x00be "unknown" "IBM|ATM 622MBPS Controller (1410be00)"
798     0x1014 0x00ce "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|02li537 Adapter 2 Token Ring Card"
799     0x1014 0x00dc "unknown" "IBM|Advanced Systems Management Adapter (ASMA)"
800     0x1014 0x00f9 "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|CPC700 Memory Controller and PCI Bridge"
801     0x1014 0x00fc "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|CPC710 PCI-64 Bridge"
802     0x1014 0x0104 "unknown" "IBM|Gigabit Ethernet-SX Adapter"
803     0x1014 0x0105 "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|CPC710 PCI-32 Bridge"
804     0x1014 0x010f "ibmasm" "IBM|Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA)"
805     0x1014 0x011b "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|Raid controller"
806     0x1014 0x0132 "snd-cs46xx" "Thinkpad 570"
807     0x1014 0x0142 "unknown" "IBM|Yotta Video Compositor Input"
808     0x1014 0x0144 "unknown" "IBM|Yotta Video Compositor Output"
809     0x1014 0x0153 "snd-cs46xx" "Thinkpad 600X/A20/T20"
810     0x1014 0x0156 "unknown" "IBM|405GP PLB to PCI Bridge"
811     0x1014 0x015e "unknown" "IBM|622Mbps ATM PCI Adapter"
812     0x1014 0x0160 "unknown" "IBM|64bit/66MHz PCI ATM 155 MMF"
813     0x1014 0x016e "unknown" "IBM|GXT4000P Graphics Adapter"
814     0x1014 0x0170 "unknown" "IBM|RC1000 / GT 1000"
815     0x1014 0x017d "unknown" "IBM|GXT300P Graphics Adapter"
816     0x1014 0x0180 "ipr" "IBM|Snipe chipset SCSI controller"
817     0x1014 0x0188 "unknown" "IBM|EADS-X PCI-X to PCI-X Bridge"
818     0x1014 0x01a7 "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|IBM 133 PCI-X Bridge R1.1"
819     0x1014 0x01bd "ips" "IBM|ServeRAID controller"
820     0x1014 0x01be "ips" "IBM|ServeRAID-4M"
821     0x1014 0x01bf "ips" "IBM|ServeRAID-4L"
822     0x1014 0x01c1 "unknown" "IBM|64bit/66MHz PCI ATM 155 UTP"
823     0x1014 0x01e6 "leedslite" "IBM|Cryptographic Accelerator"
824     0x1014 0x01ef "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|440GP PLB to PCI-X Bridge"
825     0x1014 0x01ff "unknown" "IBM|10/100 Mbps Ethernet"
826     0x1014 0x0208 "ips" "IBM|ServeRAID-4Mx"
827     0x1014 0x020e "ips" "IBM|ServeRAID-4Lx"
828     0x1014 0x0219 "unknown" "IBM|Multiport Serial Adapter"
829     0x1014 0x021b "unknown" "IBM|GXT6500P Graphics Adapter"
830     0x1014 0x021c "unknown" "IBM|GXT4500P Graphics Adapter"
831     0x1014 0x022e "ips" "IBM|ServeRAID-4H"
832     0x1014 0x0233 "unknown" "IBM|GXT135P Graphics Adapter"
833     0x1014 0x0246 "ibmphp" "IBM|"
834     0x1014 0x0266 "unknown" "IBM|PCI-X Dual Channel SCSI"
835     0x1014 0x0268 "unknown" "IBM|Gigabit Ethernet-SX Adapter (PCI-X)"
836     0x1014 0x0269 "unknown" "IBM|10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet Adapter (PCI-X)"
837     0x1014 0x028c 0x1014 0x028d "ipr" "IBM|Dual Channel PCI-X DDR SAS RAID Adapter (572E)"
838     0x1014 0x028c 0x1014 0x02be "ipr" "IBM|Dual Channel PCI-X DDR U320 SCSI RAID Adapter (571B)"
839     0x1014 0x028c 0x1014 0x02c0 "ipr" "IBM|Dual Channel PCI-X DDR U320 SCSI Adapter (571A)"
840     0x1014 0x028c 0x1014 0x030d "ipr" "IBM|Dual Channel PCI-X DDR U320 SCSI Adapter (575B)"
841     0x1014 0x028c "unknown" "IBM|Citrine chipset SCSI controller"
842     0x1014 0x0295 "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|NECSCE 11508082 IBM SurePOS Riser Card Function 0"
843     0x1014 0x0297 "unknown" "International Business Machines Corp.|NECSCE 11508082 IBM SurePOS Riser Card Function 1 (UARTs)"
844     0x1014 0x02a1 "unknown" "IBM|Calgary PCI-X Host Bridge"
845     0x1014 0x02bd "ipr" ""
846     0x1014 0x0302 "unknown" "IBM|XA-32 chipset [Summit]"
847     0x1014 0x0314 "unknown" "IBM|ZISC 036 Neural accelerator card"
848     0x1014 0x1010 "snd-cs46xx" "Thinkpad 600E (unsupported)"
849     0x1014 0x3022 "unknown" "IBM|QLA3022 Network Adapter"
850     0x1014 0x4022 "unknown" "IBM|QLA3022 Network Adapter"
851     0x1014 0xffff "unknown" "IBM|MPIC-2 interrupt controller"
852     0x1017 0x5343 "unknown" "SPEA Software AG|SPEA 3D Accelerator"
853     0x101a 0x0005 "hp100" "AT&T GIS (NCR)|100VG ethernet"
854     0x101a 0x0009 "unknown" "NCR/AT&T GIS|Altera FLEX ??? Raid Controller ???"
855     0x101c 0x0193 "unknown" "Western Digital|33C193A"
856     0x101c 0x0196 "unknown" "Western Digital|33C196A"
857     0x101c 0x0197 "unknown" "Western Digital|33C197A"
858     0x101c 0x0296 "unknown" "Western Digital|33C296A"
859     0x101c 0x3193 "unknown" "Western Digital|7193"
860     0x101c 0x3197 "unknown" "Western Digital|7197"
861     0x101c 0x3296 "unknown" "Western Digital|33C296A"
862     0x101c 0x4296 "unknown" "Western Digital|34C296"
863     0x101c 0x9710 "unknown" "Western Digital|Pipeline 9710"
864     0x101c 0x9712 "unknown" "Western Digital|Pipeline 9712"
865     0x101c 0xc24a "unknown" "Western Digital|90C"
866     0x101e 0x0009 "unknown" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID 428 Ultra RAID Controller (rev 03)"
867     0x101e 0x0471 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|PowerEdge RAID Controller 3/QC"
868     0x101e 0x0475 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|PowerEdge RAID Controller 3/SC"
869     0x101e 0x0493 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|PowerEdge RAID Controller 3/DC"
870     0x101e 0x0511 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|PowerEdge Cost Effective RAID Controller ATA100/4Ch"
871     0x101e 0x0767 "megarac" "American Megatrends Inc.|Dell Remote Assistant Card 2"
872     0x101e 0x101e "megarac" "American Megatrends Inc.|Dell Remote Assistant Card 2"
873     0x101e 0x1028 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|PowerEdge RAID Controller 3/QC"
874     0x101e 0x1960 0x101e 0x0471 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID 471 Enterprise 1600 RAID Controller"
875     0x101e 0x1960 0x101e 0x0475 "megaraid_mbox" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID 475 Express 500/500LC RAID Controller"
876     0x101e 0x1960 0x101e 0x0477 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID 477 Elite 3100 RAID Controller"
877     0x101e 0x1960 0x101e 0x0493 "megaraid_mbox" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID 493 Elite 1600 RAID Controller"
878     0x101e 0x1960 0x101e 0x0494 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID 494 Elite 1650 RAID Controller"
879     0x101e 0x1960 0x101e 0x0503 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID 503 Enterprise 1650 RAID Controller"
880     0x101e 0x1960 0x101e 0x0511 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID 511 i4 IDE RAID Controller"
881     0x101e 0x1960 0x101e 0x0522 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID 522 i4133 RAID Controller"
882     0x101e 0x1960 0x1028 0x0471 "megaraid_mbox" "American Megatrends Inc.|PowerEdge RAID Controller 3/QC"
883     0x101e 0x1960 0x1028 0x0475 "megaraid_mbox" "American Megatrends Inc.|PowerEdge RAID Controller 3/SC"
884     0x101e 0x1960 0x1028 0x0493 "megaraid_mbox" "American Megatrends Inc.|PowerEdge RAID Controller 3/DC"
885     0x101e 0x1960 0x1028 0x0511 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|PowerEdge Cost Effective RAID Controller ATA100/4Ch"
886     0x101e 0x1960 0x103c 0x60e7 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|NetRAID-1M"
887     0x101e 0x1960 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|PowerEdge RAID Controller 3/QC"
888     0x101e 0x9010 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID"
889     0x101e 0x9030 "unknown" "American Megatrends Inc.|EIDE Controller"
890     0x101e 0x9031 "unknown" "American Megatrends Inc.|EIDE Controller"
891     0x101e 0x9032 "unknown" "American Megatrends Inc.|EIDE & SCSI Controller"
892     0x101e 0x9033 "unknown" "American Megatrends Inc.|SCSI Controller"
893     0x101e 0x9040 "unknown" "American Megatrends Inc.|Multimedia card"
894     0x101e 0x9060 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAID 434 Ultra GT RAID Controller"
895     0x101e 0x9063 "megaraid" "American Megatrends Inc.|MegaRAC"
896     0x1022 0x1100 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] HyperTransport Technology Configuration"
897     0x1022 0x1101 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] Address Map"
898     0x1022 0x1102 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] DRAM Controller"
899     0x1022 0x1103 "amd64-agp" "Advanced Micro Devices|K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] Miscellaneous Control"
900     0x1022 0x2000 "pcnet32" "Advanced Micro Devices|79c970 [PCnet LANCE]"
901     0x1022 0x2001 "pcnet32" "Advanced Micro Devices|79c978 [HomePNA]"
902     0x1022 0x2003 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|Am 1771 MBW [Alchemy]"
903     0x1022 0x2020 "tmscsim" "Advanced Micro Devices|53c974 [PCscsi]"
904     0x1022 0x2040 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|79c974"
905     0x1022 0x208f "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|CS5536 GeodeLink PCI South Bridge"
906     0x1022 0x209a "pata_amd" ""
907     0x1022 0x3000 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|ELanSC520 Microcontroller"
908     0x1022 0x7004 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-751 CPU to PCI Bridge"
909     0x1022 0x7006 "amd-k7-agp" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-751 [Irongate] System Controller"
910     0x1022 0x7007 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-751 PCI to PCI bridge"
911     0x1022 0x700a "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-IGR4 AGP Host to PCI Bridge"
912     0x1022 0x700b "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-IGR4 PCI to PCI Bridge"
913     0x1022 0x700c "amd-k7-agp" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-762 CPU to PCI Bridge (SMP chipset)"
914     0x1022 0x700d "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-762 CPU to PCI Bridge (AGP 4x)"
915     0x1022 0x700e "amd-k7-agp" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-761 North Bridge"
916     0x1022 0x700f "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-761 CPU to AGP Bridge (AGP 4x)"
917     0x1022 0x7400 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-755 PCI to ISA bridge"
918     0x1022 0x7401 "amd74xx" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-755 (Cobra) Bus Master IDE controller"
919     0x1022 0x7403 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-755 Power Management Controller"
920     0x1022 0x7404 "usb-ohci" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-755 PCI to USB Open Host Controller"
921     0x1022 0x7408 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-756 PCI to ISA bridge"
922     0x1022 0x7409 "amd74xx" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-756 (Viper) Bus Master IDE controller"
923     0x1022 0x740b "i2c-amd756" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-756 Power Management Controller"
924     0x1022 0x740c "usb-ohci" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-756 PCI to USB Open Host Controller"
925     0x1022 0x7410 "amd76xrom" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-765 [Viper] ISA"
926     0x1022 0x7411 "amd74xx" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-765 [Viper] IDE"
927     0x1022 0x7412 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-766 USB Controller"
928     0x1022 0x7413 "i2c-amd756" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-765 [Viper] ACPI"
929     0x1022 0x7414 "usb-ohci" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-765 [Viper] USB"
930     0x1022 0x7440 "amd76xrom" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-768 PCI to ISA Bridge"
931     0x1022 0x7441 "amd74xx" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-768 EIDE Controller"
932     0x1022 0x7443 "hw_random" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-768 ACPI Controller"
933     0x1022 0x7445 "i810_audio" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-768 Audio"
934     0x1022 0x7446 "slamr" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-768 [Opus] MC97 Modem (Smart Link HAMR5600 compatible)"
935     0x1022 0x7448 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-768 PCI to PCI Bridge?"
936     0x1022 0x7449 "usb-ohci" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-768 USB Controller"
937     0x1022 0x7450 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8131 PCI-X Bridge"
938     0x1022 0x7451 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8131 PCI-X APIC"
939     0x1022 0x7454 "amd64-agp" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8151 System Controller"
940     0x1022 0x7455 "hw_random" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8151 AGP Bridge"
941     0x1022 0x7458 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8132 PCI-X Bridge"
942     0x1022 0x7459 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8132 PCI-X IOAPIC"
943     0x1022 0x7460 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 PCI"
944     0x1022 0x7461 "usb-ohci" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 USB"
945     0x1022 0x7462 "amd8111e" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 Ethernet"
946     0x1022 0x7463 "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|Enhanced USB Controller"
947     0x1022 0x7464 "usb-ohci" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 USB"
948     0x1022 0x7468 "amd76xrom" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 LPC"
949     0x1022 0x7469 "amd74xx" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 IDE"
950     0x1022 0x746a "i2c-amd8111" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 SMBus 2.0"
951     0x1022 0x746b "hw_random" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 ACPI"
952     0x1022 0x746d "snd-intel8x0" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 AC97 Audio"
953     0x1022 0x746e "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 MC97 Modem"
954     0x1022 0x756b "unknown" "Advanced Micro Devices|AMD-8111 ACPI"
955     0x1023 0x0194 "unknown" "Trident Microsystems|82C194"
956     0x1023 0x2000 "snd-trident" "Trident Microsystems|4DWave DX"
957     0x1023 0x2001 "snd-trident" "Trident Microsystems|4DWave NX"
958     0x1023 0x2100 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber-XP4 Video Accelerator"
959     0x1023 0x2200 "unknown" "Trident Microsystems|XGI Volari XP5"
960     0x1023 0x7018 "snd-trident" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SI7018 PCI Audio"
961     0x1023 0x8200 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TVGA 8200LX"
962     0x1023 0x8400 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|CyberBlade/i7"
963     0x1023 0x8420 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|CyberBlade/i7d"
964     0x1023 0x8500 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|CyberBlade/i1"
965     0x1023 0x8520 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|CyberBlade i1"
966     0x1023 0x8600 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|CyberBlade/Ai1"
967     0x1023 0x8620 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|CyberBlade/DSTN/Ai1"
968     0x1023 0x8800 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|CyberBlade/XP/Ai1"
969     0x1023 0x8820 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|CyberBlade/XP/DSTN/Ai1"
970     0x1023 0x8900 "Card:Trident 8900/9000 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TVGA 8900B/8900C/8900CL"
971     0x1023 0x9000 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TVGA 9000/9000i"
972     0x1023 0x9100 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TVGA 9100B"
973     0x1023 0x9200 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TVGA 9400CXi/r"
974     0x1023 0x9320 "Card:Trident Cyber 9320 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9320"
975     0x1023 0x9350 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|GUI Accelerator"
976     0x1023 0x9360 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Flat panel GUI Accelerator"
977     0x1023 0x9382 "Card:Trident Cyber 9382 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber 9382 [Reference design]"
978     0x1023 0x9383 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber 9383 [Reference design]"
979     0x1023 0x9385 "Card:Trident Cyber 9385 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber 9385 [Reference design]"
980     0x1023 0x9386 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber 9386"
981     0x1023 0x9388 "Card:Trident Cyber 9388 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber 9388"
982     0x1023 0x9397 "Card:Trident Cyber 9397 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber 9397"
983     0x1023 0x939a "Card:Trident Cyber 9397 DVD (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber 9397DVD"
984     0x1023 0x9420 "Card:Trident TGUI9420DGi (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9420"
985     0x1023 0x9430 "Card:Trident TGUI9430DGi (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9430"
986     0x1023 0x9440 "Card:Trident TGUI9440 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9440"
987     0x1023 0x9460 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9460"
988     0x1023 0x9470 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9470"
989     0x1023 0x9520 "Card:Trident Cyber 9520 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber 9520"
990     0x1023 0x9525 "Card:Trident Cyber 9525 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber 9525"
991     0x1023 0x9540 "tridentfb" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber 9540"
992     0x1023 0x9660 "Card:Trident TGUI9660 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9660/968x/968x"
993     0x1023 0x9680 "Card:Trident TGUI9680 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9680"
994     0x1023 0x9682 "Card:Trident TGUI9682 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9682"
995     0x1023 0x9683 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9683"
996     0x1023 0x9685 "Card:Trident TGUI9685 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|ProVIDIA 9685"
997     0x1023 0x9750 "Card:Trident 3DImage975 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|3DImage 975"
998     0x1023 0x9753 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9753"
999     0x1023 0x9754 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9754"
1000     0x1023 0x9759 "Card:Trident 3DImage975 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 975"
1001     0x1023 0x9783 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9783"
1002     0x1023 0x9785 "Card:Trident (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|TGUI 9785"
1003     0x1023 0x9850 "Card:Trident 3DImage985 (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|3DImage 9850"
1004     0x1023 0x9880 "Card:Trident Blade3D (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Blade 3D PCI/AGP"
1005     0x1023 0x9910 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|Cyber/BladeXP"
1006     0x1023 0x9930 "Card:Trident CyberBlade (generic)" "Trident Microsystems|CyberBlade/XPm"
1007     0x1024 0x1024 "Hcf:www.linmodems.org" "Zenith Data Systems|R6785-61 HCF 56k PCI Modem"
1008     0x1025 0x0028 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated|AC97 ID:SIL REV:0x27, 06 Agere Systems soft modem chip"
1009     0x1025 0x1435 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1435"
1010     0x1025 0x1445 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1445"
1011     0x1025 0x1449 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1449"
1012     0x1025 0x1451 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1451"
1013     0x1025 0x1461 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1461"
1014     0x1025 0x1489 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1489"
1015     0x1025 0x1511 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1511"
1016     0x1025 0x1512 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|ALI M1512 Aladdin"
1017     0x1025 0x1513 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1513"
1018     0x1025 0x1521 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|ALI M1521 Aladdin III CPU Bridge"
1019     0x1025 0x1523 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|ALI M1523 ISA Bridge"
1020     0x1025 0x1531 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1531"
1021     0x1025 0x1533 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1533"
1022     0x1025 0x1535 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1535 PCI Bridge + Super I/O + FIR"
1023     0x1025 0x1541 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1541 Northbridge [Aladdin V]"
1024     0x1025 0x1542 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1542 Northbridge [Aladdin V]"
1025     0x1025 0x1543 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1543 PCI-to-ISA Bridge + Super I/O + FIR"
1026     0x1025 0x1561 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1561 Northbridge [Aladdin 7]"
1027     0x1025 0x1621 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1621 Northbridge [Aladdin-Pro II]"
1028     0x1025 0x1631 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1631 Northbridge+3D Graphics [Aladdin TNT2]"
1029     0x1025 0x1632 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1632 Northbridge+3D Graphics"
1030     0x1025 0x1641 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1641 Northbridge [Aladdin-Pro IV]"
1031     0x1025 0x1644 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1644 Northbridge"
1032     0x1025 0x1647 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1647 [MaGiK1] PCI North Bridge"
1033     0x1025 0x1651 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1651 PCI North Bridge"
1034     0x1025 0x1671 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M1671 PCI North Bridge"
1035     0x1025 0x1672 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|Northbridge [CyberALADDiN-P4]"
1036     0x1025 0x1681 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|"
1037     0x1025 0x1683 "ali-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|"
1038     0x1025 0x1689 "amd64-agp" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|"
1039     0x1025 0x3141 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M3141"
1040     0x1025 0x3143 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M3143"
1041     0x1025 0x3145 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M3145"
1042     0x1025 0x3147 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M3147"
1043     0x1025 0x3149 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M3149"
1044     0x1025 0x3151 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M3151"
1045     0x1025 0x3307 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M3307 MPEG-I Video Controller"
1046     0x1025 0x3309 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M3309 MPEG-II Video w/ Software Audio Decoder"
1047     0x1025 0x3321 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M3321 MPEG-II Audio/Video Decoder"
1048     0x1025 0x5212 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|ALI M4803"
1049     0x1025 0x5215 "unknown" "Acer Labs Incorporated (ALI)|ALI PCI EIDE Controller"
1050     0x1025 0x5217 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M5217H"
1051     0x1025 0x5219 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M5219"
1052     0x1025 0x5225 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M5225"
1053     0x1025 0x5228 "alim15x3" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M5228"
1054     0x1025 0x5229 "alim15x3" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M5229"
1055     0x1025 0x5235 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M5235"
1056     0x1025 0x5237 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|ALI M5237 PCI USB Host Controller"
1057     0x1025 0x5239 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated| "
1058     0x1025 0x5240 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|EIDE Controller"
1059     0x1025 0x5241 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|PCMCIA Bridge"
1060     0x1025 0x5242 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|General Purpose Controller"
1061     0x1025 0x5243 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|PCI to PCI Bridge Controller"
1062     0x1025 0x5244 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|Floppy Disk Controller"
1063     0x1025 0x5247 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|ALI M1541 PCI to PCI Bridge"
1064     0x1025 0x5251 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|M5251 P1394 OHCI Controller"
1065     0x1025 0x5427 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|ALI PCI to AGP Bridge"
1066     0x1025 0x5451 "trident" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|ALI M5451 PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device"
1067     0x1025 0x5453 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|ALI M5453 PCI AC-Link Controller Modem Device"
1068     0x1025 0x7101 "unknown" "Acer Incorporated [ALI]|ALI M7101 PCI PMU Power Management Controller"
1069     0x1028 0x0001 "aacraid" "Dell|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 2/Si"
1070     0x1028 0x0002 "aacraid" "Dell|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Di"
1071     0x1028 0x0003 "aacraid" "Dell|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Si"
1072     0x1028 0x0004 "aacraid" "Dell|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Si"
1073     0x1028 0x0005 "aacraid" "Dell|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Di"
1074     0x1028 0x0006 "aacraid" "Dell|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Di"
1075     0x1028 0x0007 "drsc" "Dell|Remote Assitant Card 3"
1076     0x1028 0x0008 "8250_pci" "Dell|Remote Access Card III"
1077     0x1028 0x0009 "unknown" "Dell|Remote Access Card III: BMC/SMIC device not present"
1078     0x1028 0x000a "aacraid" "Dell|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Di"
1079     0x1028 0x000c "racser" "Dell|Embedded Systems Management Device 4"
1080     0x1028 0x000d "racser" "Dell|BMC/SMIC device"
1081     0x1028 0x000e 0x1028 0x0123 "megaraid_mbox" "Dell|"
1082     0x1028 0x000e "megaraid" "Dell|PowerEdge RAID Controller"
1083     0x1028 0x000f 0x1028 0x014a "megaraid_mbox" "Dell|"
1084     0x1028 0x000f "megaraid" "Dell|PowerEdge RAID Controller 4/DI"
1085     0x1028 0x0010 "unknown" "Dell|Remote Access Card 4"
1086     0x1028 0x0011 "unknown" "Dell|Remote Access Card 4 Daughter Card"
1087     0x1028 0x0012 "8250_pci" "Dell|Remote Access Card 4 Daughter Card Virtual UART"
1088     0x1028 0x0013 "megaraid_mbox" "Dell|PowerEdge Expandable RAID controller 4"
1089     0x1028 0x0014 "unknown" "Dell|Remote Access Card 4 Daughter Card SMIC interface"
1090     0x1028 0x0015 "megaraid_sas" "Dell|PowerEdge Expandable RAID controller 5"
1091     0x102a 0x0000 "unknown" "LSI Logic|HYDRA"
1092     0x102a 0x0010 "unknown" "LSI Logic|ASPEN"
1093     0x102a 0x001f "unknown" "LSI Logic|AHA-2940U2/U2W /7890/7891 SCSI Controllers"
1094     0x102a 0x00c5 "unknown" "LSI Logic|AIC-7899 U160/m SCSI Controller"
1095     0x102a 0x00cf "unknown" "LSI Logic|AIC-7899P U160/m"
1096     0x102b 0x0001 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 32S"
1097     0x102b 0x0010 "Card:Matrox Millennium" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA-I [Impression]"
1098     0x102b 0x0100 "Card:Matrox Millennium II" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium II"
1099     0x102b 0x0518 "Card:Matrox Millennium II" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA-II [Athena]"
1100     0x102b 0x0519 "Card:Matrox Millennium" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA 2064W [Millennium]"
1101     0x102b 0x051a "Card:Matrox Mystique" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA 1064SG [Mystique]"
1102     0x102b 0x051b "Card:Matrox Millennium II" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA 2164W [Millennium II]"
1103     0x102b 0x051e "Card:Matrox Mystique" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA 1064SG [Mystique] AGP"
1104     0x102b 0x051f "Card:Matrox Millennium II" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA 2164W [Millennium II] AGP"
1105     0x102b 0x0520 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G200"
1106     0x102b 0x0521 0x1014 0xff03 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 AGP"
1107     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0x48e9 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Mystique G200 AGP"
1108     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0x48f8 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 SD AGP"
1109     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0x4a60 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 LE AGP"
1110     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0x4a64 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 AGP"
1111     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xc93c "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 AGP"
1112     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xc9b0 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 AGP"
1113     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xc9bc "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 AGP"
1114     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xca60 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G250 LE AGP"
1115     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xca6c "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G250 AGP"
1116     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbbc "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 AGP"
1117     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbc2 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 MMS (Dual G200)"
1118     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbc3 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1119     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbc8 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 MMS (Dual G200)"
1120     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbd2 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1121     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbd3 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1122     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbd4 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1123     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbd5 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1124     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbd8 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1125     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbd9 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1126     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbe2 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 MMS (Quad G200)"
1127     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbe3 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1128     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbe8 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 MMS (Quad G200)"
1129     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbf2 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1130     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbf3 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1131     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbf4 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1132     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbf5 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1133     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbf8 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1134     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xdbf9 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200 QuadHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|G200 Multi-Monitor"
1135     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xf806 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Mystique G200 Video AGP"
1136     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xff00 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA-G200 AGP"
1137     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xff02 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Mystique G200 AGP"
1138     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xff03 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 AGP"
1139     0x102b 0x0521 0x102b 0xff04 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G200 AGP"
1140     0x102b 0x0521 0x110a 0x0032 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA-G200 AGP"
1141     0x102b 0x0521 "Card:Matrox Millennium G200" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G200 AGP [Millennium] AGP"
1142     0x102b 0x0525 0x0e11 0xb16f "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA-G400 AGP"
1143     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0328 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400 16Mb SDRAM"
1144     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0338 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400 16Mb SDRAM"
1145     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0378 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400 32Mb SDRAM"
1146     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0541 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead"
1147     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0542 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead LX"
1148     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0543 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G450 Single Head LX"
1149     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0641 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead AGP"
1150     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0642 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead LX"
1151     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0643 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G450 32Mb SDRAM Single Head LX"
1152     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x07c0 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead LE"
1153     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x07c1 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 SDR DualHead"
1154     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0d41 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead PCI"
1155     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0d42 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead LX PCI"
1156     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0d43 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G450 32Mb Dual Head PCI"
1157     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0e00 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G450 eTV"
1158     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0e01 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G450 eTV"
1159     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0e02 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G450 eTV"
1160     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0e03 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G450 eTV"
1161     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0f80 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 Low Profile"
1162     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0f81 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 Low Profile"
1163     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0f82 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 Low Profile DVI"
1164     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x0f83 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 Low Profile DVI"
1165     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x19d8 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400 16Mb SGRAM"
1166     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x19f8 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400 32Mb SGRAM"
1167     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x2159 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400 Dual Head"
1168     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x2179 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400 Dual Head"
1169     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x217d "Card:Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400 Dual Head Max"
1170     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x23c0 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G450"
1171     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x23c1 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G450"
1172     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x23c2 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G450 DVI"
1173     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x23c3 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G450 DVI"
1174     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x2f58 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400"
1175     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x2f78 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400"
1176     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x3693 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G400 AGP"
1177     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x5dd0 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|4Sight II"
1178     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x5f50 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|4Sight II"
1179     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x5f51 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|4Sight II"
1180     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x5f52 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|4Sight II"
1181     0x102b 0x0525 0x102b 0x9010 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G400 Dual Head"
1182     0x102b 0x0525 0x1458 0x0400 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|GA-G400"
1183     0x102b 0x0525 0x1705 0x0001 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 32S"
1184     0x102b 0x0525 0x1705 0x0002 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G450 16MB SGRAM"
1185     0x102b 0x0525 0x1705 0x0003 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G450 32MB"
1186     0x102b 0x0525 0x1705 0x0004 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G450 16MB"
1187     0x102b 0x0525 "Card:Matrox Millennium G400" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G400 AGP"
1188     0x102b 0x0527 "unknown" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA Parhelia AGP"
1189     0x102b 0x0528 "unknown" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Parhelia 8X"
1190     0x102b 0x0541 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead"
1191     0x102b 0x0542 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead LX"
1192     0x102b 0x0641 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead"
1193     0x102b 0x0642 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead LX"
1194     0x102b 0x07c0 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead LE"
1195     0x102b 0x07c1 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 SDR DualHead"
1196     0x102b 0x0d10 "Card:Matrox Mystique" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA Ultima/Impression"
1197     0x102b 0x0d41 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead PCI"
1198     0x102b 0x0d42 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead LX PCI"
1199     0x102b 0x0e00 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G450 eTV"
1200     0x102b 0x0e01 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G450 eTV"
1201     0x102b 0x0e02 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G450 eTV"
1202     0x102b 0x0e03 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G450 eTV"
1203     0x102b 0x0f80 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 Low Profile"
1204     0x102b 0x0f81 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 Low Profile"
1205     0x102b 0x0f82 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 Low Profile DVI"
1206     0x102b 0x0f83 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 Low Profile DVI"
1207     0x102b 0x1000 "Card:Matrox Productiva G100" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G100 [Productiva]"
1208     0x102b 0x1001 "Card:Matrox Productiva G100" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G100 [Productiva] AGP"
1209     0x102b 0x102b "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 DualHead"
1210     0x102b 0x1100 "Card:Matrox Mystique" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Mystique"
1211     0x102b 0x1525 "unknown" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Fusion G450 AGP"
1212     0x102b 0x1527 "unknown" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Fusion Plus G800 AGP"
1213     0x102b 0x1705 "Card:Matrox Millennium G450" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G450 32S"
1214     0x102b 0x2007 "Card:Matrox Mystique" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA Mistral"
1215     0x102b 0x2527 "Card:Matrox Millennium G550 DualHead" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA G550 AGP"
1216     0x102b 0x2537 "unknown" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|MGA P750 AGP"
1217     0x102b 0x2538 "unknown" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millenium P650 PCIe"
1218     0x102b 0x4536 "unknown" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|VIA Framegrabber"
1219     0x102b 0x6573 "unknown" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Shark 10/100 Multiport SwitchNIC"
1220     0x102b 0x80a0 "unknown" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|RT.x10 Multimedia Device"
1221     0x102b 0xff02 "Card:Matrox Mystique" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Mystique G200 SG"
1222     0x102b 0xff03 "Card:Matrox Mystique" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Millennium G200 SG"
1223     0x102b 0xff04 "Card:Matrox Mystique" "Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.|Marvel G200 SD"
1224     0x102c 0x00b8 "Card:Chips & Technologies CT64300" "C&T|64310"
1225     0x102c 0x00c0 "Card:Chips & Technologies CT69000" "C&T|F69000 HiQVideo"
1226     0x102c 0x00d0 "Card:Chips & Technologies CT65545" "C&T|F65545"
1227     0x102c 0x00d8 "Card:Chips & Technologies CT65545" "C&T|F65545"
1228     0x102c 0x00dc "Card:Chips & Technologies CT65548" "C&T|F65548"
1229     0x102c 0x00e0 "Card:Chips & Technologies CT65550" "C&T|F65550"
1230     0x102c 0x00e4 "Card:Chips & Technologies CT65554" "C&T|F65554"
1231     0x102c 0x00e5 "Card:Chips & Technologies CT65555" "C&T|F65555 HiQVPro"
1232     0x102c 0x00f0 "Card:Chips & Technologies CT68554" "C&T|F68554"
1233     0x102c 0x00f4 "Card:Chips & Technologies CT68554" "C&T|F68554 HiQVision"
1234     0x102c 0x00f5 "unknown" "C&T|F68555"
1235     0x102c 0x01e0 "unknown" "Chips And Technologies|65560 PCI Flat Panel/CRT VGA Accelerator"
1236     0x102c 0x0c30 "Card:Chips & Technologies CT69030" "C&T|69030"
1237     0x102d 0x50dc "unknown" "Wyse Technology Inc.|3328 Audio"
1238     0x102f 0x0009 "unknown" "Toshiba America|r4x00"
1239     0x102f 0x000a "unknown" "Toshiba America|TX3927 MIPS RISC PCI Controller"
1240     0x102f 0x0020 "unknown" "Toshiba America|ATM Meteor 155"
1241     0x102f 0x0030 "tc35815" "Toshiba America|NIC TC35815CF"
1242     0x102f 0x0031 "unknown" "Toshiba America|TC35815CF PCI 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Controller with WOL"
1243     0x102f 0x0105 "unknown" "Toshiba America|TC86C001 [goku-s] IDE"
1244     0x102f 0x0106 "unknown" "Toshiba America|TC86C001 [goku-s] USB 1.1 Host"
1245     0x102f 0x0107 "unknown" "Toshiba America|TC86C001 [goku-s] USB Device Controller"
1246     0x102f 0x0108 "serial_txx9" "Toshiba America|TC86C001 [goku-s] I2C/SIO/GPIO Controller"
1247     0x102f 0x0180 "unknown" "Toshiba America|TX4927"
1248     0x102f 0x0181 "unknown" "Toshiba America|TX4925 TX4925 Integrated MIPS Processor"
1249     0x102f 0x0182 "unknown" "Toshiba America|TX4937 MIPS RISC PCI Controller"
1250     0x1031 0x5601 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Miro|DC20 ASIC (ZR36050)"
1251     0x1031 0x5607 "unknown" "Miro|Video I/O & motion JPEG compressor"
1252     0x1031 0x5631 "unknown" "Miro|Media 3D"
1253     0x1031 0x6057 "unknown" "Miro|MiroVideo DC10/DC30+"
1254     0x1033 0x0000 "unknown" "NEC Corp.|Vr4181A USB Host or Function Control Unit"
1255     0x1033 0x0001 "unknown" "NEC|PCI to 486-like bus Bridge"
1256     0x1033 0x0002 "unknown" "NEC|PCI to VL98 Bridge"
1257     0x1033 0x0003 "unknown" "NEC|ATM Controller"
1258     0x1033 0x0004 "unknown" "NEC|R4000 PCI Bridge"
1259     0x1033 0x0005 "unknown" "NEC|PCI to 486-like bus Bridge"
1260     0x1033 0x0006 "unknown" "NEC Electronics Hong Kong|GUI Accelerator"
1261     0x1033 0x0007 "unknown" "NEC|PCI to UX-Bus Bridge"
1262     0x1033 0x0008 "unknown" "NEC Electronics Hong Kong|GUI Accelerator"
1263     0x1033 0x0009 "unknown" "NEC Electronics Hong Kong|GUI Accelerator for 98"
1264     0x1033 0x0016 "unknown" "NEC Corp.|PCI to VL Bridge"
1265     0x1033 0x001a "unknown" "NEC|[Nile II]"
1266     0x1033 0x001d "unknown" "NEC Corp.|uPD98405 NEASCOT-S20 ATM Integrated SAR Ctrlr"
1267     0x1033 0x0021 "unknown" "NEC|Vrc4373 [Nile I]"
1268     0x1033 0x0029 "unknown" "NEC|PowerVR PCX1"
1269     0x1033 0x002a "unknown" "NEC|PowerVR 3D"
1270     0x1033 0x002c "unknown" "NEC Corp.|Star Alpha 2"
1271     0x1033 0x002d "unknown" "NEC Corp.|PCI to C-bus Bridge"
1272     0x1033 0x0035 "usb-ohci" "NEC|USB"
1273     0x1033 0x0036 "unknown" "NEC Corp.|uPD98409 NEASCOT-S40C ATM Light SAR Controller"
1274     0x1033 0x003b "unknown" "NEC Corp.|PCI to C-bus Bridge"
1275     0x1033 0x003e "vrc4173_cardu" "NEC|NAPCCARD Cardbus Controller [VRC4173 CARDU]"
1276     0x1033 0x0046 "unknown" "NEC|PowerVR PCX2 [midas]"
1277     0x1033 0x005a "8250_pci" "NEC|Vrc5074 [Nile 4]"
1278     0x1033 0x0063 "unknown" "NEC|Firewarden"
1279     0x1033 0x0067 "unknown" "NEC|PowerVR Neon 250 Chipset"
1280     0x1033 0x0072 "unknown" "NEC Corp.|uPD72874 IEEE1394 OHCI 1.1 3-port PHY-Link Ctrlr"
1281     0x1033 0x0074 "unknown" "NEC|56k Voice Modem"
1282     0x1033 0x009b "unknown" "NEC|Vrc5476"
1283     0x1033 0x00a5 "unknown" "NEC|VRC4173"
1284     0x1033 0x00a6 "unknown" "NEC|VRC5477 AC97"
1285     0x1033 0x00be "unknown" "NEC Corp.|VR4122 64-bit CPU with Northbridge"
1286     0x1033 0x00cd "unknown" "NEC Corp.|uPD72870 IEEE1394 1-Chip OHCI Host Controller"
1287     0x1033 0x00ce "unknown" "NEC Corp.|uPD72871/2 IEEE1394 1-Chip OHCI Host Controller"
1288     0x1033 0x00df "unknown" "NEC Corp.|Vr4131"
1289     0x1033 0x00e0 "ehci-hcd" "NEC Corp.|PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller"
1290     0x1033 0x00e7 "unknown" "NEC Corp.|uPD72873 IEEE1394 OHCI 1.1 2-port PHY-Link Ctrlr"
1291     0x1033 0x00f2 "unknown" "NEC Corp.|uPD72874 IEEE1394 OHCI 1.1 3-port PHY-Link Ctrlr"
1292     0x1033 0x00f3 "unknown" "NEC Corp.|uPD6113x Multimedia Decoder/Processor [EMMA2]"
1293     0x1033 0x010c "unknown" "NEC|VR7701"
1294     0x1036 0x0000 "fdomain" "Future Domain|TMC-18C30 [36C70]"
1295     0x1039 0x0000 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]| "
1296     0x1039 0x0001 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5591/5592 AGP"
1297     0x1039 0x0002 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SG86C202"
1298     0x1039 0x0003 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS648FX Virtual PCI to PCI Bridge (AGP)"
1299     0x1039 0x0004 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|PCI-to-PCI bridge"
1300     0x1039 0x0005 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Pentium Chipset"
1301     0x1039 0x0006 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|85C501/2/3"
1302     0x1039 0x0008 "i2c-sis5595" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|85C503/5513"
1303     0x1039 0x0009 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|ACPI"
1304     0x1039 0x000a "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|PCI-to-PCI bridge"
1305     0x1039 0x0016 "i2c-sis96x" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS961/962 SMBus Controller"
1306     0x1039 0x0018 "i2c-sis630" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS85C503/5513 (LPC Bridge)"
1307     0x1039 0x0180 "sata_sis" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|RAID bus controller 180 SATA/PATA [SiS]"
1308     0x1039 0x0181 "sata_sis" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS SATA"
1309     0x1039 0x0182 "sata_sis" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS SATA"
1310     0x1039 0x0190 "sis190" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|"
1311     0x1039 0x0191 "sis190" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|191 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter"
1312     0x1039 0x0200 "Card:SiS 5598" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5597/5598/6326 VGA"
1313     0x1039 0x0204 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|82C204"
1314     0x1039 0x0205 "Card:SiS SG86C205" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SG86C205"
1315     0x1039 0x0215 "Card:SiS SG86C215" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SG86C215"
1316     0x1039 0x0225 "Card:SiS SG86C225" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SG86C225"
1317     0x1039 0x0300 "Card:SiS 300" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|300"
1318     0x1039 0x0305 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS305 2D/3D/Video/DVD Accelerator"
1319     0x1039 0x0310 "Card:SiS" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS315H PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter"
1320     0x1039 0x0315 "Card:SiS" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS 315"
1321     0x1039 0x0325 "sisfb" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS325 2D/3D Accelerator"
1322     0x1039 0x0330 "sisfb" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS330 Xabre 2D/3D Accelerator"
1323     0x1039 0x0340 "Card:SiS" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|"
1324     0x1039 0x0406 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|85C501/2"
1325     0x1039 0x0496 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|85C496"
1326     0x1039 0x0530 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|530 Host"
1327     0x1039 0x0540 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|540 Host"
1328     0x1039 0x0550 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS550/1/2 North Bridge"
1329     0x1039 0x0596 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Pentium PCI Chipset with IDE"
1330     0x1039 0x0597 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5513C"
1331     0x1039 0x0601 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|85C601"
1332     0x1039 0x0620 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|620 Host"
1333     0x1039 0x0630 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|630 Host"
1334     0x1039 0x0633 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|633 Host"
1335     0x1039 0x0635 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS 635 Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1336     0x1039 0x0640 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS 640 Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1337     0x1039 0x0645 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS 645 Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1338     0x1039 0x0646 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|645DX Host"
1339     0x1039 0x0648 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS648 Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1340     0x1039 0x0649 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1341     0x1039 0x0650 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS 650 Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1342     0x1039 0x0651 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS651 Host"
1343     0x1039 0x0655 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1344     0x1039 0x0656 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|??? CPU to PCI Bridge"
1345     0x1039 0x0658 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS R658 CPU to PCI Bridge"
1346     0x1039 0x0659 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS R659 CPU to PCI Bridge"
1347     0x1039 0x0660 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1348     0x1039 0x0661 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1349     0x1039 0x0662 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|??? CPU to PCI Bridge"
1350     0x1039 0x0663 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|??? CPU to PCI Bridge"
1351     0x1039 0x0730 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|730 Host"
1352     0x1039 0x0733 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|733 Host"
1353     0x1039 0x0735 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|735 Host"
1354     0x1039 0x0740 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS 740 Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1355     0x1039 0x0741 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Host"
1356     0x1039 0x0745 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|745 Host"
1357     0x1039 0x0746 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS746 Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1358     0x1039 0x0748 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS748 CPU to PCI Bridge"
1359     0x1039 0x0755 "amd64-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1360     0x1039 0x0756 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS755FX CPU to PCI Bridge"
1361     0x1039 0x0760 "sis-agp" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1362     0x1039 0x0761 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|??? Athlon 64 CPU to PCI Bridge"
1363     0x1039 0x0762 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|??? Athlon 64 CPU to PCI Bridge"
1364     0x1039 0x0900 "sis900" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS900 10/100 Ethernet"
1365     0x1039 0x0961 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS961 [MuTIOL Media IO]"
1366     0x1039 0x0962 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS962 [MuTIOL Media IO]"
1367     0x1039 0x0963 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS963 PCI to ISA Bridge"
1368     0x1039 0x0964 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS964 [MuTIOL Media IO]"
1369     0x1039 0x0965 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS965 [MuTIOL Media IO]"
1370     0x1039 0x1039 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]| "
1371     0x1039 0x1040 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]| "
1372     0x1039 0x10ec "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]| "
1373     0x1039 0x3602 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|83C602"
1374     0x1039 0x5107 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5107"
1375     0x1039 0x5300 "Card:SiS 540" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS540 PCI Display Adapter"
1376     0x1039 0x5315 "sisfb" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS550/1/2 GUI Accelerator"
1377     0x1039 0x5401 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|486 PCI Chipset"
1378     0x1039 0x5511 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5511/5512"
1379     0x1039 0x5513 "sis5513" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5513 [IDE]"
1380     0x1039 0x5517 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5517"
1381     0x1039 0x5518 "sis5513" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS5518 UDMA IDE Controller"
1382     0x1039 0x5571 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5571"
1383     0x1039 0x5581 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Pentium Chipset"
1384     0x1039 0x5582 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|PCI to ISA Bridge"
1385     0x1039 0x5591 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5591/5592 Host"
1386     0x1039 0x5596 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS5596 Pentium Chipset"
1387     0x1039 0x5597 "Card:SiS 5597" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5597 [SiS5582]"
1388     0x1039 0x5600 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|5600 Host"
1389     0x1039 0x5630 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS630 Host-to-PCI Bridge"
1390     0x1039 0x5811 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]| "
1391     0x1039 0x6204 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|Video decoder & MPEG interface"
1392     0x1039 0x6205 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|VGA Controller"
1393     0x1039 0x6225 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS 6225 PCI Graphics & Video Accelerator"
1394     0x1039 0x6226 "Card:SiS 6326" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|6326 3D-AGP"
1395     0x1039 0x6236 "Card:SiS 6326" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|6236 3D-AGP"
1396     0x1039 0x6300 "Card:SiS 630" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS630 GUI Accelerator+3D"
1397     0x1039 0x6306 "Card:SiS 530" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS530 3D PCI/AGP"
1398     0x1039 0x6325 "Card:SiS 650" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS650/651/740 GUI 2D/3D Accelerator"
1399     0x1039 0x6326 "Card:SiS 6326" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|86C326"
1400     0x1039 0x6330 "Card:SiS Real256E" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS Real256E"
1401     0x1039 0x6972 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]| "
1402     0x1039 0x7001 "usb-ohci" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|7001 USB"
1403     0x1039 0x7002 "ehci-hcd" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|7002 USB 2.0 Controller"
1404     0x1039 0x7005 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS551/2 Memory Stick Controller"
1405     0x1039 0x7007 "ohci1394" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|OHCI Compliant FireWire Controller"
1406     0x1039 0x7012 "snd-intel8x0" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS7012 PCI Audio Accelerator"
1407     0x1039 0x7013 "slamr" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS7013 56k Modem"
1408     0x1039 0x7015 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS550/1/2 Software Audio"
1409     0x1039 0x7016 "sis900" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS900 10/100 Ethernet"
1410     0x1039 0x7018 "snd-trident" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|7018 PCI Audio"
1411     0x1039 0x7019 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS550/1/2 Hardware Audio"
1412     0x1039 0x7300 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS730 GUI Accelerator+3D"
1413     0x1039 0x7502 "snd-hda-intel" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]|SiS966"
1414     0x1039 0x8139 "unknown" "Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]| "
1415     0x103c 0x1005 "unknown" "HP|A4977A Visualize EG"
1416     0x103c 0x1006 "unknown" "HP|Visualize FX6"
1417     0x103c 0x1008 "unknown" "HP|Donner GFX"
1418     0x103c 0x100a "unknown" "HP|Visualize FX2"
1419     0x103c 0x1028 "unknown" "HP|Tachyon TL Fibre Channel Adapter"
1420     0x103c 0x1029 "unknown" "HP|HPFC-5200B Tachyon XL2 Fibre Channel Adapter"
1421     0x103c 0x102a "unknown" "HP|Tach TS Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
1422     0x103c 0x1030 "hp100" "HP|J2585A"
1423     0x103c 0x1031 "hp100" "HP|J2585B"
1424     0x103c 0x1040 "hp100" "HP|J2973A DeskDirect 10BaseT NIC"
1425     0x103c 0x1041 "unknown" "HP|J2585B DeskDirect 10/100 NIC"
1426     0x103c 0x1042 "hp100" "HP|J2970A DeskDirect 10BaseT/2 NIC"
1427     0x103c 0x1048 "8250_pci" "HP|SAS"
1428     0x103c 0x1049 "unknown" "HP|DIVA1"
1429     0x103c 0x104a "unknown" "HP|DIVA2"
1430     0x103c 0x104b "unknown" "HP|SP2"
1431     0x103c 0x104d "unknown" "HP|J3242A EL-10 Ethernet Adapter"
1432     0x103c 0x1054 "unknown" "HP|PCI Local Bus Adapter"
1433     0x103c 0x1064 "unknown" "HP|79C970 PCnet Ethernet Controller"
1434     0x103c 0x108b "unknown" "HP|Visualize FXe"
1435     0x103c 0x10c1 "unknown" "HP|NetServer Smart IRQ Router"
1436     0x103c 0x10c2 "aacraid" "HP|NetRAID-4M"
1437     0x103c 0x10ed "unknown" "HP|TopTools Remote Control"
1438     0x103c 0x10f0 "unknown" "HP|rio System Bus Adapter"
1439     0x103c 0x10f1 "unknown" "HP|rio I/O Controller"
1440     0x103c 0x1200 "unknown" "HP|82557B 10/100 NIC"
1441     0x103c 0x1219 "unknown" "HP|NetServer PCI Hot-Plug Controller"
1442     0x103c 0x121a "unknown" "HP|NetServer SMIC Controller"
1443     0x103c 0x121b "unknown" "HP|NetServer Legacy COM Port Decoder"
1444     0x103c 0x121c "unknown" "HP|NetServer PCI COM Port Decoder"
1445     0x103c 0x1229 "unknown" "HP|zx1 System Bus Adapter"
1446     0x103c 0x122a "unknown" "HP|zx1 I/O Controller"
1447     0x103c 0x122b "unknown" "HP|zx1 Local Bus Adapter"
1448     0x103c 0x122e "unknown" "HP|zx1 Local Bus Adapter"
1449     0x103c 0x1279 "Card:ATI Rage 128" "HP|Rage128 Ultra TR"
1450     0x103c 0x127c "unknown" "HP|sx1000 I/O Controller"
1451     0x103c 0x1290 "8250_pci" "HP|Auxiliary Diva Serial Port"
1452     0x103c 0x1291 "unknown" "HP|Auxiliary Diva Serial Port"
1453     0x103c 0x12b4 "unknown" "HP|zx1 QuickSilver AGP8x Local Bus Adapter"
1454     0x103c 0x12fa "unknown" "HP|BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller"
1455     0x103c 0x2910 "unknown" "HP|E2910A"
1456     0x103c 0x2920 "unknown" "HP|Fast Host Interface"
1457     0x103c 0x2924 "unknown" "HP|E2924A PCI Host Interface Adapter"
1458     0x103c 0x2925 "unknown" "HP|E2925A"
1459     0x103c 0x2926 "unknown" "HP|E2926A 64 bit PCI Bus Exerciser and Analyzer"
1460     0x103c 0x2927 "unknown" "HP|E2927A 64 Bit, 66/50MHz PCI Analyzer & Exerciser"
1461     0x103c 0x2940 "unknown" "HP|E2940A 64 bit, 66/50MHz CompactPCI Analyzer&Exerciser"
1462     0x103c 0x3080 "unknown" "HP|Pavilion ze2028ea"
1463     0x103c 0x3210 "cciss" "HP|Hewlett-Packard Smart Array"
1464     0x103c 0x3220 "cciss" "HP|Hewlett-Packard Smart Array P600"
1465     0x103c 0x3222 "cciss" "HP|Hewlett-Packard Smart Array"
1466     0x103c 0x3230 "cciss" "HP|Smart Array"
1467     0x103c 0x3238 "cciss" "HP|Smart Array P400/E200"
1468     0x1042 0x1000 "rz1000" "Micron|FDC 37C665"
1469     0x1042 0x1001 "rz1000" "Micron|37C922"
1470     0x1042 0x3000 "unknown" "Micron|Samurai_0"
1471     0x1042 0x3010 "unknown" "Micron|Samurai_1"
1472     0x1042 0x3020 "generic" "Micron|Samurai_IDE"
1473     0x1042 0x3030 "unknown" "PC Technology|MT82P664 Samurai 64M2"
1474     0x1042 0x3120 "unknown" "PC Technology|Samurai-DDR CPU to PCI bridge"
1475     0x1042 0x3130 "unknown" "PC Technology|Samurai-DDR AGP controller"
1476     0x1043 0x0200 "unknown" "Asustek Computer Inc.|AGP-V3400 Asus RivaTNT Video Board"
1477     0x1043 0x0675 "ISDN:hisax,type=35" "Asustek Computer Inc.|Asuscom/Askey"
1478     0x1043 0x4015 "unknown" "Asustek Computer Inc.|v7100 SDRAM [GeForce2 MX]"
1479     0x1043 0x401d "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 DDR (generic)" "Asustek Computer Inc.|GeForce2 MX"
1480     0x1043 0x4021 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 DDR (generic)" "Asustek Computer Inc.|v7100 Combo Deluxe [GeForce2 MX + TV tuner]"
1481     0x1043 0x4057 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce3 (generic)" "Asustek Computer Inc.|V8200 GeForce 3"
1482     0x1043 0x8043 "unknown" "Asustek Computer Inc.|v8240 PAL 128M [P4T] Motherboard"
1483     0x1043 0x807b "unknown" "Asustek Computer Inc.|v9280/TD [Geforce4 TI4200 8X With TV-Out and DVI]"
1484     0x1043 0x80bb "unknown" "Asustek Computer Inc.|v9180 Magic/T [GeForce4 MX440 AGP 8x 64MB TV-out]"
1485     0x1043 0x80c5 "unknown" "Asustek Computer Inc.|nForce3 chipset motherboard [SK8N]"
1486     0x1043 0x80df "unknown" "Asustek Computer Inc.|v9520 Magic/T"
1487     0x1043 0x80f3 "snd-intel8x0" "Asustek Computer Inc.|ASUS ICH5/AD1985"
1488     0x1044 0x1012 "unknown" "Distributed Processing Tech|Domino RAID Engine"
1489     0x1044 0xa400 "eata" "Distributed Processing Tech|SmartCache/Raid I-IV Controller"
1490     0x1044 0xa500 "unknown" "Distributed Processing Tech|PCI Bridge"
1491     0x1044 0xa501 "dpt_i2o" "Distributed Processing Tech|SmartRAID V Controller"
1492     0x1044 0xa511 "dpt_i2o" "Distributed Processing Tech|Raptor SmartRAID Controller"
1493     0x1045 0x0005 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.| "
1494     0x1045 0xa0f8 "usb-ohci" "OPTi Inc.|82C750 [Vendetta] USB Controller"
1495     0x1045 0xc101 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|92C264"
1496     0x1045 0xc178 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|92C178"
1497     0x1045 0xc556 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82X556 [Viper]"
1498     0x1045 0xc557 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C557 [Viper-M]"
1499     0x1045 0xc558 "generic" "OPTi Inc.|82C558 [Viper-M ISA+IDE]"
1500     0x1045 0xc567 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C750 [Vendetta], device 0"
1501     0x1045 0xc568 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C750 [Vendetta], device 1"
1502     0x1045 0xc569 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C579 [Viper XPress+ Chipset]"
1503     0x1045 0xc621 "opti621" "OPTi Inc.|82C621"
1504     0x1045 0xc700 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C700"
1505     0x1045 0xc701 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C701 [FireStar Plus]"
1506     0x1045 0xc814 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C814 [Firebridge 1]"
1507     0x1045 0xc822 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C822"
1508     0x1045 0xc824 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C824"
1509     0x1045 0xc825 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C825 [Firebridge 2]"
1510     0x1045 0xc832 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C832"
1511     0x1045 0xc861 "usb-ohci" "OPTi Inc.|82C861"
1512     0x1045 0xc881 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C881 FireLink 1394 OHCI Link Controller"
1513     0x1045 0xc895 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C895"
1514     0x1045 0xc935 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|EV1935 ECTIVA MachOne PCI Audio"
1515     0x1045 0xd568 "opti621" "OPTi Inc.|82C825 [Firebridge 2]"
1516     0x1045 0xd721 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|IDE [FireStar]"
1517     0x1045 0xd768 "unknown" "OPTi Inc.|82C750 Ultra DMA IDE controller"
1518     0x1048 0x0a32 "Card:Elsa GLoria Synergy" "Elsa|Gloria Synergy"
1519     0x1048 0x0c60 "unknown" "Elsa|Gladiac MX"
1520     0x1048 0x0d22 "unknown" "Elsa|Quadro4 900XGL [ELSA GLoria4 900XGL]"
1521     0x1048 0x1000 "ISDN:hisax,type=18" "Elsa|QuickStep 1000 ISDN Adapter"
1522     0x1048 0x3000 "ISDN:hisax,type=18" "Elsa|QuickStep 3000 ISDN Adapter"
1523     0x1048 0x8901 "unknown" "ELSA|GLoria XL"
1524     0x104a 0x0008 "unknown" "SGS Thomson|STG 2000X"
1525     0x104a 0x0009 "unknown" "SGS Thomson|STG 1764X"
1526     0x104a 0x0010 "Card:KYRO Series" "ST Microelectronics|Kyro series"
1527     0x104a 0x0209 "unknown" "ST Microelectronics|STPC Consmr/Indstrl North/South Bridges"
1528     0x104a 0x020a "unknown" "ST Microelectronics|STPC Atlas/Elite North Bridge"
1529     0x104a 0x0210 "unknown" "ST Microelectronics|STPC Atlas ISA Bridge"
1530     0x104a 0x021a "unknown" "ST Microelectronics|STPC Consmr-S/Elite ISA Bridge"
1531     0x104a 0x021b "unknown" "ST Microelectronics|STPC Consumer-II ISA Bridge"
1532     0x104a 0x0228 "unknown" "ST Microelectronics|STPC Atlas IDE Controller"
1533     0x104a 0x0230 "unknown" "ST Microelectronics|STPC Atlas USB Controller"
1534     0x104a 0x0500 "ADSL:unicorn" "Bewan Systems|ST70137 [Unicorn] ADSL DMT Transceiver"
1535     0x104a 0x0564 "unknown" "STMicroelectronics|STPC Client Northbridge"
1536     0x104a 0x0981 "tulip" "ST Microelectronics| Ethernet Controller"
1537     0x104a 0x1746 "unknown" "SGS Thomson|STG 1764X"
1538     0x104a 0x2774 "tulip" "ST Microelectronics|STE10/100A PCI 10/100 Ethernet Controller"
1539     0x104a 0x3520 "unknown" "SGS Thomson|MPEG-II decoder card"
1540     0x104a 0x55cc "unknown" "STMicroelectronics|STPC Client Southbridge"
1541     0x104b 0x0140 "BusLogic" "BusLogic|BT-946C (old) [multimaster 01]"
1542     0x104b 0x1040 "BusLogic" "BusLogic|BT-946C (BA80C30) [MultiMaster 10]"
1543     0x104b 0x8130 "BusLogic" "BusLogic|Flashpoint LT"
1544     0x104c 0x0000 "unknown" "Texas Instruments| "
1545     0x104c 0x014e "unknown" "Texas Instruments|4610,4515,4610fm divice"
1546     0x104c 0x0500 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|100 MBit LAN Controller"
1547     0x104c 0x0508 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|TMS380C2X Compressor Interface"
1548     0x104c 0x1000 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|Eagle i/f AS"
1549     0x104c 0x104c "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1510 PC card Cardbus Controller"
1550     0x104c 0x3d04 "Card:3Dlabs Permedia2 (generic)" "Texas Instruments|TVP4010 [Permedia]"
1551     0x104c 0x3d07 "Card:Elsa GLoria Synergy" "Texas Instruments|ELSA GLoria Synergy [Permedia 2]"
1552     0x104c 0x8000 "pcilynx" "Texas Instruments|PCILynx/PCILynx2 IEEE 1394 Link Layer Controller"
1553     0x104c 0x8009 "ohci1394" "Texas Instruments|OHCI Compliant FireWire Controller"
1554     0x104c 0x8011 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI4450 OHCI-Lynx IEEE 1394 Controller"
1555     0x104c 0x8017 "ohci1394" "Texas Instruments|PCI4410 OHCI-Lynx IEEE 1394 Controller"
1556     0x104c 0x8019 "ohci1394" "Texas Instruments|TSB12LV23 OHCI Compliant IEEE-1394 Controller"
1557     0x104c 0x8020 "ohci1394" "Texas Instruments|TSB12LV26 OHCI-Lynx PCI IEEE 1394 Host Controller"
1558     0x104c 0x8021 "ohci1394" "Texas Instruments|TSB43AA22 Firewire (IEEE1394) Cntrlr (w/ PHY/Link)"
1559     0x104c 0x8022 "ohci1394" "Texas Instruments|TSB43AB22 IEEE-1394 Controller (PHY/Link) 1394a-2000"
1560     0x104c 0x8023 "ohci1394" "Texas Instruments|TSB43AB22 IEEE1394a-2000 OHCI PHY/Link-Layer Ctrlr"
1561     0x104c 0x8024 "ohci1394" "Texas Instruments|TSB43AB23 IEEE-1394 Controller (PHY/Link) 1394a-2000"
1562     0x104c 0x8025 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|TSB82AA2 IEEE-1394b Link Layer Controller"
1563     0x104c 0x8026 "ohci1394" "Texas Instruments|TSB43AB21 IEEE-1394 Controller (PHY/Link) 1394a-2000"
1564     0x104c 0x8027 "ohci1394" "Texas Instruments|PCI4451 OHCI-Lynx IEEE 1394 Controller"
1565     0x104c 0x8029 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI4510 IEEE-1394 Controller"
1566     0x104c 0x802b "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI7410,7510,7610 OHCI-Lynx Controller"
1567     0x104c 0x802e "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI7x20 1394a-2000 OHCI Two-Port PHY/Link-Layer Controller"
1568     0x104c 0x8031 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|Texas Instruments PCIxx21/x515 Cardbus Controller"
1569     0x104c 0x8032 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller"
1570     0x104c 0x8033 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Integrated FlashMedia Controller"
1571     0x104c 0x8034 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|Texas Instruments PCI6411, PCI6421, PCI6611, PCI6621, PCI7411, PCI7421, PCI7611, PCI7621 Secure Digital (SD) Controller"
1572     0x104c 0x8035 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|Texas Instruments PCI6411, PCI6421, PCI6611, PCI6621, PCI7411, PCI7421, PCI7611, PCI7621 Smart Card Controller (SMC)"
1573     0x104c 0x8036 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI6515 Cardbus Controller"
1574     0x104c 0x8038 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI6515 SmartCard Controller"
1575     0x104c 0x8201 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI1620 Firmware Loading Function"
1576     0x104c 0x8204 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|4610, 4515, 4610FM TI UltraMedia Firmware Loader Device"
1577     0x104c 0x8400 "acx100_pci" "Texas Instruments|USR2210 22Mbps Wireless PC Card"
1578     0x104c 0x8401 "acx100_pci" "Texas Instruments|ACX 100 22Mbps Wireless Interface"
1579     0x104c 0x9000 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|Wireless Interface (of unknown type)"
1580     0x104c 0x9066 "acx100_pci" "Texas Instruments|WLAN Device TNETW1130(ACX111)"
1581     0x104c 0xa001 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|TDC1570 64-bit PCI ATM sar"
1582     0x104c 0xa100 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|TDC1561 32-bit PCI ATM sar"
1583     0x104c 0xa102 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|TNETA1575 HyperSAR Plus w/PCI host & UTOPIA i/f"
1584     0x104c 0xa106 "snd-asihpi" "Texas Instruments|TMS320C6205"
1585     0x104c 0xac10 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1050 PC Card Controller"
1586     0x104c 0xac11 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1053 PC Card Controller"
1587     0x104c 0xac12 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1130 PC card CardBus Controller"
1588     0x104c 0xac13 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1031 PCI-TO-PC CARD16 CONTROLLER UNIT"
1589     0x104c 0xac15 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1131 Dual Socket PCI CardBus Controller"
1590     0x104c 0xac16 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1250 PC card CardBus Controller"
1591     0x104c 0xac17 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1220 CardBus Controller"
1592     0x104c 0xac18 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1260 PC card CardBus Controller"
1593     0x104c 0xac19 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1221 PC Card Controller"
1594     0x104c 0xac1a "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1210 PC card CardBus Controller"
1595     0x104c 0xac1b "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1221 PC card CardBus Controller"
1596     0x104c 0xac1c "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1225 PC Card Controller"
1597     0x104c 0xac1d "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1251 PC Card Controller"
1598     0x104c 0xac1e "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1251 High Performance PC Card Controller"
1599     0x104c 0xac1f "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1251B PC card CardBus Controller"
1600     0x104c 0xac20 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|TI 2030 PCI to PCI Bridge"
1601     0x104c 0xac21 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI2031 PCI to PCI Bridge"
1602     0x104c 0xac22 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI2032 PCI Docking Bridge"
1603     0x104c 0xac23 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI2250 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
1604     0x104c 0xac28 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI2050/2050I PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
1605     0x104c 0xac30 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1260 PC card CardBus Controller"
1606     0x104c 0xac40 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI4450 PC card Cardbus Controller"
1607     0x104c 0xac41 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI4410 PC card Cardbus Controller"
1608     0x104c 0xac42 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI4451 PC card Cardbus Controller"
1609     0x104c 0xac43 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI4550 PC card CardBus Controller"
1610     0x104c 0xac44 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI4510 PC Card Controller"
1611     0x104c 0xac46 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI4520 PC Card CardBus Controller"
1612     0x104c 0xac47 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI7510 PC card Cardbus Controller"
1613     0x104c 0xac48 "yenta_socket" ""
1614     0x104c 0xac49 "yenta_socket" ""
1615     0x104c 0xac4a "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI7510,7610 PC card Cardbus Controller"
1616     0x104c 0xac50 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1410 PC card Cardbus Controller"
1617     0x104c 0xac51 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1420 PC Card Controller"
1618     0x104c 0xac52 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1451 PC card Cardbus Controller"
1619     0x104c 0xac53 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1421 PC card Cardbus Controller"
1620     0x104c 0xac54 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1620 PC Card CardBus Controller w/UltraMedia"
1621     0x104c 0xac55 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1250 PC card Cardbus Controller"
1622     0x104c 0xac56 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1510 PC Card CardBus Controller"
1623     0x104c 0xac57 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1530 PC Card CardBus Controller"
1624     0x104c 0xac58 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1515 PC Card CardBus Controller"
1625     0x104c 0xac59 "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1621 PC Card CardBus Controller w/UltraMedia"
1626     0x104c 0xac5a "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI1610 PC Card CardBus Controller w/UltraMedia"
1627     0x104c 0xac60 "snd-asihpi" "Texas Instruments|PCI2040 PCI to DSP Bridge Controller"
1628     0x104c 0xac8d "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI 7620"
1629     0x104c 0xac8e "yenta_socket" "Texas Instruments|PCI7420 CardBus Controller"
1630     0x104c 0xac8f "unknown" "Texas Instruments|PCI7420 Flash Media Controller"
1631     0x104c 0xfe00 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|FireWire Host Controller"
1632     0x104c 0xfe03 "unknown" "Texas Instruments|12C01A FireWire Host Controller"
1633     0x104d 0x8004 "unknown" "Sony Corp.|DTL-H2500 [Playstation development board]"
1634     0x104d 0x8009 "unknown" "Sony Corp.|CXD1947Q i.LINK Controller"
1635     0x104d 0x8039 "ohci1394" "Sony Corp.|CXD3222 iLINK Controller"
1636     0x104d 0x8056 "Hcf:www.linmodems.org" "Sony Corp.|Rockwell HCF 56K modem"
1637     0x104d 0x808a "unknown" "Sony Corp.|Memory Stick Controller"
1638     0x104e 0x0017 "unknown" "Oak Technology Inc.|OTI-64017"
1639     0x104e 0x0107 "Card:Paradise Accelerator Value" "Oak Technology Inc.|OTI-107 [Spitfire]"
1640     0x104e 0x0109 "unknown" "Oak Technology Inc.|Video Adapter"
1641     0x104e 0x0111 "unknown" "Oak Technology Inc.|OTI-64111 [Spitfire]"
1642     0x104e 0x0217 "unknown" "Oak Technology Inc.|OTI-64217"
1643     0x104e 0x0317 "unknown" "Oak Technology Inc.|OTI-64317"
1644     0x104e 0x0611 "unknown" "Oak Technology Inc.|OTI-610"
1645     0x104e 0x4d33 "unknown" "Oak Technology Inc.|IDE UltraDMA/33"
1646     0x104e 0x5300 "unknown" "Oak Technology Inc.|DC5030"
1647     0x104f 0x104f "unknown" "Co-Time Computer Ltd.|iatca8392 Multi I/O"
1648     0x1050 0x0000 "ne2k-pci" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|NE2000"
1649     0x1050 0x0001 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W83769F"
1650     0x1050 0x0105 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W82C105"
1651     0x1050 0x0628 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W83628F/629D PCI to ISA Bridge Set"
1652     0x1050 0x0840 "winbond-840" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W89C840"
1653     0x1050 0x0940 "ne2k-pci" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W89C940"
1654     0x1050 0x5a5a "ne2k-pci" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W89C940F"
1655     0x1050 0x6692 "ISDN:hisax,type=36" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W6692 ISDN Adapter"
1656     0x1050 0x9921 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W99200F MPEG-1 Video Encoder"
1657     0x1050 0x9922 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W9922PF ISDN Controller"
1658     0x1050 0x9960 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W9960CF Video Codec"
1659     0x1050 0x9961 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W9961CF H.263/H.261 Video Codec"
1660     0x1050 0x9970 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W9970CF"
1661     0x1050 0x9971 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W9971CF Video Graphics Controller With TV Encode"
1662     0x1051 0x0100 "ISDN:hisax,type=35" "Motorola MC145575|MC145575 ISDN Adapter"
1663     0x1054 0x0001 "unknown" "Hitachi Ltd.|PCI Bridge"
1664     0x1054 0x0002 "unknown" "Hitachi Ltd.|PCI Bus Controller"
1665     0x1054 0x0003 "unknown" "Hitachi Ltd.| "
1666     0x1054 0x3505 "unknown" "Hitachi Ltd.|SH7751 SuperH (SH) 32-Bit RISC MCU/MPU Series"
1667     0x1055 0x0810 "unknown" "EFAR Microsystems|486 Host Bridge"
1668     0x1055 0x0922 "unknown" "EFAR Microsystems|Pentium Host Bridge"
1669     0x1055 0x0926 "unknown" "EFAR Microsystems|PCI to ISA Bridge"
1670     0x1055 0x9130 "slc90e66" "EFAR Microsystems|EIDE Controller"
1671     0x1055 0x9178 "slamr" "EFAR Microsystems|Modem (SmartLink)"
1672     0x1055 0x9460 "unknown" "EFAR Microsystems|PCI to ISA Bridge"
1673     0x1055 0x9461 "unknown" "Standard Microsystems Corp.|SLC90E66 Victory66 UDMA EIDE Controller"
1674     0x1055 0x9462 "usb-ohci" "EFAR Microsystems|USB Universal Host Controller [OHCI]"
1675     0x1055 0x9463 "i2c-piix4" "EFAR Microsystems|Power Management Controller [Bridge]"
1676     0x1057 0x0000 "unknown" "Motorola| "
1677     0x1057 0x0001 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC105 [Eagle]"
1678     0x1057 0x0002 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC106 [Grackle]"
1679     0x1057 0x0003 "snd-mixart" "Motorola|MPC107 PCI Bridge/Memory Controller for PowerPC"
1680     0x1057 0x0004 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC107 PCI Bridge/Memory Controller for PPC"
1681     0x1057 0x0006 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC8245 [Unity]"
1682     0x1057 0x0008 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC8540"
1683     0x1057 0x0009 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC8560"
1684     0x1057 0x0100 "unknown" "Motorola|MC145575 [HFC-PCI]"
1685     0x1057 0x0431 "unknown" "Motorola|KTI829c 100VG"
1686     0x1057 0x1801 0x14fb 0x0101 "unknown" "Motorola|Transas Radar Imitator Board [RIM]"
1687     0x1057 0x1801 0x14fb 0x0102 "unknown" "Motorola|Transas Radar Imitator Board [RIM-2]"
1688     0x1057 0x1801 0x14fb 0x0202 "unknown" "Motorola|Transas Radar Integrator Board [RIB-2]"
1689     0x1057 0x1801 0x14fb 0x0611 "unknown" "Motorola|1 channel CAN bus Controller [CanPci-1]"
1690     0x1057 0x1801 0x14fb 0x0612 "unknown" "Motorola|2 channels CAN bus Controller [CanPci-2]"
1691     0x1057 0x1801 0x14fb 0x0613 "unknown" "Motorola|3 channels CAN bus Controller [CanPci-3]"
1692     0x1057 0x1801 0x14fb 0x0614 "unknown" "Motorola|4 channels CAN bus Controller [CanPci-4]"
1693     0x1057 0x1801 0x14fb 0x0621 "unknown" "Motorola|1 channel CAN bus Controller [CanPci2-1]"
1694     0x1057 0x1801 0x14fb 0x0622 "unknown" "Motorola|2 channels CAN bus Controller [CanPci2-2]"
1695     0x1057 0x1801 0x14fb 0x0810 "unknown" "Motorola|Transas VTS Radar Integrator Board [RIB-4]"
1696     0x1057 0x1801 0x175c 0x4200 "snd-asihpi" "Motorola|ASI4215 Audio Adapter"
1697     0x1057 0x1801 0x175c 0x4300 "snd-asihpi" "Motorola|ASI43xx Audio Adapter"
1698     0x1057 0x1801 0x175c 0x4400 "snd-asihpi" "Motorola|ASI4401 Audio Adapter"
1699     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0010 "snd-darla20" "Motorola|Darla"
1700     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0020 "snd-gina20" "Motorola|Gina"
1701     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0030 "snd-layla20" "Motorola|Layla"
1702     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0031 "snd-layla20" "Motorola|Layla rev.1"
1703     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0040 "snd-darla24" "Motorola|Darla24 rev.0"
1704     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0041 "snd-darla24" "Motorola|Darla24 rev.1"
1705     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0050 "snd-gina24" "Motorola|Gina24 rev.0"
1706     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0051 "snd-gina24" "Motorola|Gina24 rev.1"
1707     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0070 "snd-mona" "Motorola|Mona rev.0"
1708     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0071 "snd-mona" "Motorola|Mona rev.1"
1709     0x1057 0x1801 0xecc0 0x0072 "snd-mona" "Motorola|Mona rev.2"
1710     0x1057 0x1801 "snd-gina20" "Motorola|Audio I/O Controller (MIDI)"
1711     0x1057 0x1802 "unknown" "Motorola|DSP56305 24-Bit Digital Signal Processor"
1712     0x1057 0x18c0 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC8265A/MPC8266"
1713     0x1057 0x18c1 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC8271/MPC8272"
1714     0x1057 0x3052 "sm56" "Motorola|SM56 PCI Modem"
1715     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x0050 "snd-gina24" "Motorola|Gina24 rev.0"
1716     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x0051 "snd-gina24" "Motorola|Gina24 rev.1"
1717     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x0060 "snd-layla24" "Motorola|Layla24"
1718     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x0070 "snd-mona" "Motorola|Mona rev.0"
1719     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x0071 "snd-mona" "Motorola|Mona rev.1"
1720     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x0072 "snd-mona" "Motorola|Mona rev.2"
1721     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x0080 "snd-mia" "Motorola|Mia rev.0"
1722     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x0081 "snd-mia" "Motorola|Mia rev.1"
1723     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x0090 "snd-indigo" "Motorola|Indigo"
1724     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x00a0 "snd-indigoio" "Motorola|Indigo IO"
1725     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x00b0 "snd-indigodj" "Motorola|Indigo DJ"
1726     0x1057 0x3410 0xecc0 0x0100 "snd-gina3g" "Motorola|3G"
1727     0x1057 0x3410 "snd-gina20" "Motorola|DSP56361 Digital Signal Processor"
1728     0x1057 0x3421 "unknown" "Motorola|56IVMR/Phoenix 56ISM Modem"
1729     0x1057 0x4801 "unknown" "Motorola|Raven"
1730     0x1057 0x4802 "unknown" "Motorola|Falcon"
1731     0x1057 0x4803 "unknown" "Motorola|Hawk"
1732     0x1057 0x4806 "unknown" "Motorola|CPX8216"
1733     0x1057 0x4809 "unknown" "Motorola|CPX8216T HotSwap Controller"
1734     0x1057 0x4d68 "unknown" "Motorola|20268"
1735     0x1057 0x4d69 "unknown" "Motorola|20269"
1736     0x1057 0x5275 "unknown" "Motorola|20276"
1737     0x1057 0x5600 "unknown" "Motorola|SM56 PCI Modem"
1738     0x1057 0x5602 "unknown" "Motorola|SM56 PCI Modem"
1739     0x1057 0x5608 "wcfxo" "Motorola|56k dps PCI Modem"
1740     0x1057 0x5803 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC5200 32-Bit Embedded PowerPC Processor"
1741     0x1057 0x5806 "unknown" "Motorola|MCF54 Coldfire"
1742     0x1057 0x5808 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC8220"
1743     0x1057 0x6400 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC190 Security Processor (S1 family, encryption)"
1744     0x1057 0x6405 "unknown" "Motorola|MPC184 Security Processor (S1 family)"
1745     0x105a 0x0d30 "pdc202xx_old" "Promise Technology Inc.|20265"
1746     0x105a 0x0d38 "pdc202xx_old" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20263 FastTrak66 EIDE Controller"
1747     0x105a 0x1275 "pdc202xx_new" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20275 EIDE Controller"
1748     0x105a 0x3318 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20318 FastTrak SATA150 TX4 Controller"
1749     0x105a 0x3319 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20319 FastTrak SATA150 TX4 Controller"
1750     0x105a 0x3371 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20371 FastTrak SATA150 TX2plus Controller"
1751     0x105a 0x3373 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20376 FastTrak 378 Controller"
1752     0x105a 0x3375 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20375 FastTrak SATA150 TX2plus Controller"
1753     0x105a 0x3376 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20376 FastTrak 376 Controller"
1754     0x105a 0x3515 "unknown" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC40719"
1755     0x105a 0x3519 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC40519 (FastTrak TX4200)"
1756     0x105a 0x3570 "sata_promise" ""
1757     0x105a 0x3571 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20571 (FastTrak TX2200)"
1758     0x105a 0x3574 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20579 SATAII 150 IDE Controller"
1759     0x105a 0x3577 "unknown" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC40779 (SATA 300 779)"
1760     0x105a 0x3d17 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|SATA300 TX4 Controller"
1761     0x105a 0x3d18 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20518 SATAII 150 IDE Controller"
1762     0x105a 0x3d73 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC40775 (SATA 300 TX2plus)"
1763     0x105a 0x3d75 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20575 (SATAII150 TX2plus)"
1764     0x105a 0x4d30 "pdc202xx_old" "Promise Technology Inc.|20267"
1765     0x105a 0x4d33 "pdc202xx_old" "Promise Technology Inc.|20246"
1766     0x105a 0x4d38 "pdc202xx_old" "Promise Technology Inc.|20262 (Ultra66)"
1767     0x105a 0x4d68 "pdc202xx_new" "Promise Technology Inc.|20268"
1768     0x105a 0x4d69 "pdc202xx_new" "Promise Technology Inc.|20269"
1769     0x105a 0x5275 "pdc202xx_new" "Promise Technology Inc.|20276"
1770     0x105a 0x5300 "unknown" "Promise Technology Inc.|DC5300"
1771     0x105a 0x6268 "pdc202xx_new" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20268R FastTrak100 TX2/TX4 EIDE controller"
1772     0x105a 0x6269 "pdc202xx_new" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20271"
1773     0x105a 0x6621 "unknown" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20621 [SX4000] 4 Channel IDE RAID Controller"
1774     0x105a 0x6622 "sata_sx4" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC2037X FastTrak Controller"
1775     0x105a 0x6624 "unknown" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20621 [FastTrak SX4100]"
1776     0x105a 0x6626 "unknown" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20618 Ultra 618"
1777     0x105a 0x6629 "sata_promise" "Promise Technology Inc.|FastTrak TX4000 Controller"
1778     0x105a 0x7275 "pdc202xx_new" "Promise Technology Inc.|PDC20277"
1779     0x105a 0x8000 "sx8" "Promise Technology Inc.|"
1780     0x105a 0x8002 "sx8" "Promise Technology Inc.|SATAII150 SX8"
1781     0x105d 0x2309 "Card:Number Nine Imagine I-128 (2-8MB)" "Number 9|Imagine 128"
1782     0x105d 0x2339 "Card:Number Nine Imagine I-128 Series 2 (2-4MB)" "Number 9|Imagine 128-II"
1783     0x105d 0x493d "Card:Number Nine Imagine-128-T2R" "Number 9|Imagine 128 T2R [Ticket to Ride]"
1784     0x105d 0x5348 "Card:Number Nine Imagine-128-T2R" "Number 9|Revolution 4 (Imagine 128)"
1785     0x1060 0x0001 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM82C881"
1786     0x1060 0x0002 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM82C886"
1787     0x1060 0x0101 "generic" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8673F"
1788     0x1060 0x0881 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8881"
1789     0x1060 0x0886 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8886F"
1790     0x1060 0x0891 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8891A"
1791     0x1060 0x1001 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM886A"
1792     0x1060 0x673a "generic" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8886BF"
1793     0x1060 0x673b "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|EIDE Master/DMA"
1794     0x1060 0x8710 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8710"
1795     0x1060 0x8821 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|CPU/PCI Bridge"
1796     0x1060 0x8822 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|PCI/ISA Bridge"
1797     0x1060 0x8851 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|Pentium CPU/PCIBridge"
1798     0x1060 0x8852 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|Pentium CPU/ISA Bridge"
1799     0x1060 0x886a "generic" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8886A"
1800     0x1060 0x8881 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8881F"
1801     0x1060 0x8886 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8886F"
1802     0x1060 0x888a "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8886A"
1803     0x1060 0x8891 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8891A"
1804     0x1060 0x9017 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM9017F"
1805     0x1060 0x9018 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM9018"
1806     0x1060 0x9026 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM9026"
1807     0x1060 0xe881 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8881N"
1808     0x1060 0xe886 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8886N"
1809     0x1060 0xe88a "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8886N"
1810     0x1060 0xe891 "unknown" "United Microelectronics [UMC]|UM8891N"
1811     0x1061 0x0001 "Card:AGX (generic)" "I.I.T.|AGX016"
1812     0x1061 0x0002 "unknown" "I.I.T.|IIT3204/3501"
1813     0x1065 0x8139 "unknown" "Texas Microsystems|Realtek 8139C Network Card"
1814     0x1066 0x0000 "unknown" "PicoPower Technology|PT80C826"
1815     0x1066 0x0001 "unknown" "PicoPower Technology|PT86C52x [Vesuvius]"
1816     0x1066 0x0002 "unknown" "PicoPower Technology|PT80C524 [Nile]"
1817     0x1066 0x0003 "unknown" "PicoPower Technology|PT86C524 [Nile] PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
1818     0x1066 0x0004 "unknown" "Picopower Technology (National)|ISA Bridge"
1819     0x1066 0x0005 "unknown" "PicoPower Technology|National PC87550 System Controller"
1820     0x1066 0x8002 "unknown" "PicoPower Technology|PT80C524 [Nile]"
1821     0x1067 0x0301 "unknown" "Mitsubishi Electric|AccelGraphics AccelECLIPSE"
1822     0x1067 0x0304 "unknown" "Mitsubishi Electric|AccelGALAXY A2100 [OEM Evans & Sutherland]"
1823     0x1067 0x0308 "unknown" "Mitsubishi Electric|Tornado 3000 [OEM Evans & Sutherland]"
1824     0x1067 0x1002 "unknown" "Mitsubishi Electric|VG500 [VolumePro Volume Rendering Accelerator]"
1825     0x1069 0x0001 "DAC960" "Mylex Corp.|DAC960P"
1826     0x1069 0x0002 "DAC960" "Mylex Corp.|DAC960PD"
1827     0x1069 0x0010 "DAC960" "Mylex Corp.|DAC960PX"
1828     0x1069 0x0020 "DAC960" "Mylex Corp.|DAC960 V5"
1829     0x1069 0x0050 "DAC960" "Mylex Corp.|Raid Adapter (DAC960)"
1830     0x1069 0xb166 0x1014 0x0242 "DAC960" "Mylex Corporationration|iSeries 2872 DASD IOA"
1831     0x1069 0xb166 0x1014 0x0266 "ipr" "Mylex Corp.|Gemstone Dual Channel PCI-X U320 SCSI Adapter"
1832     0x1069 0xb166 0x1014 0x0278 "ipr" "Mylex Corp.|Gemstone Dual Channel PCI-X U320 SCSI RAID Adapter"
1833     0x1069 0xb166 0x1014 0x02d3 "ipr" "Mylex Corp.|Gemstone Dual Channel PCI-X U320 SCSI Adapter"
1834     0x1069 0xb166 0x1014 0x02d4 "ipr" "Mylex Corp.|Gemstone Dual Channel PCI-X U320 SCSI RAID Adapter"
1835     0x1069 0xb166 0x1069 0x0200 "DAC960" "Mylex Corporationration|AcceleRAID 400, Single Channel, PCI-X, U320, SCSI RAID"
1836     0x1069 0xb166 0x1069 0x0202 "DAC960" "Mylex Corporationration|AcceleRAID Sapphire, Dual Channel, PCI-X, U320, SCSI RAID"
1837     0x1069 0xb166 0x1069 0x0204 "DAC960" "Mylex Corporationration|AcceleRAID 500, Dual Channel, Low-Profile, PCI-X, U320, SCSI RAID"
1838     0x1069 0xb166 0x1069 0x0206 "DAC960" "Mylex Corporationration|AcceleRAID 600, Dual Channel, PCI-X, U320, SCSI RAID"
1839     0x1069 0xb166 "DAC960" "Mylex Corp.|Gemstone chipset SCSI controller"
1840     0x1069 0xba55 "DAC960" "Mylex Corp.|eXtremeRAID support Device"
1841     0x1069 0xba56 "DAC960" "Mylex Corp.|eXtremeRAID 2000/3000 support Device"
1842     0x1069 0xba57 "unknown" "Mylex Corporationration|eXtremeRAID 4000/5000 support Device"
1843     0x106b 0x0001 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Bandit PowerPC Host-PCI Bridge"
1844     0x106b 0x0002 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Grand Central I/O Controller"
1845     0x106b 0x0003 "Card:FrameBuffer (generic)" "Apple Computer Inc.|Control Video"
1846     0x106b 0x0004 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|PlanB Video-In"
1847     0x106b 0x0007 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|O'Hare I/O Controller"
1848     0x106b 0x0008 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Bandit Host-PCI Bridge"
1849     0x106b 0x000c "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|DOS on Mac"
1850     0x106b 0x000e "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Hydra Mac I/O Controller"
1851     0x106b 0x0010 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Heathrow Mac I/O Controller"
1852     0x106b 0x0017 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Paddington Mac I/O Controller"
1853     0x106b 0x0018 "ohci1394" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth FireWire Controller"
1854     0x106b 0x0019 "usb-ohci" "Apple Computer Inc.|Keylargo USB Controller"
1855     0x106b 0x001e "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth Host-PCI Bridge"
1856     0x106b 0x001f "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth Host-PCI Bridge"
1857     0x106b 0x0020 "uninorth-agp" "Apple Computer Inc.|Uni-North AGP Interface"
1858     0x106b 0x0021 "sungem" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth GMAC Ethernet controller"
1859     0x106b 0x0022 "dmasound_pmac" "Apple Computer Inc.|Keylargo Mac I/O Controller"
1860     0x106b 0x0024 "sungem" "Apple Computer Inc.|GMAC Ethernet controller"
1861     0x106b 0x0025 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Pangea Mac I/O Controller"
1862     0x106b 0x0026 "usb-ohci" "Apple Computer Inc.|KeyLargo/Pangea USB"
1863     0x106b 0x0027 "uninorth-agp" "Apple Computer Inc.|Pangea AGP Interface"
1864     0x106b 0x0028 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Pangea Host-PCI bridge"
1865     0x106b 0x0029 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Pangea Host-PCI bridge"
1866     0x106b 0x002d "uninorth-agp" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth 1.5 AGP"
1867     0x106b 0x002e "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth 1.5 PCI"
1868     0x106b 0x002f "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth 1.5 Internal PCI"
1869     0x106b 0x0030 "ohci1394" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth/Pangea FireWire"
1870     0x106b 0x0031 "ohci1394" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth 2 FireWire"
1871     0x106b 0x0032 "sungem" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth 2 GMAC (Sun GEM)"
1872     0x106b 0x0033 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth 2 ATA/100"
1873     0x106b 0x0034 "uninorth-agp" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth 2 AGP"
1874     0x106b 0x0035 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth 2 PCI"
1875     0x106b 0x0036 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth 2 Internal PCI"
1876     0x106b 0x003b "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|UniNorth/Intrepid ATA/100"
1877     0x106b 0x003e "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|KeyLargo/Intrepid Mac I/O"
1878     0x106b 0x003f "usb-ohci" "Apple Computer Inc.|KeyLargo/Intrepid USB"
1879     0x106b 0x0040 "usb-ohci" "Apple Computer Inc.|K2 KeyLargo USB"
1880     0x106b 0x0041 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|K2 KeyLargo Mac/IO"
1881     0x106b 0x0042 "ohci1394" "Apple Computer Inc.|K2 FireWire"
1882     0x106b 0x0043 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|K2 ATA/100"
1883     0x106b 0x0045 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|K2 HT-PCI Bridge"
1884     0x106b 0x0046 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|K2 HT-PCI Bridge"
1885     0x106b 0x0047 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|K2 HT-PCI Bridge"
1886     0x106b 0x0048 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|K2 HT-PCI Bridge"
1887     0x106b 0x0049 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|K2 HT-PCI Bridge"
1888     0x106b 0x004b "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|U3 AGP"
1889     0x106b 0x004c "sungem" "Apple Computer Inc.|K2 GMAC (Sun GEM)"
1890     0x106b 0x004f "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Shasta Mac I/O"
1891     0x106b 0x0050 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Shasta IDE"
1892     0x106b 0x0051 "sungem" "Apple Computer Inc.|Shasta (Sun GEM)"
1893     0x106b 0x0052 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Shasta Firewire"
1894     0x106b 0x0053 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Shasta PCI Bridge"
1895     0x106b 0x0054 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Shasta PCI Bridge"
1896     0x106b 0x0055 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|Shasta PCI Bridge"
1897     0x106b 0x0058 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|U3L AGP Bridge"
1898     0x106b 0x0059 "unknown" "Apple Computer Inc.|U3H AGP Bridge"
1899     0x106b 0x006b "sungem" ""
1900     0x106b 0x1645 "tg3" "Apple Computer Inc.|Tigon3 Gigabit Ethernet NIC (BCM5701)"
1901     0x106c 0x8801 "unknown" "Hyundai Electronics America|Dual Pentium ISA/PCI Motherboard"
1902     0x106c 0x8802 "unknown" "Hyundai Electronics America|PowerPC ISA/PCI Motherboard"
1903     0x106c 0x8803 "unknown" "Hyundai Electronics America|Dual Window Graphics Accelerator"
1904     0x106c 0x8804 "unknown" "Hyundai Electronics America|PCI LAN Controller"
1905     0x106c 0x8805 "unknown" "Hyundai Electronics America|100-BaseT LAN"
1906     0x1071 0x8160 "unknown" "Mitac|Mitac 8060B Mobile Platform"
1907     0x1073 0x0001 "unknown" "Yamaha Corp.|3D GUI Accelerator"
1908     0x1073 0x0002 "unknown" "Yamaha Corp.|YGV615 [RPA3 3D-Graphics Controller]"
1909     0x1073 0x0003 "snd-ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|YMF-740"
1910     0x1073 0x0004 "snd-ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|YMF-724"
1911     0x1073 0x0005 "ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|DS1 Audio"
1912     0x1073 0x0006 "ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|DS1 Audio"
1913     0x1073 0x0008 "ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|DS1 Audio"
1914     0x1073 0x000a "snd-ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|DS1L Audio"
1915     0x1073 0x000c "snd-ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|YMF-740C [DS-1L Audio Controller]"
1916     0x1073 0x000d "snd-ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|YMF-724F [DS-1 Audio Controller]"
1917     0x1073 0x0010 "ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|YMF-744B [DS-1S Audio Controller]"
1918     0x1073 0x0012 "snd-ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|YMF-754 [DS-1E Audio Controller]"
1919     0x1073 0x0020 "ymfpci" "Yamaha Corp.|DS-1 Audio"
1920     0x1073 0x1000 "unknown" "Yamaha Corp.|SW1000XG Sound system"
1921     0x1073 0x2000 "unknown" "Yamaha Corp.|DS2416 Digital Mixing Card"
1922     0x1074 0x4e78 "unknown" "NexGen Microsystems|82c500/1"
1923     0x1077 0x1016 "qla1280" "QLogic Corp.|QLA10160"
1924     0x1077 0x101e "unknown" "QLogic Corp.|QLA12160 on AMI MegaRAID"
1925     0x1077 0x1020 "qla1280" "QLogic Corp.|ISP1020"
1926     0x1077 0x1022 "qlogicisp" "QLogic Corp.|ISP1022"
1927     0x1077 0x1080 "qla1280" "QLogic Corp.|QLA1080"
1928     0x1077 0x1216 "qla1280" "QLogic Corp.|QLA12160 on AMI MegaRAID"
1929     0x1077 0x1240 "qla1280" "QLogic Corp.|QLA1240"
1930     0x1077 0x1280 "qla1280" "QLogic Corp.|QLA1280"
1931     0x1077 0x2020 "qlogicisp" "QLogic Corp.|ISP2020A"
1932     0x1077 0x2100 "qla2100" "QLogic Corp.|QLA2100"
1933     0x1077 0x2200 "qla2200" "QLogic Corp.|QLA2200"
1934     0x1077 0x2300 "qla2300" "QLogic Corp.|QLA2300"
1935     0x1077 0x2312 "qla2300" "QLogic Corp.|QLA2312"
1936     0x1077 0x2322 "qla2322" "QLogic Corp.|QLA2322"
1937     0x1077 0x2422 "qla2xxx" "QLogic Corp.|QLA2XXX"
1938     0x1077 0x2432 "qla2xxx" "QLogic Corp.|QLA2XXX"
1939     0x1077 0x3022 "unknown" "QLogic Corp.|QLA3022 Network Adapter"
1940     0x1077 0x4000 "unknown" "QLogic Corp.| "
1941     0x1077 0x4010 "qla4xxx" "QLogic Corp.| "
1942     0x1077 0x4022 "unknown" "QLogic Corp.|QLA4022 iSCSI TOE Adapter"
1943     0x1077 0x6312 "qla6312" "QLogic Corp.|QLA6312"
1944     0x1077 0x6322 "qla6312" "QLogic Corp.|QLA6312"
1945     0x1077 0x8471 "unknown" "QLogic Corp.|QLA12160 on AMI MegaRAID"
1946     0x1077 0x8493 "unknown" "QLogic Corp.|QLA12160 on AMI MegaRAID"
1947     0x1078 0x0000 "Card:MediaGX" "Cyrix Corp.|5510 [Grappa]"
1948     0x1078 0x0001 "Card:MediaGX" "Cyrix Corp.|PCI Master [MEDIAGX]"
1949     0x1078 0x0002 "Card:MediaGX" "Cyrix Corp.|5520 [Cognac]"
1950     0x1078 0x0100 "unknown" "Cyrix Corp.|5530 Legacy [Kahlua]"
1951     0x1078 0x0101 "unknown" "Cyrix Corp.|5530 SMI [Kahlua]"
1952     0x1078 0x0102 "cs5530" "Cyrix Corp.|5530 IDE [Kahlua]"
1953     0x1078 0x0103 "kahlua" "Cyrix Corp.|5530 Audio [Kahlua]"
1954     0x1078 0x0104 "Card:MediaGX" "Cyrix Corp.|5530 Video [Kahlua]"
1955     0x1078 0x0400 "unknown" "Cyrix Corp.|ZFMicro CPU to PCI Bridge"
1956     0x1078 0x0401 "unknown" "Cyrix Corp.|ZFMicro Power Management Controller"
1957     0x1078 0x0402 "unknown" "Cyrix Corp.|ZFMicro IDE Controller"
1958     0x1078 0x0403 "unknown" "Cyrix Corp.|ZFMicro Expansion Bus"
1959     0x1079 0x0d01 "unknown" "I-Bus| "
1960     0x107d 0x0000 "unknown" "LeadTek Research Inc.|P86C850"
1961     0x107d 0x2134 "unknown" "LeadTek Research Inc.|WinFast 3D S320 II"
1962     0x107d 0x2971 "unknown" "LeadTek Research Inc.|[GeForce FX 5900] WinFast A350 TDH MyViVo"
1963     0x107e 0x0001 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|ATM Interface Card"
1964     0x107e 0x0002 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|100 VG AnyLan Controller"
1965     0x107e 0x0004 "iph5526" "Interphase Corp.|5526"
1966     0x107e 0x0005 "iph5526" "Interphase Corp.|55x6"
1967     0x107e 0x0008 "iphase" "Interphase Corp.|155 Mbit ATM Controller"
1968     0x107e 0x0009 "iphase" "Interphase Corp.|5525/5575 ATM Adapter (155 Mbit) [Atlantic]"
1969     0x107e 0x9003 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5535-4P-BRI-ST"
1970     0x107e 0x9007 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5535-4P-BRI-U"
1971     0x107e 0x9008 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5535-1P-SR"
1972     0x107e 0x900c "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5535-1P-SR-ST"
1973     0x107e 0x900e "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5535-1P-SR-U"
1974     0x107e 0x9011 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5535-1P-PRI"
1975     0x107e 0x9013 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5535-2P-PRI"
1976     0x107e 0x9023 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5535-4P-BRI-ST"
1977     0x107e 0x9027 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5536-4P-BRI-U"
1978     0x107e 0x9031 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5535-1P-PRI"
1979     0x107e 0x9033 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|5536-2P-PRI"
1980     0x107e 0x9060 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|6535 CompactPCI T1/E1/J1Communications Ctrlr"
1981     0x107e 0x9070 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|4538 PMC T1/E1/J1 Communications Controller"
1982     0x107e 0x9080 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|4532-002/005 PMC ATM Over OC-3/STM-1 Comm Controller"
1983     0x107e 0x9081 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|4532-001/004 PMC ATM Over OC-3/STM-1 Comm Controller"
1984     0x107e 0x9082 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|4532-000/003 PMC ATM Over OC-3/STM-1 Comm Controller"
1985     0x107e 0x9090 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|4531S-000/001 PMC ATM Over T3/E3 Communications Ctrlr"
1986     0x107e 0x90a0 "unknown" "Interphase Corp.|4539 PMC Quad T1/E1/J1 Communications Ctrlr"
1987     0x107f 0x0802 "unknown" "Data Technology Corp.|SL82C105"
1988     0x107f 0x0803 "unknown" "Data Technology Corp.|EIDE Bus Master Controller"
1989     0x107f 0x0806 "unknown" "Data Technology Corp.|EIDE Controller"
1990     0x107f 0x1138 "unknown" "Data Technology Corp.|High Speed Parallel Port"
1991     0x107f 0x2015 "unknown" "Data Technology Corp.|EIDE Controller"
1992     0x1080 0x0600 "unknown" "Contaq Microsystems|82C599"
1993     0x1080 0xc691 "unknown" "Contaq Microsystems|Cypress CY82C691"
1994     0x1080 0xc693 "cy82c693" "Contaq Microsystems|82c693"
1995     0x1081 0x0d47 "unknown" "Supermac Technology|Radius PCI to NuBUS Bridge"
1996     0x1083 0x0001 "unknown" "Forex Computer Corp.|FR710"
1997     0x1083 0x0613 "unknown" "Forex Computer Corp.|Host Bridge ??"
1998     0x1085 0x0001 "unknown" "Tulip Computers Int'l BV|UsbDgn Datalaster Interface for OBD automotive"
1999     0x1087 0x9200 "unknown" "Cache Computer| "
2000     0x108a 0x0001 "unknown" "Bit3 Computer Corp.|VME Bridge Model 617"
2001     0x108a 0x0010 "unknown" "Bit3 Computer Corp.|VME Bridge Model 618"
2002     0x108a 0x0040 "unknown" "SBS Technologies|dataBLIZZARD"
2003     0x108a 0x3000 "unknown" "Bit3 Computer Corp.|VME Bridge Model 2706"
2004     0x108d 0x0001 "unknown" "Olicom|Token-Ring 16/4 PCI Adapter (3136/3137)"
2005     0x108d 0x0002 "ibmtr" "Olicom|16/4 Token Ring"
2006     0x108d 0x0004 "ibmtr" "Olicom|RapidFire 3139 Token-Ring 16/4 PCI Adapter"
2007     0x108d 0x0005 "ibmtr" "Olicom|GoCard 3250 Token-Ring 16/4 CardBus PC Card"
2008     0x108d 0x0006 "unknown" "Olicom|OC-3530 RapidFire Token-Ring 100"
2009     0x108d 0x0007 "ibmtr" "Olicom|RapidFire 3141 Token-Ring 16/4 PCI Fiber Adapter"
2010     0x108d 0x0008 "unknown" "Olicom|RapidFire 3540 HSTR 100/16/4 PCI Adapter"
2011     0x108d 0x000a "unknown" "Olicom|OC-3150 RapidFire Token-Ring 16/4 PCI Adapter"
2012     0x108d 0x0011 "unknown" "Olicom|OC-2315"
2013     0x108d 0x0012 "tlan" "Olicom|OC-2325"
2014     0x108d 0x0013 "tlan" "Olicom|OC-2183/2185"
2015     0x108d 0x0014 "tlan" "Olicom|OC-2326"
2016     0x108d 0x0019 "tlan" "Olicom|OC-2327/2250 10/100 Ethernet Adapter"
2017     0x108d 0x0021 "unknown" "Olicom|OC-6151/6152 [RapidFire ATM PCI 155]"
2018     0x108d 0x0022 "unknown" "Olicom|ATM Adapter"
2019     0x108e 0x0001 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|EBUS"
2020     0x108e 0x1000 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|EBUS"
2021     0x108e 0x1001 "sunhme" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|Happy Meal"
2022     0x108e 0x1100 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|RIO EBUS"
2023     0x108e 0x1101 "sungem" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|PCIO Happy Meal Ethernet"
2024     0x108e 0x1102 "ohci1394" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|RIO 1394"
2025     0x108e 0x1103 "usb-ohci" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|RIO USB"
2026     0x108e 0x1648 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|[bge] Gigabit Ethernet"
2027     0x108e 0x2bad "sungem" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|GEM"
2028     0x108e 0x5000 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|Simba Advanced PCI Bridge"
2029     0x108e 0x5043 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|SunPCI Co-processor"
2030     0x108e 0x8000 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|PCI Bus Module"
2031     0x108e 0x8001 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|Schizo PCI Bus Module"
2032     0x108e 0x8002 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|Schizo+ PCI Bus Module"
2033     0x108e 0xa000 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|Ultra IIi PCI"
2034     0x108e 0xa001 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|Ultra IIe"
2035     0x108e 0xa801 "unknown" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|Tomatillo PCI Bus Module"
2036     0x108e 0xabba "cassini" "Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.|Cassini 10/100/1000"
2037     0x1091 0x0020 "unknown" "Intergraph Corp.|3D graphics processor"
2038     0x1091 0x0021 "unknown" "Intergraph Corp.|3D graphics processor w/Texturing"
2039     0x1091 0x0040 "unknown" "Intergraph Corp.|3D graphics frame buffer"
2040     0x1091 0x0041 "unknown" "Intergraph Corp.|3D graphics frame buffer"
2041     0x1091 0x0060 "unknown" "Intergraph Corp.|Proprietary bus bridge"
2042     0x1091 0x00e4 "unknown" "Intergraph Corp.|Powerstorm 4D50T"
2043     0x1091 0x0720 "unknown" "Intergraph Corp.|Motion JPEG codec"
2044     0x1091 0x07a0 "unknown" "Intergraph Corp.|Sun Expert3D-Lite Graphics Accelerator"
2045     0x1091 0x1091 "unknown" "Intergraph Corp.|Sun Expert3D Graphics Accelerator"
2046     0x1092 0x00a0 "Card:Diamond SpeedStar Pro SE (CL-GD5430/5434)" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Speedstar Pro SE"
2047     0x1092 0x00a8 "Card:Diamond SpeedStar 64" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Speedstar 64"
2048     0x1092 0x0550 "Card:Diamond Viper 550" "Diamond Multimedia Systems||Viper 550"
2049     0x1092 0x08d4 "unknown" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Supra 2260 Modem"
2050     0x1092 0x094c "unknown" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|SupraExpress 56i Pro"
2051     0x1092 0x09c8 "unknown" "Diamond Computer Systems|SUP2760 SupraExpress 56i Pro VCC"
2052     0x1092 0x1092 "Card:Diamond Viper 330" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Viper V330"
2053     0x1092 0x6120 "unknown" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Maximum DVD"
2054     0x1092 0x8810 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth SE"
2055     0x1092 0x8811 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth 64/SE"
2056     0x1092 0x8880 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth"
2057     0x1092 0x8881 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth"
2058     0x1092 0x88b0 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth 64"
2059     0x1092 0x88b1 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth 64"
2060     0x1092 0x88c0 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth 64"
2061     0x1092 0x88c1 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth 64"
2062     0x1092 0x88d0 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth 64"
2063     0x1092 0x88d1 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth 64"
2064     0x1092 0x88f0 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth 64"
2065     0x1092 0x88f1 "Card:Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Stealth 64"
2066     0x1092 0x9876 "unknown" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|Supra Express 56i Pro CW #2"
2067     0x1092 0x9999 "unknown" "Diamond Multimedia Systems|DMD-I0928-1 Monster sound sound chip"
2068     0x1093 0x0160 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-DIO-96"
2069     0x1093 0x0161 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-1200 multifunction data acquisition board"
2070     0x1093 0x0162 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-MIO-16XE-50"
2071     0x1093 0x1150 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-DIO-32HS High Speed Digital I/O Board"
2072     0x1093 0x1170 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-MIO-16XE-10"
2073     0x1093 0x1180 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-MIO-16E-1"
2074     0x1093 0x1190 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-MIO-16E-4"
2075     0x1093 0x11b0 "unknown" "National Instruments| "
2076     0x1093 0x11c0 "unknown" "National Instruments| "
2077     0x1093 0x11d0 "unknown" "National Instruments| "
2078     0x1093 0x11e0 "unknown" "National Instruments| "
2079     0x1093 0x1270 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6032E Multifunction Data Acquisition Card"
2080     0x1093 0x12b0 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6534 High Speed DIO"
2081     0x1093 0x1310 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6602 Data Acquisition Device"
2082     0x1093 0x1320 "unknown" "National Instruments| "
2083     0x1093 0x1330 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6031E"
2084     0x1093 0x1340 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6033E Multifunction Data Acquisition Card"
2085     0x1093 0x1350 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6071E"
2086     0x1093 0x1360 "unknown" "National Instruments| "
2087     0x1093 0x14e0 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6110"
2088     0x1093 0x14f0 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6111"
2089     0x1093 0x17d0 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6503"
2090     0x1093 0x1870 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6713"
2091     0x1093 0x1880 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6711"
2092     0x1093 0x18b0 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6052E"
2093     0x1093 0x2410 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6733"
2094     0x1093 0x2890 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6036E"
2095     0x1093 0x2a60 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6023E"
2096     0x1093 0x2a70 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6024E Multifunction Data Acquisition Card"
2097     0x1093 0x2a80 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6025E Multifunction Data Acquisition Card"
2098     0x1093 0x2b20 "unknown" "National Instruments| "
2099     0x1093 0x2c80 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6035E"
2100     0x1093 0x2ca0 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6034E"
2101     0x1093 0x70b8 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-6251 [M Series - High Speed Multifunction DAQ]"
2102     0x1093 0xb001 "unknown" "National Instruments|IMAQ-PCI-1408"
2103     0x1093 0xb011 "unknown" "National Instruments|IMAQ-PXI-1408"
2104     0x1093 0xb021 "unknown" "National Instruments|IMAQ-PCI-1424"
2105     0x1093 0xb031 "unknown" "National Instruments|IMAQ-PCI-1413"
2106     0x1093 0xb041 "unknown" "National Instruments|IMAQ-PCI-1407"
2107     0x1093 0xb051 "unknown" "National Instruments|IMAQ-PXI-1407"
2108     0x1093 0xb061 "unknown" "National Instruments|IMAQ-PCI-1411"
2109     0x1093 0xb071 "unknown" "National Instruments|IMAQ-PCI-1422"
2110     0x1093 0xb081 "unknown" "National Instruments|IMAQ-PXI-1422"
2111     0x1093 0xb091 "unknown" "National Instruments|IMAQ-PXI-1411"
2112     0x1093 0xc801 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-GPIB"
2113     0x1093 0xc811 "unknown" "National Instruments| "
2114     0x1093 0xc821 "unknown" "National Instruments| "
2115     0x1093 0xc831 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-GPIB bridge"
2116     0x1093 0xc840 "unknown" "National Instruments| "
2117     0x1093 0xd130 "unknown" "National Instruments|PCI-232/2 2-port RS-232 Serial Interface Board"
2118     0x1095 0x0240 "sata_sil" "CMD Technology Inc.|Adaptec AAR-1210SA SATA HostRAID Controller"
2119     0x1095 0x0640 "unknown" "CMD Technology Inc.|PCI0640"
2120     0x1095 0x0641 "unknown" "CMD Technology Inc.|PCI-0640 EIDE Adapter with RAID 1"
2121     0x1095 0x0642 "unknown" "CMD Technology Inc.|EIDE Adapter with RAID 1"
2122     0x1095 0x0643 "cmd64x" "CMD Technology Inc.|PCI0643 (PCI EIDE controller)"
2123     0x1095 0x0646 "cmd64x" "CMD Technology Inc.|PCI0646 (bus master IDE)"
2124     0x1095 0x0647 "unknown" "CMD Technology Inc.|PCI0647"
2125     0x1095 0x0648 "cmd64x" "CMD Technology Inc.|PCI0648 (Ultra DMA PCI-IDE/ATA Chip)"
2126     0x1095 0x0649 "cmd64x" "CMD Technology Inc.|PCI0649 (Ultra ATA/100 Jost Ctrlr)"
2127     0x1095 0x0650 "unknown" "CMD Technology Inc.|PBC0650A (Fast SCSI-II Ctrlr)"
2128     0x1095 0x0670 "usb-ohci" "CMD Technology Inc.|USB0670 (PCI-USB ASIC)"
2129     0x1095 0x0673 "usb-ohci" "CMD Technology Inc.|USB0673 PCI-USB ASIC"
2130     0x1095 0x0680 "siimage" "CMD Technology Inc.|PCI-680 UltraATA/133 EIDE Controller"
2131     0x1095 0x3112 "sata_sil" "Silicon Image Inc.|Sil3112A Serial ATA"
2132     0x1095 0x3114 "sata_sil" "Silicon Image inc.|Sil3114A Serial ATA"
2133     0x1095 0x3124 "sata_sil24" "Silicon Image Inc.|SiI 3124 PCI-X Serial ATA Controller"
2134     0x1095 0x3131 "sata_sil24" "Silicon Image Inc.|Serial ATA Controller"
2135     0x1095 0x3132 "sata_sil24" "Silicon Image Inc.|SiI 3132 PCI-X Serial ATA Controller"
2136     0x1095 0x3512 "sata_sil" "Silicon Image Inc.|Sil3512A Serial ATA"
2137     0x1095 0x3531 "sata_sil24" "Silicon Image Inc.|Serial ATA Controller"
2138     0x1097 0x0038 "unknown" "Appian Graphics|EIDE Controller"
2139     0x1097 0x3d32 "unknown" "Appian Graphics|Jeronimo 2000 AGP"
2140     0x1098 0x0001 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Quantum Designs|QD-8500"
2141     0x1098 0x0002 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Quantum Designs|QD-8580"
2142     0x109e 0x032e "unknown" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Video Capture"
2143     0x109e 0x0350 "bttv" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt848 TV with DMA push"
2144     0x109e 0x0351 "bttv" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt849A Video capture"
2145     0x109e 0x0369 "bttv" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Video Capture"
2146     0x109e 0x036c "bttv" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt879(??) Video Capture"
2147     0x109e 0x036e "bttv" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878"
2148     0x109e 0x036f "bttv" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt879"
2149     0x109e 0x0370 "bttv" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt880 Video Capture"
2150     0x109e 0x0878 0x0070 0x13eb "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|WinTV Series"
2151     0x109e 0x0878 0x0070 0xff01 "snd_bt87x" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Audio Capture"
2152     0x109e 0x0878 0x0071 0x0101 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|DigiTV PCI"
2153     0x109e 0x0878 0x1002 0x0001 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|TV-Wonder"
2154     0x109e 0x0878 0x1002 0x0003 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|TV-Wonder/VE"
2155     0x109e 0x0878 0x11bd 0x0012 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|PCTV pro (TV + FM stereo receiver, audio section)"
2156     0x109e 0x0878 0x11bd 0x001c "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|PCTV Sat (DBC receiver)"
2157     0x109e 0x0878 0x127a 0x0001 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2158     0x109e 0x0878 0x127a 0x0002 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2159     0x109e 0x0878 0x127a 0x0003 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2160     0x109e 0x0878 0x127a 0x0048 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2161     0x109e 0x0878 0x13e9 0x0070 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Win/TV (Audio Section)"
2162     0x109e 0x0878 0x144f 0x3000 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|MagicTView CPH060 - Audio"
2163     0x109e 0x0878 0x1461 0x0002 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Avermedia PCTV98 Audio Capture"
2164     0x109e 0x0878 0x1461 0x0004 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|AVerTV WDM Audio Capture"
2165     0x109e 0x0878 0x1461 0x0761 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|AVerTV DVB-T"
2166     0x109e 0x0878 0x14f1 0x0001 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2167     0x109e 0x0878 0x14f1 0x0002 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2168     0x109e 0x0878 0x14f1 0x0003 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2169     0x109e 0x0878 0x14f1 0x0048 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2170     0x109e 0x0878 0x1822 0x0001 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|VisionPlus DVB Card"
2171     0x109e 0x0878 0x18ac 0xd500 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|DViCO FusionHDTV5 Lite"
2172     0x109e 0x0878 0x270f 0xfc00 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Digitop DTT-1000"
2173     0x109e 0x0878 0xbd11 0x1200 "snd_bt87x" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt878 Audio Capture"
2174     0x109e 0x0878 "bt878" "Brooktree Corp.|Pinnacle PCTV Sat DVB PCI (based on the Bt878 PCI bridge)"
2175     0x109e 0x0879 0x0070 0x13eb "snd-bt87x" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt879 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2176     0x109e 0x0879 "btaudio" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt879 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2177     0x109e 0x0880 "btaudio" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt880 Video Capture (Audio Section)"
2178     0x109e 0x2115 "unknown" "Brooktree Corp.|BtV 2115 Mediastream controller"
2179     0x109e 0x2125 "unknown" "Brooktree Corp.|BtV 2125 Mediastream controller"
2180     0x109e 0x2164 "unknown" "Brooktree Corp.|BtV 2164"
2181     0x109e 0x2165 "unknown" "Brooktree Corp.|BtV 2165"
2182     0x109e 0x8230 "unknown" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt8230 ATM Segment/Reassembly Ctrlr (SRC)"
2183     0x109e 0x8472 "unknown" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt8472"
2184     0x109e 0x8474 "unknown" "Brooktree Corp.|Bt8474"
2185     0x10a4 0x0000 "unknown" "Globe Manufacturing Sales| "
2186     0x10a5 0x3052 "slamr" "Smart Link Ltd.|SmartPCI562 56K Modem"
2187     0x10a5 0x5449 "unknown" "Smart Link Ltd.|SmartPCI561 modem"
2188     0x10a5 0x5459 "slamr" "Smart Link Ltd.|modem"
2189     0x10a8 0x0000 "Card:STB Horizon" "Sierra Semiconductor|STB Horizon 64"
2190     0x10a9 0x0001 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Crosstalk to PCI Bridge"
2191     0x10a9 0x0002 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Linc I/O controller"
2192     0x10a9 0x0003 "8250_pci" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|IOC3"
2193     0x10a9 0x0004 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|O2 MACE"
2194     0x10a9 0x0005 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|RAD Audio"
2195     0x10a9 0x0006 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|HPCEX"
2196     0x10a9 0x0007 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|RPCEX"
2197     0x10a9 0x0008 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|DiVO VIP"
2198     0x10a9 0x0009 "acenic" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Alteon Gigabit Ethernet"
2199     0x10a9 0x0010 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|AMP Video I/O"
2200     0x10a9 0x0011 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|GRIP"
2201     0x10a9 0x0012 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|SGH PSHAC GSN"
2202     0x10a9 0x1001 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Magic Carpet"
2203     0x10a9 0x1002 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Lithium"
2204     0x10a9 0x1003 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Dual JPEG 1"
2205     0x10a9 0x1004 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Dual JPEG 2"
2206     0x10a9 0x1005 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Dual JPEG 3"
2207     0x10a9 0x1006 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Dual JPEG 4"
2208     0x10a9 0x1007 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Dual JPEG 5"
2209     0x10a9 0x1008 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Cesium"
2210     0x10a9 0x100a "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|IOC4 I/O controller"
2211     0x10a9 0x2001 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Fibre Channel"
2212     0x10a9 0x2002 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|ASDE"
2213     0x10a9 0x4001 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|TIO-CE PCI Express Bridge"
2214     0x10a9 0x4002 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|TIO-CE PCI Express Port"
2215     0x10a9 0x8001 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|O2 1394"
2216     0x10a9 0x8002 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|G-net NT"
2217     0x10a9 0x8010 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Broadcom e-net [SGI IO9/IO10 BaseIO]"
2218     0x10a9 0x8018 "unknown" "Silicon Graphics Inc.|Broadcom e-net [SGI A330 Server BaseIO]"
2219     0x10aa 0x0000 "unknown" "ACC Microelectronics|ACCM 2188"
2220     0x10aa 0x2051 "unknown" "ACC Microelectronics|Laptop Chipset CPU Bridge"
2221     0x10aa 0x5842 "unknown" "ACC Microelectronics|Laptop Chipset ISA Bridge"
2222     0x10ab 0x0001 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W83769F"
2223     0x10ab 0x0105 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|SL82C105"
2224     0x10ab 0x0565 "unknown" "Winbond Electronics Corp.|W83C553"
2225     0x10ad 0x0001 "unknown" "Symphony Labs|W83769F"
2226     0x10ad 0x0003 "unknown" "Symphony Labs|SL82C103"
2227     0x10ad 0x0005 "unknown" "Symphony Labs|SL82C105"
2228     0x10ad 0x0103 "unknown" "Symphony Labs|SL82c103"
2229     0x10ad 0x0105 "unknown" "Symphony Labs|SL82c105"
2230     0x10ad 0x0150 "unknown" "Symphony Labs|EIDE Controller"
2231     0x10ad 0x0565 "unknown" "Symphony Labs|W83C553"
2232     0x10ae 0x0002 "unknown" "Cornerstone Technology|Graphics Controller"
2233     0x10af 0x0001 "unknown" "Microcomputer Systems|IDE"
2234     0x10b3 0x3106 "unknown" "Databook Inc.|DB87144"
2235     0x10b3 0xb106 "yenta_socket" "Databook Inc.|DB87144"
2236     0x10b4 0x1b1d "Card:STB Systems Velocity 3D" "STB Systems Inc.|Velocity 128 3D"
2237     0x10b4 0x2636 "bttv" "STB|???"
2238     0x10b5 0x0001 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|i960 PCI bus interface"
2239     0x10b5 0x0324 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.| "
2240     0x10b5 0x0480 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|IOP 480 Integrated PowerPC I/O Processor"
2241     0x10b5 0x0960 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI 9080RDK-960 PCI Reference Design Kit for PCI 9080"
2242     0x10b5 0x1030 "ISDN:hisax,type=34" "PLX Technology Inc.|Gazel ISDN Adapter"
2243     0x10b5 0x1054 "ISDN:hisax,type=34" "PLX Technology Inc.|Gazel ISDN Adapter"
2244     0x10b5 0x106a 0x10b5 0x106a "8250_pci" ""
2245     0x10b5 0x1076 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|VScom 800 8 port serial adaptor"
2246     0x10b5 0x1077 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|VScom 400 4 port serial adaptor"
2247     0x10b5 0x1078 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI 9050 Vision Systems VScom PCI-210"
2248     0x10b5 0x1103 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|SPcom 200"
2249     0x10b5 0x1146 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI 9050 Vision Systems VScom PCI-010S"
2250     0x10b5 0x1147 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI 9050 Vision Systems VScom PCI-020S"
2251     0x10b5 0x1151 "ISDN:hisax,type=34" "PLX Technology Inc.|Gazel ISDN Adapter"
2252     0x10b5 0x1152 "ISDN:hisax,type=34" "PLX Technology Inc.|Gazel ISDN Adapter"
2253     0x10b5 0x1187 "ISDN:hisax,type=34" "PLX Technology Inc.|Olitec ISDN Adapter"
2254     0x10b5 0x2021 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI9080 used in Daktronics VMax Quad Tansmitter Card"
2255     0x10b5 0x2028 "isicom" "PLX Technology Inc.|Multiport Serial Card"
2256     0x10b5 0x2051 "isicom" "PLX Technology Inc.|Multiport Serial Card"
2257     0x10b5 0x2052 "isicom" "PLX Technology Inc.|Multiport Serial Card"
2258     0x10b5 0x2053 "isicom" "PLX Technology Inc.|Multiport Serial Card"
2259     0x10b5 0x2054 "isicom" "PLX Technology Inc.|Multiport Serial Card"
2260     0x10b5 0x2055 "isicom" "PLX Technology Inc.|Multiport Serial Card"
2261     0x10b5 0x2056 "isicom" "PLX Technology Inc.|Multiport Serial Card"
2262     0x10b5 0x2057 "isicom" "PLX Technology Inc.|Multiport Serial Card"
2263     0x10b5 0x2058 "isicom" "PLX Technology Inc.|Multiport Serial Card"
2264     0x10b5 0x2288 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|Chrislin Industries Memory"
2265     0x10b5 0x2724 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|Thales PCSM Security Card"
2266     0x10b5 0x2bd0 "ISDN:hisax,type=34" "PLX Technology Inc.|Gazel ISDN Adapter"
2267     0x10b5 0x3001 "tor2" "PLX Technology Inc.|"
2268     0x10b5 0x6540 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI6540/6466 PCI-PCI bridge (transparent mode)"
2269     0x10b5 0x6541 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI6540/6466 PCI-PCI bridge (non-transparent mode, primary side)"
2270     0x10b5 0x6542 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI6540/6466 PCI-PCI bridge (non-transparent mode, secondary side)"
2271     0x10b5 0x8516 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PEX 8516 Versatile PCI Express Switch"
2272     0x10b5 0x8532 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PEX 8532 Versatile PCI Express Switch"
2273     0x10b5 0x9030 "snd-vx222" "PLX Technology Inc.|VX222"
2274     0x10b5 0x9036 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|9036"
2275     0x10b5 0x9050 0x10b5 0x1067 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|IXXAT CAN i165"
2276     0x10b5 0x9050 0x10b5 0x1172 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|IK220 (Heidenhain)"
2277     0x10b5 0x9050 0x10b5 0x2036 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|SatPak GPS"
2278     0x10b5 0x9050 0x10b5 0x2221 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|Alpermann+Velte PCL PCI LV: Timecode Reader Board"
2279     0x10b5 0x9050 0x10b5 0x2273 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|SH-ARC SoHard ARCnet card"
2280     0x10b5 0x9050 0x10b5 0x2431 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|Alpermann+Velte PCL PCI D: Timecode Reader Board"
2281     0x10b5 0x9050 0x10b5 0x2905 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|Alpermann+Velte PCI TS: Time Synchronisation Board"
2282     0x10b5 0x9050 0x10b5 0x9050 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|MP9050"
2283     0x10b5 0x9050 0x11a9 0x5334 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI Serial ports"
2284     0x10b5 0x9050 0x124d 0xf001 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI Serial ports"
2285     0x10b5 0x9050 0x124d 0xf010 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI Serial ports"
2286     0x10b5 0x9050 0x12e0 0x0011 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI Serial ports"
2287     0x10b5 0x9050 0x12e0 0x0021 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI Serial ports"
2288     0x10b5 0x9050 0x12e0 0x0031 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI Serial ports"
2289     0x10b5 0x9050 0x12e0 0x0041 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI Serial ports"
2290     0x10b5 0x9050 0x1498 0x0362 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|TPMC866 8 Channel Serial Card"
2291     0x10b5 0x9050 0x1522 0x0001 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|RockForce 4 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem"
2292     0x10b5 0x9050 0x1522 0x0002 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|RockForce 2 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem"
2293     0x10b5 0x9050 0x1522 0x0003 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|RockForce 6 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem"
2294     0x10b5 0x9050 0x1522 0x0004 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|RockForce 8 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem"
2295     0x10b5 0x9050 0x1522 0x0010 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|RockForce2000 4 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem"
2296     0x10b5 0x9050 0x1522 0x0020 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|RockForce2000 2 Port V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem"
2297     0x10b5 0x9050 0x15ed 0x1000 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|Macrolink MCCS 8-port Serial"
2298     0x10b5 0x9050 0x15ed 0x1001 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|Macrolink MCCS 16-port Serial"
2299     0x10b5 0x9050 0x15ed 0x1002 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|Macrolink MCCS 8-port Serial Hot Swap"
2300     0x10b5 0x9050 0x15ed 0x1003 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|Macrolink MCCS 16-port Serial Hot Swap"
2301     0x10b5 0x9050 0x5654 0x2036 "vpbhp" "VoiceTronix Pty|OpenSwitch 6 Telephony card"
2302     0x10b5 0x9050 0x5654 0x3132 "vpbhp" "VoiceTronix Pty|OpenSwitch 12 Telephony card"
2303     0x10b5 0x9050 0x5654 0x5634 "vpbhp" "VoiceTronix Pty|OpenLine4 Telephony card"
2304     0x10b5 0x9050 0x8246 0xffff "tahoe9xx" ""
2305     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd531 0xc002 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCIntelliCAN 2xSJA1000 CAN bus"
2306     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4006 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4006 1P"
2307     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4008 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4008 1P EPP/ECP"
2308     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4014 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4014 2P"
2309     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4018 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4018 3P EPP/ECP"
2310     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4025 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4025 1S(16C550) RS-232"
2311     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4027 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4027 1S(16C650) RS-232"
2312     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4028 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4028 1S(16C850) RS-232"
2313     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4036 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4036 2S(16C650) RS-232"
2314     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4037 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4037 2S(16C650) RS-232"
2315     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4038 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4038 2S(16C850) RS-232"
2316     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4052 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4052 1S(16C550) RS-422/485"
2317     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4053 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4053 2S(16C550) RS-422/485"
2318     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4055 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4055 4S(16C550) RS-232"
2319     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4058 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4055 4S(16C650) RS-232"
2320     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4065 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4065 8S(16C550) RS-232"
2321     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4068 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4068 8S(16C650) RS-232"
2322     0x10b5 0x9050 0xd84d 0x4078 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|EX-4078 2S(16C552) RS-232+1P"
2323     0x10b5 0x9050 "snd-vx222" "PLX Technology Inc.|VX222"
2324     0x10b5 0x9051 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI9051 Target PCI interface Chip"
2325     0x10b5 0x9052 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI 9052 PCI 9052 Target PCI Interface Chip"
2326     0x10b5 0x9054 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|PCI 9054 PCI I/O Accelerator"
2327     0x10b5 0x9056 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|Francois"
2328     0x10b5 0x9060 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|9060"
2329     0x10b5 0x906d "snd-korg1212" "PLX Technology Inc.|Korg 1212 IO"
2330     0x10b5 0x906e "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|9060ES"
2331     0x10b5 0x9080 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|9080"
2332     0x10b5 0x9656 0x1369 0xb001 "snd-pcxhr" "Digigram|VX882HR"
2333     0x10b5 0x9656 0x1369 0xb101 "snd-pcxhr" "Digigram|PCX882HR"
2334     0x10b5 0x9656 0x1369 0xb201 "snd-pcxhr" "Digigram|VX881HR"
2335     0x10b5 0x9656 0x1369 0xb301 "snd-pcxhr" "Digigram|PCX881HR"
2336     0x10b5 0x9656 0x1369 0xb401 "snd-pcxhr" "Digigram|VX1222HR"
2337     0x10b5 0x9656 0x1369 0xb501 "snd-pcxhr" "Digigram|PCX1222HR"
2338     0x10b5 0x9656 0x1369 0xb601 "snd-pcxhr" "Digigram|VX1221HR"
2339     0x10b5 0x9656 0x1369 0xb701 "snd-pcxhr" "Digigram|PCX1221HR"
2340     0x10b5 0x9656 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|"
2341     0x10b5 0xa001 "8250_pci" "PLX Technology Inc.|Gtek Serial"
2342     0x10b5 0xbb04 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|B&B 3PCIOSD1A Isolated PCI Serial"
2343     0x10b5 0xc001 "unknown" "PLX Technology Inc.|GTEK Cyclone 16/32 port serial adaptor"
2344     0x10b5 0xd00d "tor2" "PLX Technology Inc.|"
2345     0x10b6 0x0001 "unknown" "Madge Networks|Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode"
2346     0x10b6 0x0002 "abyss" "Madge Networks|Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode Mk2"
2347     0x10b6 0x0003 "unknown" "Madge Networks|Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode Mk3"
2348     0x10b6 0x0004 "unknown" "Madge Networks|Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode Mk1"
2349     0x10b6 0x0006 "yenta_socket" "Madge Networks|16/4 Cardbus Adapter"
2350     0x10b6 0x0007 "unknown" "Madge Networks|Presto PCI Adapter"
2351     0x10b6 0x0009 "unknown" "Madge Networks|Smart 100/16/4 PCI-HS Ringnode"
2352     0x10b6 0x000a "unknown" "Madge Networks|Smart 100/16/4 PCI Ringnode"
2353     0x10b6 0x000b "yenta_socket" "Madge Networks|16/4 CardBus Adapter Mk2"
2354     0x10b6 0x000c "unknown" "Madge Networks|RapidFire 3140V2 16/4 TR Adapter"
2355     0x10b6 0x0020 "unknown" "Madge Networks|Unknown?"
2356     0x10b6 0x0022 "unknown" "Madge Networks|Unknown?"
2357     0x10b6 0x1000 "horizon" "Madge Networks|Collage 25 ATM Adapter"
2358     0x10b6 0x1001 "ambassador" "Madge Networks|Collage 155 ATM Server Adapter"
2359     0x10b6 0x1002 "ambassador" "Madge Networks|Ambassador ATM Adapter"
2360     0x10b7 0x0001 "acenic" "3Com Corp.|3c985 1000BaseSX"
2361     0x10b7 0x0013 "ath_pci" "3Com Corp.|AR5212 802.11abg NIC (3CRDAG675)"
2362     0x10b7 0x0910 "unknown" "3Com Corp.|3C910-A01"
2363     0x10b7 0x1000 "unknown" "3Com Corp.|3C905CX-TXNM 3COM 3C905CX-TXNM with 40-0664-003 ASIC"
2364     0x10b7 0x1006 "unknown" "3Com Corp.|MINI PCI type 3B Data Fax Modem"
2365     0x10b7 0x1007 "unknown" "3Com Corp.|3C556 V.90 Mini-PCI Modem"
2366     0x10b7 0x1201 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c982-TXM 10/100baseTX Dual Port A [Hydra]"
2367     0x10b7 0x1202 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c982-TXM 10/100baseTX Dual Port B [Hydra]"
2368     0x10b7 0x1700 "sk98lin" "3Com Corp.|3C940 10/100/1000 LAN"
2369     0x10b7 0x1f1f "unknown" "3Com Corp.|3CRWE777A AirConnect Wireless LAN PCI Card"
2370     0x10b7 0x3390 "tmspci" "3Com Corp.|Token Link Velocity"
2371     0x10b7 0x3590 "3c359" "3Com Corp.|3c359 TokenLink Velocity XL"
2372     0x10b7 0x4500 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c450 Cyclone/unknown"
2373     0x10b7 0x5055 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c555 [Megahertz] 10/100 LAN CardBus"
2374     0x10b7 0x5057 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c575 [Megahertz] 10/100 LAN CardBus"
2375     0x10b7 0x5157 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c575 [Megahertz] 10/100 LAN CardBus"
2376     0x10b7 0x5257 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c575 Fast EtherLink XL"
2377     0x10b7 0x5900 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c590 10BaseT [Vortex]"
2378     0x10b7 0x5920 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c592 EISA 10mbps Demon/Vortex"
2379     0x10b7 0x5950 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c595 100BaseTX [Vortex]"
2380     0x10b7 0x5951 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c595 100BaseT4 [Vortex]"
2381     0x10b7 0x5952 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c595 100Base-MII [Vortex]"
2382     0x10b7 0x5970 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c597 EISA Fast Demon/Vortex"
2383     0x10b7 0x5b57 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3C595 Megahertz 10/100 LAN CardBus"
2384     0x10b7 0x6000 "adm8211" "3Com Corp.|3CRSHPW796 [OfficeConnect Wireless CardBus]"
2385     0x10b7 0x6001 "prism54" "3Com Corp.|3cRWE154G72 Wireless LAN adapter"
2386     0x10b7 0x6055 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c556 10/100 Mini-PCI Adapter [Cyclone]"
2387     0x10b7 0x6056 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3C556 10/100 Mini PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter"
2388     0x10b7 0x6550 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c575 [Megahertz] 10/100 LAN CardBus"
2389     0x10b7 0x6560 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c575 [Megahertz] 10/100 LAN CardBus"
2390     0x10b7 0x6561 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|FEM656 10/100 LAN+56K Modem CardBus PC Card"
2391     0x10b7 0x6562 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3CCFEM656 Cyclone CardBus"
2392     0x10b7 0x6563 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|FEM656B 10/100 LAN+56K Modem CardBus PC Card"
2393     0x10b7 0x6564 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3CCFEM656 Cyclone CardBus"
2394     0x10b7 0x6565 "unknown" "3Com Corp.|3CCFEM656C Global 10/100 Fast Ethernet+56K Modem"
2395     0x10b7 0x7646 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3cSOHO100-TX [Hurricane]"
2396     0x10b7 0x7770 "orinoco_plx" "3Com Corp.|802.11b Wireless Ethernet Adapter"
2397     0x10b7 0x7940 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c803 FDDILink DAS Controller"
2398     0x10b7 0x7980 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c803 FDDILink UTP Controller"
2399     0x10b7 0x7990 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c804 FDDILink SAS Controller"
2400     0x10b7 0x80eb "sk98lin" "3Com Corp.|3c940B 10/100/1000Base-T"
2401     0x10b7 0x8811 "unknown" "3Com Corp.|Token ring"
2402     0x10b7 0x9000 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c900 10BaseT [Boomerang]"
2403     0x10b7 0x9001 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c900 Combo [Boomerang]"
2404     0x10b7 0x9004 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c900B-TPO [Etherlink XL TPO]"
2405     0x10b7 0x9005 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c900B-Combo [Etherlink XL Combo]"
2406     0x10b7 0x9006 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c900B-TPC [Etherlink XL TPC]"
2407     0x10b7 0x900a "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c900B-FL [Etherlink XL FL]"
2408     0x10b7 0x9050 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c905 100BaseTX [Boomerang]"
2409     0x10b7 0x9051 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c905 100BaseT4 [Boomerang]"
2410     0x10b7 0x9055 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c905B 100BaseTX [Cyclone]"
2411     0x10b7 0x9056 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c905B-T4 [Fast EtherLink XL 10/100]"
2412     0x10b7 0x9058 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c905B-Combo [Deluxe Etherlink XL 10/100]"
2413     0x10b7 0x905a "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c905B-FX [Fast Etherlink XL FX 10/100]"
2414     0x10b7 0x9200 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c905C-TX [Fast Etherlink]"
2415     0x10b7 0x9201 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c920 Tornado"
2416     0x10b7 0x9202 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3Com 3C920B-EMB-WNM Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller"
2417     0x10b7 0x9210 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3C920B-EMB-WNM Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller"
2418     0x10b7 0x9300 "tulip" "3Com Corp.|3CSOHO100B-TX [910-A01]"
2419     0x10b7 0x9800 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c980-TX [Fast Etherlink XL Server Adapter]"
2420     0x10b7 0x9805 "3c59x" "3Com Corp.|3c980-TX [Fast Etherlink XL Server Adapter]"
2421     0x10b7 0x9900 "typhoon" "3Com Corp.|3C990-TX Typhoon"
2422     0x10b7 0x9902 "typhoon" "3Com Corp.|3CR990-TX-95 EtherLink 10/100 PCI with 3XP Processor"
2423     0x10b7 0x9903 "typhoon" "3Com Corp.|3CR990-TX-97 EtherLink 10/100 PCI with 3XP Processor"
2424     0x10b7 0x9904 "typhoon" "3Com Corp.|3CR990-TX-M EtherLink 10/100 PCI with 3XP Processor"
2425     0x10b7 0x9905 "typhoon" "3Com Corp.|3CR990-FX-95/97/95 [Typhon Fiber]"
2426     0x10b7 0x9908 "typhoon" "3Com Corp.|3CR990SVR95 EtherLink 10/100 Server PCI with 3XP"
2427     0x10b7 0x9909 "typhoon" "3Com Corp.|3CR990SVR97 EtherLink 10/100 Server PCI with 3XP"
2428     0x10b7 0x990a "typhoon" "3Com Corp.|3C990BSVR EtherLink 10/100 Server PCI with 3XP"
2429     0x10b7 0x990b "typhoon" "3Com Corp.|3C990SVR [Typhoon Server]"
2430     0x10b8 0x0005 "epic100" "Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]|83C170QF"
2431     0x10b8 0x0006 "epic100" "Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]|LANEPIC"
2432     0x10b8 0x1000 "unknown" "Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]|FDC 37c665"
2433     0x10b8 0x1001 "unknown" "Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]|FDC 37C922"
2434     0x10b8 0x2802 "unknown" "Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]|SMC2802W [EZ Connect g]"
2435     0x10b8 0xa011 "unknown" "Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]|83C170QF"
2436     0x10b8 0xb106 "unknown" "Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]|SMC34C90"
2437     0x10b9 0x0000 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|MDV92XP NetoDragon PCI Soft Modem V92 NetoDragon"
2438     0x10b9 0x0101 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|CMI8338/C3DX PCI Audio Device"
2439     0x10b9 0x0111 "snd-cmipci" "Acer Labs Inc.|C-Media CMI8738/C3DX Audio Device (OEM)"
2440     0x10b9 0x05ff "alim1535d_wdt" "Acer Labs Inc.|"
2441     0x10b9 0x0780 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|Multi-IO Card"
2442     0x10b9 0x0782 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|Multi-IO Card"
2443     0x10b9 0x1435 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1435"
2444     0x10b9 0x1445 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1445"
2445     0x10b9 0x1449 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1449"
2446     0x10b9 0x1451 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1451"
2447     0x10b9 0x1461 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1461"
2448     0x10b9 0x1489 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1489"
2449     0x10b9 0x1511 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1511 [Aladdin]"
2450     0x10b9 0x1512 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1512 [Aladdin]"
2451     0x10b9 0x1513 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1513 [Aladdin]"
2452     0x10b9 0x1521 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1521 [Aladdin III]"
2453     0x10b9 0x1523 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1523"
2454     0x10b9 0x1531 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1531 [Aladdin IV]"
2455     0x10b9 0x1533 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1533 PCI to ISA Bridge [Aladdin IV]"
2456     0x10b9 0x1535 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1535x ISA Bridge"
2457     0x10b9 0x1541 "ali-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1541"
2458     0x10b9 0x1543 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1543"
2459     0x10b9 0x1561 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1561 North Bridge"
2460     0x10b9 0x1563 "i2c-ali1563" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1563 HyperTransport South Bridge"
2461     0x10b9 0x1573 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|PCI to LPC Controller"
2462     0x10b9 0x1621 "ali-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1621"
2463     0x10b9 0x1631 "ali-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|ALI M1631 PCI North Bridge Aladdin Pro III"
2464     0x10b9 0x1632 "ali-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1632 North Bridge"
2465     0x10b9 0x1641 "ali-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|ALI M1641 PCI North Bridge Aladdin Pro IV"
2466     0x10b9 0x1644 "ali-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1644 AGP System Controller"
2467     0x10b9 0x1646 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1646 AGP System Controller"
2468     0x10b9 0x1647 "ali-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1647 CPU to PCI Bridge"
2469     0x10b9 0x1651 "ali-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1651 CPU to PCI Bridge"
2470     0x10b9 0x1661 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1661 AGP System Controller"
2471     0x10b9 0x1667 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1667 AGP System Controller"
2472     0x10b9 0x1671 "ali-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1671 Northbridge [Aladdin-P4]"
2473     0x10b9 0x1672 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1672 Northbridge [CyberALADDiN-P4]"
2474     0x10b9 0x1681 "ali-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1681 P4 Northbridge [AGP8X,HyperTransport and SDR/DDR]"
2475     0x10b9 0x1687 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1687 K8 Northbridge [AGP8X and HyperTransport]"
2476     0x10b9 0x1689 "amd64-agp" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1689 K8 Northbridge [Super K8 Single Chip]"
2477     0x10b9 0x1695 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M1695 K8 Northbridge [PCI Express and HyperTransport]"
2478     0x10b9 0x3141 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M3141"
2479     0x10b9 0x3143 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M3143"
2480     0x10b9 0x3145 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M3145"
2481     0x10b9 0x3147 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M3147"
2482     0x10b9 0x3149 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M3149"
2483     0x10b9 0x3151 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M3151"
2484     0x10b9 0x3307 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M3307"
2485     0x10b9 0x3309 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M3309"
2486     0x10b9 0x3323 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M3325 Video/Audio Decoder"
2487     0x10b9 0x5212 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M4803"
2488     0x10b9 0x5215 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|MS4803"
2489     0x10b9 0x5217 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5217H"
2490     0x10b9 0x5219 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5219"
2491     0x10b9 0x5225 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5225"
2492     0x10b9 0x5228 "alim15x3" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5228 ALi ATA/RAID Controller"
2493     0x10b9 0x5229 "alim15x3" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5229 IDE"
2494     0x10b9 0x5235 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5225"
2495     0x10b9 0x5237 "usb-ohci" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5237 (USB)"
2496     0x10b9 0x5239 "ehci-hcd" "Acer Labs Inc.|USB 2.0 Controller"
2497     0x10b9 0x5240 "unknown" "Acer Labs Incorporated (ALI)|EIDE Controller"
2498     0x10b9 0x5241 "unknown" "Acer Labs Incorporated (ALI)|PCMCIA Bridge"
2499     0x10b9 0x5242 "unknown" "Acer Labs Incorporated (ALI)|General Purpose Controller"
2500     0x10b9 0x5243 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5243"
2501     0x10b9 0x5244 "unknown" "Acer Labs Incorporated (ALI)|Floppy Disk Controller"
2502     0x10b9 0x5246 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|AGP8X Controller"
2503     0x10b9 0x5247 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5247"
2504     0x10b9 0x5249 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5249 HTT to PCI Bridge"
2505     0x10b9 0x5251 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5251 P1394 OHCI 1.0 Controller"
2506     0x10b9 0x5253 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5253 P1394 OHCI 1.1 Controller"
2507     0x10b9 0x5255 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5455 PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device"
2508     0x10b9 0x5261 "tulip" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5261 Ethernet Controller"
2509     0x10b9 0x5263 "tulip" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5263 Ethernet Controller"
2510     0x10b9 0x5271 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5471 Memory Stick Controller"
2511     0x10b9 0x5273 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5473 SD-MMC Controller"
2512     0x10b9 0x5281 "sata_uli" "Acer Labs Inc.|ALi M5281 Serial ATA / RAID Host Controller"
2513     0x10b9 0x5287 "sata_uli" "Acer Labs Inc.|ALi M5287 Serial ATA / RAID Host Controller"
2514     0x10b9 0x5288 "ahci" "Acer Labs Inc.|ALi M5288 Serial ATA / RAID Host Controller"
2515     0x10b9 0x5289 "sata_uli" "Acer Labs Inc.|ALi M5289 Serial ATA / RAID Host Controller"
2516     0x10b9 0x5427 "unknown" "Acer Labs (see also vendor 1025h)|ALI PCI to AGP Bridge"
2517     0x10b9 0x5450 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|Agere Systems AC97 Modem"
2518     0x10b9 0x5451 "snd-ali5451" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5451 PCI South Bridge Audio"
2519     0x10b9 0x5453 "trident" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5453 PCI AC-Link Controller Modem Device"
2520     0x10b9 0x5455 "snd-intel8x0" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5455 PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device"
2521     0x10b9 0x5457 "slamr" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5457 AC-Link Modem Interface Controller"
2522     0x10b9 0x5459 "slamr" "Acer Labs Inc.|SmartPCI561 56K Modem"
2523     0x10b9 0x545a "slamr" "Acer Labs Inc.|SmartLink SmartPCI563 56K Modem"
2524     0x10b9 0x5461 "snd-hda-intel" "Acer Labs Inc.|High Definition Audio/AC'97 Host Controller"
2525     0x10b9 0x5471 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5471 Memory Stick Controller"
2526     0x10b9 0x5473 "unknown" "Acer Labs Inc.|M5473 SD-MMC Controller"
2527     0x10b9 0x7101 "i2c-ali1535" "Acer Labs Inc.|M7101 PMU"
2528     0x10ba 0x0301 "unknown" "Mitsubishi Electric Corp.|AccelGraphics AccelECLIPSE"
2529     0x10ba 0x0304 "unknown" "Mitsubishi Electric Corp.|GUI Accelerator"
2530     0x10ba 0x0308 "unknown" "Mitsubishi Electric Corp.|Tornado 3000 [OEM Evans & Sutherland]"
2531     0x10ba 0x1002 "unknown" "Mitsubishi Electric Corp.|VG500 [VolumePro Volume Rendering Accelerator]"
2532     0x10bd 0x0e34 "ne2k-pci" "Surecom Technology|NE-34PCI LAN"
2533     0x10bd 0x5240 "unknown" "Surecom Technology|EIDE Controller"
2534     0x10bd 0x5241 "unknown" "Surecom Technology|PCMCIA Bridge"
2535     0x10bd 0x5242 "unknown" "Surecom Technology|General Purpose Controller"
2536     0x10bd 0x5243 "unknown" "Surecom Technology|Bus Controller"
2537     0x10bd 0x5244 "unknown" "Surecom Technology|Floppy Disk Controller"
2538     0x10c3 0x1100 "eepro100" "Samsung Semiconductors Inc.|Smartether100 SC1100 LAN Adapter (i82557B)"
2539     0x10c3 0x8920 "unknown" "Samsung Semiconductors Inc.| "
2540     0x10c3 0x8925 "unknown" "Samsung Semiconductors Inc.| "
2541     0x10c4 0x8363 "unknown" "Award Software Int'l Inc.| "
2542     0x10c8 0x0000 "unknown" "Neomagic Corp.|Graphics Controller"
2543     0x10c8 0x0001 "Card:NeoMagic MagicGraph (laptop/notebook)" "Neomagic Corp.|NM2070 [MagicGraph NM2070]"
2544     0x10c8 0x0002 "Card:NeoMagic MagicGraph (laptop/notebook)" "Neomagic Corp.|NM2090 [MagicGraph 128V]"
2545     0x10c8 0x0003 "Card:NeoMagic MagicGraph (laptop/notebook)" "Neomagic Corp.|NM2093 [MagicGraph 128ZV]"
2546     0x10c8 0x0004 "Card:NeoMagic 128XD" "Neomagic Corp.|NM2160 [MagicGraph 128XD]"
2547     0x10c8 0x0005 "Card:NeoMagic MagicGraph (laptop/notebook)" "Neomagic Corp.|[MagicGraph 256AV]"
2548     0x10c8 0x0006 "Card:NeoMagic MagicMedia (laptop/notebook)" "Neomagic Corp.|NM2360 [MagicMedia 256ZX]"
2549     0x10c8 0x0016 "Card:NeoMagic MagicMedia 256XL+" "Neomagic Corp.|[MagicMedia 256XL+]"
2550     0x10c8 0x0025 "Card:NeoMagic MagicMedia (laptop/notebook)" "Neomagic Corp.|[MagicMedia 256AV+]"
2551     0x10c8 0x0083 "Card:NeoMagic MagicGraph (laptop/notebook)" "Neomagic Corp.|[MagicGraph 128ZV Plus]"
2552     0x10c8 0x008f "ad1848" "NeoMagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Colorado Inspiron"
2553     0x10c8 0x1028 "ad1848" "NeoMagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Colorado Inspiron"
2554     0x10c8 0x8005 0x0e11 0xb0d1 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Discovery"
2555     0x10c8 0x8005 0x0e11 0xb126 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Durango"
2556     0x10c8 0x8005 0x1014 0x00dd "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on BlackTip Thinkpad"
2557     0x10c8 0x8005 0x1025 0x1003 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on TravelMate 720"
2558     0x10c8 0x8005 0x1028 0x0088 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|Latitude CPi A"
2559     0x10c8 0x8005 0x1028 0x008f "ad1848" "Dell|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Colorado Inspiron"
2560     0x10c8 0x8005 0x103c 0x0007 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Voyager II"
2561     0x10c8 0x8005 0x103c 0x0008 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Voyager III"
2562     0x10c8 0x8005 0x103c 0x000d "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Omnibook 900"
2563     0x10c8 0x8005 0x10c8 0x8005 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on FireAnt"
2564     0x10c8 0x8005 0x110a 0x8005 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device"
2565     0x10c8 0x8005 0x14c0 0x0004 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device"
2566     0x10c8 0x8005 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|[MagicMedia 256AV]"
2567     0x10c8 0x8006 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|[MagicMedia 256AV]"
2568     0x10c8 0x8016 "nm256_audio" "Neomagic Corp.|NM2380 MagicMedia 256XL+ Audio Device"
2569     0x10cc 0x0226 "unknown" "Mentor Arc Inc.|PCI/ISA Bridge"
2570     0x10cc 0x0257 "unknown" "Mentor Arc Inc.|Host/PCI Bridge"
2571     0x10cc 0x0660 "unknown" "Mai Logic Incorporated|Articia S Host Bridge"
2572     0x10cc 0x0661 "unknown" "Mai Logic Incorporated|Articia S PCI Bridge"
2573     0x10cd 0x1100 "unknown" "Advanced System Products|ASC1100"
2574     0x10cd 0x1200 "advansys" "Advanced System Products|ASC1200 [(abp940) Fast SCSI-II]"
2575     0x10cd 0x1300 "advansys" "Advanced System Products|ABP940-U / ABP960-U"
2576     0x10cd 0x2300 "advansys" "Advanced System Products|ABP940-UW"
2577     0x10cd 0x2500 "advansys" "Advanced System Products|ABP940-U2W"
2578     0x10cd 0x4000 "unknown" "Advanced System Products|ASC30C0400 IEEE-1394 OHCI PCI Controller"
2579     0x10cf 0x10c5 "unknown" "Fujitsu Ltd.|FMV-103 Serial Parallel Card"
2580     0x10cf 0x2001 "unknown" "Citicorp TTI|mb86605"
2581     0x10cf 0x2002 "unknown" "Fujitsu Ltd.|MB86606 Fast Wide SCSI Controller"
2582     0x10cf 0x2005 "unknown" "Fujitsu Ltd.|MB86974 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter"
2583     0x10cf 0x200c "unknown" "Fujitsu Ltd.|MB86974 IEEE1394 OpenHCI Controller"
2584     0x10cf 0x2010 "unknown" "Fujitsu Ltd.|OHCI FireWire Controller"
2585     0x10cf 0x2011 "unknown" "Fujitsu Ltd.|MPEG2 R-Engine (MPEG2 Hardware Encoder)"
2586     0x10cf 0x2019 "unknown" "Fujitsu Ltd.| "
2587     0x10d9 0x0066 "unknown" "Macronix Inc.|MX86101P"
2588     0x10d9 0x0431 "unknown" "Macronix Inc.||MX98715"
2589     0x10d9 0x0512 "tulip" "Macronix Inc.||MX98713"
2590     0x10d9 0x0531 "tulip" "Macronix Inc.||MX987x5"
2591     0x10d9 0x0532 "unknown" "Macronix Inc.|MX98723/727 PCI/CardBus Fast Ethernet Controller"
2592     0x10d9 0x0553 "unknown" "Macronix Inc.|MX987x5 Ethernet Adapter"
2593     0x10d9 0x8625 "tulip" "Macronix Inc.||MX86250"
2594     0x10d9 0x8626 "unknown" "Macronix Inc.|MX86251"
2595     0x10d9 0x8627 "unknown" "Macronix Inc.|MX86251"
2596     0x10d9 0x8888 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Macronix Inc.||MX86200"
2597     0x10d9 0xc115 "unknown" "Macronix Inc.|lc82c115"
2598     0x10da 0x0508 "tmspci" "Compaq IPG-Austin|TC4048 Token Ring 4/16"
2599     0x10da 0x3390 "unknown" "Compaq IPG-Austin|Tl3c3x9"
2600     0x10dc 0x0001 "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|STAR/RD24 SCI-PCI (PMC)"
2601     0x10dc 0x0002 "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|TAR/RD24 SCI-PCI (PMC) [ATT 2C15-3 (FPGA) SCI bridge on PCI 5 Volt card]"
2602     0x10dc 0x0004 "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|EP20S780 ALTERA STRATIX"
2603     0x10dc 0x0010 "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|680-1110-150/400 Simple PMC/PCI to S-LINK interface"
2604     0x10dc 0x0011 "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|680-1110-200/450 Simple S-LINK to PMC/PCI interface"
2605     0x10dc 0x0012 "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|S32PCI64 32-bit S-LINK to 64-bit PCI interface"
2606     0x10dc 0x0021 "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|HIPPI destination"
2607     0x10dc 0x0022 "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|HIPPI source"
2608     0x10dc 0x0033 "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|EP20KE (APEX-FPGA) ALICE DDL to PCI interface (RORC)"
2609     0x10dc 0x0101 "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|SL651 7057 C200 Acquisition card for the SPS Orbit System (MACI)"
2610     0x10dc 0x10dc "unknown" "CERN-European Lab.|ATT2C15-3 FPGA"
2611     0x10dd 0x0001 "unknown" "Evans & Sutherland|3D Graphics Processor (?? Freedom GBbus??)"
2612     0x10de 0x0008 "Card:Diamond Edge 3D" "nVidia Corp.|NV1 EDGE 3D"
2613     0x10de 0x0009 "Card:Diamond Edge 3D" "nVidia Corp.|NV1 EDGE 3D"
2614     0x10de 0x0010 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Mutara V08 [NV2]"
2615     0x10de 0x0018 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|Riva 128 Riva 128 accelerator"
2616     0x10de 0x0019 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|Riva 128 ZX"
2617     0x10de 0x0020 "Card:RIVA TNT" "nVidia Corp.|Riva TNT 128"
2618     0x10de 0x0028 "Card:RIVA TNT2" "nVidia Corp.|Riva TNT2"
2619     0x10de 0x0029 "Card:RIVA TNT2" "nVidia Corp.|Riva TNT2 Ultra"
2620     0x10de 0x002a "Card:RIVA TNT2" "nVidia Corp.|Riva TnT2 [NV5]"
2621     0x10de 0x002b "Card:RIVA TNT2" "nVidia Corp.|Riva TnT2 [NV5]"
2622     0x10de 0x002c "Card:RIVA TNT2" "nVidia Corp.|Vanta"
2623     0x10de 0x002d "Card:RIVA TNT2" "nVidia Corp.|Riva TNT2 Model 64"
2624     0x10de 0x002e "Card:RIVA TNT2" "nVidia Corp.|Vanta [NV6]"
2625     0x10de 0x002f "Card:RIVA TNT2" "nVidia Corp.|Vanta [NV6]"
2626     0x10de 0x0034 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP04 SMBus"
2627     0x10de 0x0035 "amd74xx" "nVidia Corp.|MCP04 IDE"
2628     0x10de 0x0036 "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|MCP04 Serial ATA Controller"
2629     0x10de 0x0037 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|Ethernet controller"
2630     0x10de 0x0038 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|Ethernet controller"
2631     0x10de 0x003a "snd-intel8x0" "nVidia Corp.|MCP04 AC'97 Audio Controller"
2632     0x10de 0x003b "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP04 USB Controller"
2633     0x10de 0x003c "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP04 USB Controller"
2634     0x10de 0x003d "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP04 PCI Bridge"
2635     0x10de 0x003e "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|MCP04 Serial ATA Controller"
2636     0x10de 0x0040 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|nv40 [GeForce 6800 Ultra]"
2637     0x10de 0x0041 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV40 OS1RT00B30"
2638     0x10de 0x0042 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV40.2"
2639     0x10de 0x0043 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|NV40.3"
2640     0x10de 0x0045 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV40 [GeForce 6800GT]"
2641     0x10de 0x0049 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|NV40GL"
2642     0x10de 0x004d "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV40GL [Quadro FX 4400]"
2643     0x10de 0x004e "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV40GL [Quadro FX 4000]"
2644     0x10de 0x0050 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 ISA Bridge"
2645     0x10de 0x0051 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 ISA Bridge"
2646     0x10de 0x0052 "i2c-nforce2" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 SMBus"
2647     0x10de 0x0053 "amd74xx" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 IDE"
2648     0x10de 0x0054 "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 Serial ATA Controller"
2649     0x10de 0x0055 "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 Serial ATA Controller"
2650     0x10de 0x0056 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|Ethernet controller"
2651     0x10de 0x0057 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|Ethernet controller"
2652     0x10de 0x0058 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 AC'97 Modem"
2653     0x10de 0x0059 "snd-intel8x0" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 AC'97 Audio Controller"
2654     0x10de 0x005a "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 USB Controller"
2655     0x10de 0x005b "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 USB Controller"
2656     0x10de 0x005c "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 PCI Bridge"
2657     0x10de 0x005d "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 PCIE Bridge"
2658     0x10de 0x005e "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 Memory Controller"
2659     0x10de 0x005f "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 Memory Controller"
2660     0x10de 0x0060 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 LPC / Legacy / System Management"
2661     0x10de 0x0064 "i2c-nforce2" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 SMBus 2.0 Controller"
2662     0x10de 0x0065 "amd74xx" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 UDMA 100/133 IDE Controller"
2663     0x10de 0x0066 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 MCP Networking Adapter"
2664     0x10de 0x0067 "usb-ohci" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 USB 1.0 OHCI Controller"
2665     0x10de 0x0068 "ehci-hcd" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 USB 2.0 Enhanced Controller"
2666     0x10de 0x0069 "snd-intel8x0m" ""
2667     0x10de 0x006a "snd-intel8x0" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 Audio Codec Interface"
2668     0x10de 0x006b "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 APU"
2669     0x10de 0x006c "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 External PCI Bridge"
2670     0x10de 0x006d "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 PCI Bridge"
2671     0x10de 0x006e "ohci1394" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 Firewire Controller"
2672     0x10de 0x0080 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP2A ISA bridge"
2673     0x10de 0x0084 "i2c-nforce2" "nVidia Corp.|MCP2A SMBus"
2674     0x10de 0x0085 "amd74xx" "nVidia Corp.|MCP2A IDE"
2675     0x10de 0x0086 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|Ethernet controller"
2676     0x10de 0x0087 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP2A USB Controller"
2677     0x10de 0x0088 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP2A USB Controller"
2678     0x10de 0x0089 "snd-intel8x0m" ""
2679     0x10de 0x008a "snd-intel8x0" "nVidia Corp.|MCP2S AC'97 Audio Controller"
2680     0x10de 0x008b "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP2A PCI Bridge"
2681     0x10de 0x008c "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|Ethernet controller"
2682     0x10de 0x008e "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 Serial ATA Controller"
2683     0x10de 0x0091 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce 7800 GTX"
2684     0x10de 0x00a0 "Card:RIVA TNT2" "nVidia Corp.|Riva TNT2"
2685     0x10de 0x00c0 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV41.0"
2686     0x10de 0x00c1 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV41.1"
2687     0x10de 0x00c2 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV41.2"
2688     0x10de 0x00c8 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce Go 6800"
2689     0x10de 0x00c9 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce Go 6800 Ultra"
2690     0x10de 0x00cc "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro FX Go1400"
2691     0x10de 0x00cd "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV41 [Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI]"
2692     0x10de 0x00ce "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro FX 1400"
2693     0x10de 0x00d0 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 LPC Bridge"
2694     0x10de 0x00d1 "amd64-agp" "nVidia Corp.|nForce 3 Host Bridge"
2695     0x10de 0x00d2 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 AGP Bridge"
2696     0x10de 0x00d3 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK804 Memory Controller"
2697     0x10de 0x00d4 "i2c-nforce2" "nVidia Corp.|nForce MCP3? SMBus Controller"
2698     0x10de 0x00d5 "amd74xx" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 IDE"
2699     0x10de 0x00d6 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 MCP Networking Adapter"
2700     0x10de 0x00d7 "usb-ohci" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 USB 1.1"
2701     0x10de 0x00d8 "ehci-hcd" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 USB 2.0"
2702     0x10de 0x00d9 "snd-intel8x0m" ""
2703     0x10de 0x00da "snd-intel8x0" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 Audio Codec Interface"
2704     0x10de 0x00dd "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 PCI Bridge"
2705     0x10de 0x00df "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|Ethernet adapter"
2706     0x10de 0x00e0 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 250Gb LPC Bridge"
2707     0x10de 0x00e1 "amd64-agp" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 250Gb Host Bridge"
2708     0x10de 0x00e2 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 250Gb AGP Host to PCI Bridge"
2709     0x10de 0x00e3 "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|CK8S Serial ATA Controller (v2.5)"
2710     0x10de 0x00e4 "i2c-nforce2" "nVidia Corp.|nForce 250Gb PCI System Management"
2711     0x10de 0x00e5 "amd74xx" "nVidia Corp.|CK8S Parallel ATA Controller (v2.5)"
2712     0x10de 0x00e6 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|Ethernet adapter"
2713     0x10de 0x00e7 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK8S USB Controller"
2714     0x10de 0x00e8 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|CK8S USB Controller"
2715     0x10de 0x00ea "snd-intel8x0" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 250Gb AC'97 Audio Controller"
2716     0x10de 0x00ed "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce3 250Gb PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
2717     0x10de 0x00ee "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|CK8S Serial ATA Controller (v2.5)"
2718     0x10de 0x00f0 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV40 [GeForce 6800/GeForce 6800 Ultra]"
2719     0x10de 0x00f1 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV43 [GeForce 6600/GeForce 6600 GT]"
2720     0x10de 0x00f2 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV43 [GeForce 6600 GT]"
2721     0x10de 0x00f3 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|NV43 [GeForce 6200]"
2722     0x10de 0x00f8 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV45GL [Quadro FX 3400 PCI-Express]"
2723     0x10de 0x00f9 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV40 [GeForce 6800 Ultra]"
2724     0x10de 0x00fa "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV36 [GeForce FX 5750 PCI-Express]"
2725     0x10de 0x00fb "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|NV35 [GeForce PCX 5900]"
2726     0x10de 0x00fc "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|NV37GL [Quadro FX 330/GeForce PCX 5300]"
2727     0x10de 0x00fd "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|NV37GL [Quadro FX 330]"
2728     0x10de 0x00fe "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV38GL [Quadro FX 1300 PCI-Express]"
2729     0x10de 0x00ff "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|NV18 [GeForce PCX 4300]"
2730     0x10de 0x0100 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 256 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce 256"
2731     0x10de 0x0101 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 256 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce DDR"
2732     0x10de 0x0102 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 256 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV10 GeForce 256 Ultra"
2733     0x10de 0x0103 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 256 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro"
2734     0x10de 0x0110 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 DDR (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV11 Geforce2 MX/MX 400"
2735     0x10de 0x0111 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 DDR (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV11 geForce2 100/200"
2736     0x10de 0x0112 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 DDR (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV11 Geforce2 Go"
2737     0x10de 0x0113 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 DDR (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV11 Quadro2 MXR/EX/Go"
2738     0x10de 0x0140 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV43 [MSI NX6600GT-TD128E]"
2739     0x10de 0x0141 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Geforce NX 6600"
2740     0x10de 0x0142 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2741     0x10de 0x0143 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2742     0x10de 0x0144 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce Go 6600"
2743     0x10de 0x0145 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce 6610 XL"
2744     0x10de 0x0146 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce Go 6600 TE/6200 TE"
2745     0x10de 0x0147 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2746     0x10de 0x0148 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce Go 6600"
2747     0x10de 0x0149 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2748     0x10de 0x014b "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2749     0x10de 0x014c "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2750     0x10de 0x014d "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2751     0x10de 0x014e "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro FX 540"
2752     0x10de 0x014f "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Geforce NX 6200"
2753     0x10de 0x0150 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 DDR (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV15 Geforce2 GTS"
2754     0x10de 0x0151 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 DDR (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV15 Geforce2 Ti"
2755     0x10de 0x0152 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 DDR (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV15 Bladerunner (GeForce2 Ultra)"
2756     0x10de 0x0153 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 DDR (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV15 Quadro2 Pro"
2757     0x10de 0x0160 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2758     0x10de 0x0161 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM)"
2759     0x10de 0x0162 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|"
2760     0x10de 0x0163 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|"
2761     0x10de 0x0164 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce Go 6200"
2762     0x10de 0x0165 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV44 [Quadro NVS 285]"
2763     0x10de 0x0166 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce Go 6250"
2764     0x10de 0x0167 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce Go 6200"
2765     0x10de 0x0168 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce Go 6250"
2766     0x10de 0x0169 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|"
2767     0x10de 0x016b "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|"
2768     0x10de 0x016c "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|"
2769     0x10de 0x016d "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|"
2770     0x10de 0x016e "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|"
2771     0x10de 0x0170 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17 GeForce4 MX 460"
2772     0x10de 0x0171 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17 GeForce4 MX 440"
2773     0x10de 0x0172 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17 GeForce4 MX 420"
2774     0x10de 0x0173 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17 GeForce4 MMX 440-SE"
2775     0x10de 0x0174 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17M GeForce4 440 Go"
2776     0x10de 0x0175 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17M GeForce4 420 Go"
2777     0x10de 0x0176 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17M GeForce4 420 Go 32M"
2778     0x10de 0x0177 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "NVIDIA Corp.|NV17M GeForce4 460 Go"
2779     0x10de 0x0178 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17GL Quadro4 500XGL"
2780     0x10de 0x0179 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17M GeForce4 440 Go 64M"
2781     0x10de 0x017a "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17GL Quadro4 200/400NVS"
2782     0x10de 0x017b "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17GL Quadro4 550XGL"
2783     0x10de 0x017c "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17M-GL Quadro4 500 GoGL"
2784     0x10de 0x017d "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV17M GeForce4 410 Go 16M"
2785     0x10de 0x0181 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV18 GeForce4 MX440 AGP 8x"
2786     0x10de 0x0182 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV18 GeForce4 MX440SE AGP 8x"
2787     0x10de 0x0183 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV18 GeForce4 MX420 AGP 8x"
2788     0x10de 0x0185 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "NVIDIA Corp.|NV18.6? GeForce4 MX 4000"
2789     0x10de 0x0186 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV18 GeForce4 448 Go"
2790     0x10de 0x0187 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV18 GeForce4 488 Go"
2791     0x10de 0x0188 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV18 Quadro4 580 XGL"
2792     0x10de 0x0189 "nvidiafb" ""
2793     0x10de 0x018a "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV18 Quadro4 280 NVS"
2794     0x10de 0x018b "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV18 Quadro4 380 XGL"
2795     0x10de 0x018c "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro NVS 50 PCI"
2796     0x10de 0x018d "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV18M [GeForce4 448 Go]"
2797     0x10de 0x01a0 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce2 Integrated (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce2 Integrated GPU"
2798     0x10de 0x01a4 "nvidia-agp" "nVidia Corp.|nForce AGP Controller"
2799     0x10de 0x01a5 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce AGP Controller"
2800     0x10de 0x01a6 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce AGP Controller"
2801     0x10de 0x01a8 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce 220 Memory Controller (SDR)"
2802     0x10de 0x01a9 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce 420 Memory Controller (SDR)"
2803     0x10de 0x01aa "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce 220 Memory Controller (DDR)"
2804     0x10de 0x01ab "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce 420 Memory Controller (DDR)"
2805     0x10de 0x01ac "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce 220/420 Memory Controller"
2806     0x10de 0x01ad "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|nForce Ethernet Controller"
2807     0x10de 0x01b0 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce MCP Audio Processing Unit (Dolby Digital)"
2808     0x10de 0x01b1 "snd-intel8x0" "nVidia Corp.|nForce Audio Codec Interface"
2809     0x10de 0x01b2 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce Joystick"
2810     0x10de 0x01b4 "i2c-amd756" "nVidia Corp.|nForce SMBus Controller"
2811     0x10de 0x01b7 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce AGP Host to PCI Bridge"
2812     0x10de 0x01b8 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce PCI Bridge"
2813     0x10de 0x01bc "amd74xx" "nVidia Corp.|nForce ATA Controller"
2814     0x10de 0x01c1 "slamr" "nVidia Corp.|Intel 537 [nForce MC97 Modem]"
2815     0x10de 0x01c2 "usb-ohci" "nVidia Corp.|nForce USB Controller"
2816     0x10de 0x01c3 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|nForce MCP Networking Adapter"
2817     0x10de 0x01da "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV36 [Quadro FX 1100]"
2818     0x10de 0x01e0 "nvidia-agp" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 AGP Controller"
2819     0x10de 0x01e1 "unknown" "NVIDIA Corp.|nForce2 AGP Controller"
2820     0x10de 0x01e8 "agpgart" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 AGP Host to PCI Bridge"
2821     0x10de 0x01ea "unknown" "NVIDIA Corp.|nForce2 Memory Controller 0"
2822     0x10de 0x01eb "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 Memory Controller"
2823     0x10de 0x01ec "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 Memory Controller"
2824     0x10de 0x01ed "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 Memory Controller"
2825     0x10de 0x01ee "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 Memory Controller"
2826     0x10de 0x01ef "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 Memory Controller"
2827     0x10de 0x01f0 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|nForce2 Geforce 4 Integrated"
2828     0x10de 0x0200 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce3 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce3"
2829     0x10de 0x0201 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce3 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce3 Ti 200"
2830     0x10de 0x0202 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce3 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce3 Ti 500"
2831     0x10de 0x0203 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce3 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro DDC"
2832     0x10de 0x0210 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2833     0x10de 0x0211 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce 6800"
2834     0x10de 0x0212 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce 6800 LE"
2835     0x10de 0x0215 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce 6800 GT"
2836     0x10de 0x021d "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2837     0x10de 0x021e "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|Unknown (generic)"
2838     0x10de 0x0220 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|"
2839     0x10de 0x0221 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce 6200"
2840     0x10de 0x0222 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|"
2841     0x10de 0x0228 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|"
2842     0x10de 0x0240 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2843     0x10de 0x0241 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2844     0x10de 0x0242 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2845     0x10de 0x0243 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2846     0x10de 0x0244 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2847     0x10de 0x0245 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2848     0x10de 0x0246 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2849     0x10de 0x0247 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2850     0x10de 0x0248 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2851     0x10de 0x0249 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2852     0x10de 0x024a "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2853     0x10de 0x024b "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2854     0x10de 0x024c "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2855     0x10de 0x024d "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2856     0x10de 0x024e "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2857     0x10de 0x024f "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2858     0x10de 0x0250 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV25 GeForce4 Ti4600"
2859     0x10de 0x0251 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV25 GeForce4 Ti4400"
2860     0x10de 0x0252 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x252"
2861     0x10de 0x0253 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV25 GeForce4 Ti4200"
2862     0x10de 0x0258 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro4 900 XGL"
2863     0x10de 0x0259 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro4 750 XGL"
2864     0x10de 0x025b "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro4 750 XGL"
2865     0x10de 0x0260 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 LPC Bridge"
2866     0x10de 0x0261 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 LPC Bridge"
2867     0x10de 0x0262 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 LPC Bridge"
2868     0x10de 0x0263 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 LPC Bridge"
2869     0x10de 0x0264 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 SMBus"
2870     0x10de 0x0265 "amd74xx" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 IDE"
2871     0x10de 0x0266 "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 Serial ATA Controller"
2872     0x10de 0x0267 "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 Serial ATA Controller"
2873     0x10de 0x0268 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 Ethernet Controller"
2874     0x10de 0x0269 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 Ethernet Controller"
2875     0x10de 0x026a "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 MCI"
2876     0x10de 0x026b "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 AC97 Audio Controller"
2877     0x10de 0x026c "snd-hda-intel" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 High Definition Audio"
2878     0x10de 0x026d "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 USB Controller"
2879     0x10de 0x026e "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 USB Controller"
2880     0x10de 0x026f "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 PCI Bridge"
2881     0x10de 0x0270 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 Host Bridge"
2882     0x10de 0x0271 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 PMU"
2883     0x10de 0x0272 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP51 Memory Controller 0"
2884     0x10de 0x027e "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Memory Controller 2"
2885     0x10de 0x027f "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Memory Controller 3"
2886     0x10de 0x0280 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce4 Ti 4800"
2887     0x10de 0x0281 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X"
2888     0x10de 0x0282 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE"
2889     0x10de 0x0286 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce4 Ti 4200 Go"
2890     0x10de 0x0288 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro4 980 XGL"
2891     0x10de 0x0289 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro4 780 XGL"
2892     0x10de 0x028c "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro4 700 GoGL"
2893     0x10de 0x02a0 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce3 (xbox)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce3 Integrated (Xbox)"
2894     0x10de 0x02f0 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Host Bridge"
2895     0x10de 0x02f1 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Host Bridge"
2896     0x10de 0x02f2 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Host Bridge"
2897     0x10de 0x02f3 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Host Bridge"
2898     0x10de 0x02f4 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Host Bridge"
2899     0x10de 0x02f5 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Host Bridge"
2900     0x10de 0x02f6 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Host Bridge"
2901     0x10de 0x02f7 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Host Bridge"
2902     0x10de 0x02f8 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Memory Controller 5"
2903     0x10de 0x02f9 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Memory Controller 4"
2904     0x10de 0x02fa "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Memory Controller 0"
2905     0x10de 0x02fb "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2906     0x10de 0x02fc "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2907     0x10de 0x02fd "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 PCI Express Bridge"
2908     0x10de 0x02fe "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Memory Controller 1"
2909     0x10de 0x02ff "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|C51 Host Bridge"
2910     0x10de 0x0300 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV30 GeForce FX"
2911     0x10de 0x0301 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce FX 5800 Ultra"
2912     0x10de 0x0302 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce FX 5800"
2913     0x10de 0x0308 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro FX 2000"
2914     0x10de 0x0309 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|Quadro FX 1000"
2915     0x10de 0x0311 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce FX 5600"
2916     0x10de 0x0312 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce FX 5600"
2917     0x10de 0x0313 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|NV31"
2918     0x10de 0x0314 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "NVIDIA Corp.|NV31 GeForce FX 5600XT"
2919     0x10de 0x0316 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x316"
2920     0x10de 0x0317 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x317"
2921     0x10de 0x0318 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x318"
2922     0x10de 0x0319 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x319"
2923     0x10de 0x031a "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "NVIDIA Corp.|NV31 GeForce Go 5600"
2924     0x10de 0x031b "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x31B"
2925     0x10de 0x031c "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x31C"
2926     0x10de 0x031d "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x31D"
2927     0x10de 0x031e "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x31E"
2928     0x10de 0x031f "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x31F"
2929     0x10de 0x0320 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV34 [GeForce FX 5200]"
2930     0x10de 0x0321 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce FX 5200 Ultra"
2931     0x10de 0x0322 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce FX 5200"
2932     0x10de 0x0323 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x323"
2933     0x10de 0x0324 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV30GL [GeForce FX 5200 Go]"
2934     0x10de 0x0325 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "NVIDIA Corp.|??? GeForce FX Go 5250"
2935     0x10de 0x0326 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x326"
2936     0x10de 0x0327 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV34 [GeForce FX 5100]"
2937     0x10de 0x0328 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|GeForce FX Go 5200"
2938     0x10de 0x0329 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV34M [GeForce FX Go5200]"
2939     0x10de 0x032a "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x32A"
2940     0x10de 0x032b "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x32B"
2941     0x10de 0x032c "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "NVIDIA Corp.|??? NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5300"
2942     0x10de 0x032d "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV34 [GeForce FX Go5100]"
2943     0x10de 0x032e "Card:NVIDIA GeForce4 (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|0x32E"
2944     0x10de 0x032f "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "NVIDIA Corp.|NV34GL ???"
2945     0x10de 0x0330 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV35 [GeForce FX 5900 Ultra]"
2946     0x10de 0x0331 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV35 [GeForce FX 5900]"
2947     0x10de 0x0332 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "NVIDIA Corp.|??? GeForce FX 5900XT"
2948     0x10de 0x0333 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV38 [GeForce FX 5950]"
2949     0x10de 0x0334 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|NV35 [GeForce FX 5900ZT]"
2950     0x10de 0x0338 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV35GL [Quadro FX 3000]"
2951     0x10de 0x033f "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV35GL [Quadro FX 700]"
2952     0x10de 0x0341 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV36 [GeForce FX 5700 Ultra]"
2953     0x10de 0x0342 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV36 [GeForce FX 5700]"
2954     0x10de 0x0343 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV36 [GeForce FX 5700LE]"
2955     0x10de 0x0344 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV36.4 [GeForce FX 5700VE]"
2956     0x10de 0x0345 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|NV36.5"
2957     0x10de 0x0347 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV36 [GeForce FX Go5700]"
2958     0x10de 0x0348 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV36 [GeForce FX Go5700]"
2959     0x10de 0x0349 "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|NV36"
2960     0x10de 0x034b "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|NV36"
2961     0x10de 0x034c "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV36 [Quadro FX Go1000]"
2962     0x10de 0x034e "Card:NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)" "nVidia Corp.|NV36 [Quadro FX 1100]"
2963     0x10de 0x034f "Card:NVIDIA GeForce" "nVidia Corp.|NV36GL"
2964     0x10de 0x0360 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 LPC Bridge"
2965     0x10de 0x0361 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 LPC Bridge"
2966     0x10de 0x0362 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 LPC Bridge"
2967     0x10de 0x0363 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 LPC Bridge"
2968     0x10de 0x0364 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 LPC Bridge"
2969     0x10de 0x0365 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 LPC Bridge"
2970     0x10de 0x0366 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 LPC Bridge"
2971     0x10de 0x0367 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 LPC Bridge"
2972     0x10de 0x0368 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 SMBus"
2973     0x10de 0x0369 "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 Memory Controller"
2974     0x10de 0x036a "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 Memory Controller"
2975     0x10de 0x036c "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 USB Controller"
2976     0x10de 0x036d "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 USB Controller"
2977     0x10de 0x036e "amd74xx" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 Serial ATA Controller"
2978     0x10de 0x036f "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 Serial ATA Controller"
2979     0x10de 0x0371 "snd-hda-intel" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 High Definition Audio"
2980     0x10de 0x0372 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 Ethernet"
2981     0x10de 0x0373 "forcedeth" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 Ethernet"
2982     0x10de 0x037a "unknown" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 Memory Controller"
2983     0x10de 0x037e "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 SATA Controller"
2984     0x10de 0x037f "sata_nv" "nVidia Corp.|MCP55 SATA Controller"
2985     0x10df 0x10df "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|Light Pulse Fibre Channel Adapter"
2986     0x10df 0x1ae5 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP6000 Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
2987     0x10df 0x1ae6 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP 8000 Fibre Channel Host Adapter Alternate ID (JX1:2-3, JX2:1-2)"
2988     0x10df 0x1ae7 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP 8000 Fibre Channel Host Adapter Alternate ID (JX1:2-3, JX2:2-3)"
2989     0x10df 0xf005 "unknown" "Emulex Corp.|LP1150e Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
2990     0x10df 0xf015 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP1150e"
2991     0x10df 0xf085 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP850 Fibre Channel Adapter"
2992     0x10df 0xf095 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP952 Fibre Channel Adapter"
2993     0x10df 0xf098 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP982 Fibre Channel Adapter"
2994     0x10df 0xf0a1 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LightPulse Fibre Channel Adapter"
2995     0x10df 0xf0a5 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP1050 Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
2996     0x10df 0xf0d1 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
2997     0x10df 0xf0d5 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP1150"
2998     0x10df 0xf0e1 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
2999     0x10df 0xf0e5 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
3000     0x10df 0xf100 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP11000e"
3001     0x10df 0xf700 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP7000 Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
3002     0x10df 0xf701 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP 7000EFibre Channel Host Adapter Alternate ID (JX1:2-3, JX2:1-2)"
3003     0x10df 0xf800 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP8000 Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
3004     0x10df 0xf801 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP 8000 Fibre Channel Host Adapter Alternate ID (JX1:2-3, JX2:1-2)"
3005     0x10df 0xf900 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP9000 Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
3006     0x10df 0xf901 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP 9000 Fibre Channel Host Adapter Alternate ID (JX1:2-3, JX2:1-2)"
3007     0x10df 0xf980 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP9802 Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
3008     0x10df 0xf981 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP 9802 Fibre Channel Host Adapter Alternate ID"
3009     0x10df 0xf982 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP 9802 Fibre Channel Host Adapter Alternate ID"
3010     0x10df 0xfa00 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP10000 Fibre Channel Adapter"
3011     0x10df 0xfa01 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP101"
3012     0x10df 0xfb00 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LightPulse Fibre Channel Adapter"
3013     0x10df 0xfc00 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP10000-S 2"
3014     0x10df 0xfd00 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|LP11000"
3015     0x10df 0xfe00 "lpfc" "Emulex Corp.|Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
3016     0x10e0 0x5026 "unknown" "Integrated Micro|IMS5026/27/28"
3017     0x10e0 0x5027 "unknown" "Integrated Micro|IMS5027"
3018     0x10e0 0x5028 "unknown" "Integrated Micro|IMS5028"
3019     0x10e0 0x8849 "unknown" "Integrated Micro|IMS8849"
3020     0x10e0 0x8853 "unknown" "Integrated Micro|IMS8853"
3021     0x10e0 0x9128 "Card:IMS TwinTurbo (generic)" "Integrated Micro|IMS9129 [Twin turbo 128]"
3022     0x10e0 0x9135 "Card:IMS TwinTurbo (generic)" "IMS|TwinTurbo 3D"
3023     0x10e1 0x0391 "unknown" "Tekram|TRM-S1040"
3024     0x10e1 0x690c "unknown" "Tekram|DC-690c"
3025     0x10e1 0xdc20 "unknown" "Tekram Technology Corp. Ltd.|DC-290 EIDE Controller"
3026     0x10e1 0xdc29 "unknown" "Tekram|DC-290"
3027     0x10e3 0x0000 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Tundra Semiconductor Corp.|CA91C042 [Universe]"
3028     0x10e3 0x0513 "unknown" "Tundra Semiconductor Corp.|Tsi320 Dual-Mode PCI-to-PCI Bus Bridge"
3029     0x10e3 0x0850 "unknown" "Tundra Semiconductor Corp.|Tsi850 Power PC Dual PCI Host Bridge"
3030     0x10e3 0x0854 "unknown" "Tundra Semiconductor Corp.|Tsi850 Power PC Single PCI Host Bridge"
3031     0x10e3 0x0860 "unknown" "Tundra Semiconductor Corp.|CA91C860 [QSpan]"
3032     0x10e3 0x0862 "unknown" "Tundra Semiconductor Corp.|CA91L862A QSpan II PCI-to-Motorola CPU Bridge"
3033     0x10e3 0x8260 "unknown" "Tundra Semiconductor Corp.|CA91L8200/8260 PowerSpan II PowerPC-to-PCI Bus Switch"
3034     0x10e3 0x8261 "unknown" "Tundra Semiconductor Corp.|CA91L8200/8260 PowerSpan II PowerPC-to-PCI Bus Switch"
3035     0x10e8 0x1072 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|INES GPIB-PCI (AMCC5920 based)"
3036     0x10e8 0x2011 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Q-Motion Video Capture/Edit board"
3037     0x10e8 0x4750 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|S5930 [Matchmaker]"
3038     0x10e8 0x5920 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|S5920"
3039     0x10e8 0x8001 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|S5933 Daktronics VMax transmitter card"
3040     0x10e8 0x8033 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|BBK-PCI light Transputer Link Interface"
3041     0x10e8 0x8043 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|LANai4.x [Myrinet LANai interface chip]"
3042     0x10e8 0x8062 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|S5933_PARASTATION"
3043     0x10e8 0x807d "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|S5933 [Matchmaker]"
3044     0x10e8 0x8088 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Kingsberg Spacetec Format Synchronizer"
3045     0x10e8 0x8089 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Kingsberg Spacetec Serial Output Board"
3046     0x10e8 0x809c "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|S5933_HEPC3"
3047     0x10e8 0x80d7 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|PCI-9112"
3048     0x10e8 0x80d8 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|PCI-7200"
3049     0x10e8 0x80d9 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|PCI-9118"
3050     0x10e8 0x80da "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|PCI-9812"
3051     0x10e8 0x811a "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|PCI-IEEE1355-DS-DE Interface"
3052     0x10e8 0x814c "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Fastcom ESCC-PCI (Commtech, Inc.)"
3053     0x10e8 0x8170 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|S5933 Matchmaker PCI Chipset Development Tool"
3054     0x10e8 0x81b7 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|S5933 AJAVideo NTV ITU-R.601 video stillstore"
3055     0x10e8 0x81db "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|AJA HDNTV HD SDI Framestore"
3056     0x10e8 0x81e6 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Multimedia video controller"
3057     0x10e8 0x8291 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Fastcom 232/8-PCI (Commtech, Inc.)"
3058     0x10e8 0x82c4 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Fastcom 422/4-PCI (Commtech, Inc.)"
3059     0x10e8 0x82c5 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Fastcom 422/2-PCI (Commtech, Inc.)"
3060     0x10e8 0x82c6 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Fastcom IG422/1-PCI (Commtech, Inc.)"
3061     0x10e8 0x82c7 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Fastcom IG232/2-PCI (Commtech, Inc.)"
3062     0x10e8 0x82ca "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Fastcom 232/4-PCI (Commtech, Inc.)"
3063     0x10e8 0x82db "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|AJA HDNTV HD SDI Framestore"
3064     0x10e8 0x82e2 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|Fastcom DIO24H-PCI (Commtech, Inc.)"
3065     0x10e8 0x8851 "unknown" "Applied Micro Circuits Corp.|S5933 on Innes Corp FM Radio Capture card"
3066     0x10ea 0x1680 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Intergraphics Systems|IGA-1680"
3067     0x10ea 0x1682 "Card:VESA driver (generic)" "Intergraphics Systems|IGA-1682"
3068     0x10ea 0x1683 "unknown" "Intergraphics Systems|IGA-1683"
3069     0x10ea 0x2000 "cyber2000fb" "Intergraphics Systems|CyberPro 2000"
3070     0x10ea 0x2010 "cyber2000fb" "Intergraphics Systems|CyberPro 2000A"
3071     0x10ea 0x5000 "cyber2000fb" "Intergraphics Systems|CyberPro 5000"
3072     0x10ea 0x5050 "trident" "Intergraphics Systems|CyberPro 5050"
3073     0x10ea 0x5202 "unknown" "Intergraphics Systems|CyberPro 5202"
3074     0x10ea 0x5252 "unknown" "Intergraphics Systems|CyberPro5252"
3075     0x10eb 0x0101 "unknown" "Artists Graphics|3GA"
3076     0x10eb 0x8111 "unknown" "Artists Graphics|Twist3 Frame Grabber"
3077     0x10ec 0x0139 "unknown" "Realtek Semiconductor| "
3078     0x10ec 0x8029 "ne2k-pci" "Realtek Semiconductor|RTL-8029(AS)"
3079     0x10ec 0x8129 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|RTL-8129"
3080     0x10ec 0x8131 "unknown" "Realtek Semiconductor| "
3081     0x10ec 0x8138 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|RT8139 (B/C) Cardbus Fast Ethernet Adapter"
3082     0x10ec 0x8139 0x0357 0x000a "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|TTP-Monitoring Card V2.0"
3083     0x10ec 0x8139 0x0e11 0x0056 "8139cp" "Realtek Semiconductor|RTL-8139"
3084     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1025 0x005a "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|TravelMate 290"
3085     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1025 0x8920 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|ALN-325"
3086     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1025 0x8921 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|ALN-325"
3087     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1071 0x8160 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|MIM2000"
3088     0x10ec 0x8139 0x10bd 0x0320 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|EP-320X-R"
3089     0x10ec 0x8139 0x10ec 0x8139 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|RT8139"
3090     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1113 0xec01 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|FNC-0107TX"
3091     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1186 0x1300 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|DFE-538TX"
3092     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1186 0x1320 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|SN5200"
3093     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1186 0x8139 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|DRN-32TX"
3094     0x10ec 0x8139 0x11f6 0x8139 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|FN22-3(A) LinxPRO Ethernet Adapter"
3095     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1259 0x2500 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|AT-2500TX"
3096     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1259 0x2503 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|AT-2500TX/ACPI"
3097     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1429 0xd010 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|ND010"
3098     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1432 0x9130 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|EN-9130TX"
3099     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1436 0x8139 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|RT8139"
3100     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1458 0xe000 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|GA-7VM400M/7VT600 Motherboard"
3101     0x10ec 0x8139 0x146c 0x1439 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|FE-1439TX"
3102     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1489 0x6001 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|GF100TXRII"
3103     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1489 0x6002 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|GF100TXRA"
3104     0x10ec 0x8139 0x149c 0x139a "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|LFE-8139ATX"
3105     0x10ec 0x8139 0x149c 0x8139 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|LFE-8139TX"
3106     0x10ec 0x8139 0x14cb 0x0200 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|LNR-100 Family 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet"
3107     0x10ec 0x8139 0x1799 0x5000 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|F5D5000 PCI Card/Desktop Network PCI Card"
3108     0x10ec 0x8139 0x2646 0x0001 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|EtheRx"
3109     0x10ec 0x8139 0x8e2e 0x7000 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|KF-230TX"
3110     0x10ec 0x8139 0x8e2e 0x7100 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|KF-230TX/2"
3111     0x10ec 0x8139 0x9001 0x1695 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|Onboard RTL8101L 10/100 MBit"
3112     0x10ec 0x8139 0xa0a0 0x0007 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|ALN-325C"
3113     0x10ec 0x8139 "8139too" "Realtek Semiconductor|RTL-8139"
3114     0x10ec 0x8169 "r8169" "Realtek Semiconductor|RTL-8169"
3115     0x10ec 0x8180 "r8180" "Realtek Semiconductor|RTL8180 Realtek RTL8180 Wireless LAN (Mini-)PCI NIC"
3116     0x10ec 0x8185 "r8180" "Realtek Semiconductor|RTL8185 Realtek RTL8185 Wireless LAN (Mini-)PCI NIC"
3117     0x10ec 0x8197 "slamr" "Realtek Semiconductor|SmartLAN56 56K Modem"
3118     0x10ed 0x7310 "unknown" "Ascii Corp.|V7310"
3119     0x10ee 0x0000 "unknown" "Xilinx Corp.|8343176 PCI to H.100 audio interface"
3120     0x10ee 0x0314 "wct4xxp" "Xilinx Corp.|Wildcard TE405P/TE410P (1st Gen)"
3121     0x10ee 0x1001 "unknown" "Xilinx Corp.|8343176 PCI to H.100 audio interface"
3122     0x10ee 0x3fc0 "snd-rme96" "Xilinx Corp.|RME Digi96"
3123     0x10ee 0x3fc1 "snd-rme96" "Xilinx Corp.|RME Digi96/8"
3124     0x10ee 0x3fc2 "snd-rme96" "Xilinx Corp.|RME Digi96/8 Pro"
3125     0x10ee 0x3fc3 "snd-rme96" "Xilinx Corp.|RME Digi96/8 Pad"
3126     0x10ee 0x3fc4 "rme96xx" "Xilinx Corp.|Digi9652 Hammerfall"
3127     0x10ee 0x3fc5 "snd-hdsp" "Xilinx Corp.|RME Hammerfall DSP"
3128     0x10ee 0x3fc6 "snd-hdspm" "Xilinx Corp.|RME Hammerfall DSP MADI"
3129     0x10ee 0x4020 "ISDN:tpam" "Xilinx Corp.| ISDN Adapter"
3130     0x10ee 0x5343 "unknown" "Xilinx Corp.|Seamont SC100 Security Adapter"
3131     0x10ee 0x8130 "unknown" "Xilinx Corp.|Durango PMC Virtex-II Bridge, XC2V1000-4FG456C"
3132     0x10ee 0x8381 "unknown" "Xilinx Corp.|Ellips Santos Frame Grabber"
3133     0x10ef 0x8154 "unknown" "Racore Computer Products Inc.|M815x Token Ring Adapter"
3134     0x10f0 0xa800 "unknown" "Peritek Corp.|VCL-P Graphics board"
3135     0x10f0 0xb300 "unknown" "Peritek Corp.|VCL-M graphics board"
3136     0x10f1 0x1566 "unknown" "Tyan Computer|IDE/SCSI"
3137     0x10f1 0x1677 "unknown" "Tyan Computer|Multimedia"
3138     0x10f4 0x1300 "unknown" "S-Mos Systems|rev1.1 PCI to S5U13x06B0B Bridge Adapter"
3139     0x10f5 0xa001 "unknown" "NKK Corp.|NDR4000 [NR4600 Bridge]"
3140     0x10fa 0x0000 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3141     0x10fa 0x0001 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3142     0x10fa 0x0002 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3143     0x10fa 0x0003 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3144     0x10fa 0x0004 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3145     0x10fa 0x0005 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3146     0x10fa 0x0006 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3147     0x10fa 0x0007 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3148     0x10fa 0x0008 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3149     0x10fa 0x0009 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3150     0x10fa 0x000a "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3151     0x10fa 0x000b "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3152     0x10fa 0x000c "unknown" "TrueVision|TARGA 1000"
3153     0x10fa 0x000d "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3154     0x10fa 0x000e "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3155     0x10fa 0x000f "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3156     0x10fa 0x0010 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3157     0x10fa 0x0011 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3158     0x10fa 0x0012 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3159     0x10fa 0x0013 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3160     0x10fa 0x0014 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3161     0x10fa 0x0015 "unknown" "TrueVision|GUI Accelerator"
3162     0x10fb 0x186f "unknown" "Thesys Gesellschaft für Mikroelektronik mbH|TH 6255"
3163     0x10fc 0x0003 "unknown" "I-O Data Device Inc.|Cardbus IDE Controller"
3164     0x10fc 0x0005 "nsp32" "I-O Data Device Inc.|Cardbus SCSI CBSC II"
3165     0x1101 0x0002 "initio" "Initio Corp.|Ultra SCSI Adapter"
3166     0x1101 0x1060 "a100u2w" "Initio Corp.|INI-A100U2W"
3167     0x1101 0x134a "initio" "Initio Corp.|Ultra SCSI Adapter"
3168     0x1101 0x9100 "initio" "Initio Corp.|INI-9100/9100W"
3169     0x1101 0x9400 "initio" "Initio Corp.|INI-940"
3170     0x1101 0x9401 "initio" "Initio Corp.|INI-950"
3171     0x1101 0x9500 "initio" "Initio Corp.|360P"
3172     0x1101 0x9502 "unknown" "Initio Corp.|Initio INI-9100UW Ultra Wide SCSI Controller INIC-950P chip"
3173     0x1101 0x9700 "initio" "Initio Corp.|Fast Wide SCSI Controller"
3174     0x1102 0x0002 "snd-emu10k1" "Creative Labs|SB Live! (audio)"
3175     0x1102 0x0003 "unknown" "Creative Labs|EMU8008 AWE64D OEM (CT4600)"
3176     0x1102 0x0004 "snd-emu10k1" "Creative Labs|EMU10K2 Audigy Audio Processor"
3177     0x1102 0x0006 "snd-emu10k1x" "Creative Labs|SB Live! Value (EMU10k1X"
3178     0x1102 0x0007 "snd-ca0106" "Creative Labs|SB Audigy LS"
3179     0x1102 0x0008 "snd-emu10k1" "Creative Labs|SB0400 Audigy2 Value"
3180     0x1102 0x0101 "unknown" "Creative Labs|GeForce 256 DDR Nvida Corp. Video"
3181     0x1102 0x1017 "unknown" "Creative Labs|Banshee 3D Blaster Banshee PCI CT6760"
3182     0x1102 0x1047 "unknown" "Creative Labs|3D Blaster Annihilator 2"
3183     0x1102 0x1371 "unknown" "Creative Labs| "
3184     0x1102 0x2898 "unknown" "Creative Labs| "
3185     0x1102 0x4001 "ohci1394" "Creative Labs|EMU10K2 Audigy IEEE1394 Firewire Controller"
3186     0x1102 0x7002 "emu10k1-gp" "Creative Labs|SB Live! (joystick)"
3187     0x1102 0x7003 "emu10k1-gp" "Creative Labs|EMU10K2 Audigy Gameport"
3188     0x1102 0x7004 "emu10k1-gp" "Creative Labs|[SB Live! Value] Input device controller"
3189     0x1102 0x7005 "emu10k1-gp" "Creative Labs|SB Audigy LS MIDI/Game port"
3190     0x1102 0x8064 "unknown" "Creative Labs|SB0100 [SBLive! 5.1 OEM]"
3191     0x1102 0x8938 "es1371" "Creative Labs|AudioPCI ES1371+"
3192     0x1103 0x0003 "hpt34x" "Triones|HPT343"
3193     0x1103 0x0004 "hptraid" "Triones|HPT366"
3194     0x1103 0x0005 "hpt366" "HighPoint Technologies Inc.|HPT370 UDMA66/100 EIDE Controller"
3195     0x1103 0x0006 "hpt366" "Triones|HPT302"
3196     0x1103 0x0007 "hpt366" "Triones|HPT371"
3197     0x1103 0x0008 "hpt366" "HighPoint Technologies Inc.|HPT374 UDMA/ATA133 RAID Controller"
3198     0x1103 0x0009 "hpt366" "Triones|HPT372N"
3199     0x1105 0x1105 "unknown" "Sigma Designs Inc.|REALmagic Xcard MPEG 1/2/3/4 DVD Decoder"
3200     0x1105 0x5000 "unknown" "Sigma Designs Inc.|Multimedia"
3201     0x1105 0x8300 "em8300" "Sigma Designs Inc.|REALmagic Hollywood Plus DVD Decoder"
3202     0x1105 0x8400 "unknown" "Sigma Designs Inc.|EM8400 MPEG-2 Decoder"
3203     0x1105 0x8401 "unknown" "Sigma Designs Inc.|EM8401 REALmagic DVD/MPEG-2 A/V Decoder"
3204     0x1105 0x8470 "unknown" "Sigma Designs Inc.|EM8470 REALmagic DVD/MPEG-4 A/V Decoder"
3205     0x1105 0x8471 "unknown" "Sigma Designs Inc.|EM8471 REALmagic DVD/MPEG-4 A/V Decoder"
3206     0x1105 0x8475 "unknown" "Sigma Designs Inc.|EM8475 MPEG-4 Decoder"
3207     0x1105 0x8476 "unknown" "Sigma Designs Inc.|EM8476 REALmagic DVD/MPEG-4 A/V Decoder"
3208     0x1105 0x8485 "unknown" "Sigma Designs Inc.|EM8485 REALmagic DVD/MPEG-4 A/V Decoder"
3209     0x1105 0x8486 "unknown" "Sigma Designs Inc.|EM8486 REALmagic DVD/MPEG-4 A/V Decoder"
3210     0x1106 0x0102 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|Embedded VIA Ethernet Controller"
3211     0x1106 0x0130 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT6305 1394.A OHCI Link Layer Controller"
3212     0x1106 0x0198 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
3213     0x1106 0x0204 "amd64-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
3214     0x1106 0x0238 "amd64-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3215     0x1106 0x0258 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI to PCI Bridge"
3216     0x1106 0x0259 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
3217     0x1106 0x0269 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|KT880 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3218     0x1106 0x0282 "amd64-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T880Pro CPU to PCI Bridge"
3219     0x1106 0x0290 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M890 Host Bridge"
3220     0x1106 0x0296 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800 Host Bridge"
3221     0x1106 0x0305 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8363/8365 [KT133/KM133]"
3222     0x1106 0x0308 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT894 Host Bridge"
3223     0x1106 0x0314 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800CE Host Bridge"
3224     0x1106 0x0391 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8371 [KX133]"
3225     0x1106 0x0501 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8501"
3226     0x1106 0x0505 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C505"
3227     0x1106 0x0561 "generic" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C561"
3228     0x1106 0x0571 "via82cxxx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C586 IDE [Apollo]"
3229     0x1106 0x0576 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C576 3V [Apollo Master]"
3230     0x1106 0x0585 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C585VP [Apollo VP1/VPX]"
3231     0x1106 0x0586 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C586/A/B PCI-to-ISA [Apollo VP]"
3232     0x1106 0x0591 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8237A SATA 2-Port Controller"
3233     0x1106 0x0595 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C595 [Apollo VP2]"
3234     0x1106 0x0596 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C596 ISA [Apollo PRO]"
3235     0x1106 0x0597 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C597 [Apollo VP3]"
3236     0x1106 0x0598 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C598 [Apollo MVP3]"
3237     0x1106 0x0601 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8601"
3238     0x1106 0x0605 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8605 [ProSavage PM133]"
3239     0x1106 0x0680 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C680 [Apollo P6]"
3240     0x1106 0x0686 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C686 [Apollo Super]"
3241     0x1106 0x0691 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C691 [Apollo PRO]"
3242     0x1106 0x0692 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|North Bridge"
3243     0x1106 0x0693 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C693 [Apollo Pro Plus]"
3244     0x1106 0x0698 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C693A [Apollo Pro133 AGP]"
3245     0x1106 0x0926 "ne2k-pci" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C926 [Amazon]"
3246     0x1106 0x1000 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C570MV"
3247     0x1106 0x1106 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C570MV"
3248     0x1106 0x1204 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M800 Host Bridge"
3249     0x1106 0x1208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT890 Host Bridge"
3250     0x1106 0x1238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3251     0x1106 0x1258 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT880 Host Bridge"
3252     0x1106 0x1259 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CN400/PM880 Host Bridge"
3253     0x1106 0x1269 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|KT880 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3254     0x1106 0x1282 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T880Pro CPU to PCI Bridge"
3255     0x1106 0x1290 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M890 Host Bridge"
3256     0x1106 0x1296 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800 Host Bridge"
3257     0x1106 0x1308 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT894 Host Bridge"
3258     0x1106 0x1314 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800CE Host Bridge"
3259     0x1106 0x1571 "via82cxxx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C416MV"
3260     0x1106 0x1595 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C595/97 [Apollo VP2/97]"
3261     0x1106 0x2204 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M800 Host Bridge"
3262     0x1106 0x2208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT890 Host Bridge"
3263     0x1106 0x2238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3264     0x1106 0x2258 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT880 Host Bridge"
3265     0x1106 0x2259 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CN400/PM880 Host Bridge"
3266     0x1106 0x2269 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|KT880 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3267     0x1106 0x2282 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T880Pro CPU to PCI Bridge"
3268     0x1106 0x2290 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M890 Host Bridge"
3269     0x1106 0x2296 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800 Host Bridge"
3270     0x1106 0x2308 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT894 Host Bridge"
3271     0x1106 0x2314 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800CE Host Bridge"
3272     0x1106 0x287a "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8251 PCI to PCI Bridge"
3273     0x1106 0x287b "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8251 PCI to PCIE Bridge"
3274     0x1106 0x287c "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8251 PCIE Root Port"
3275     0x1106 0x287d "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8251 PCIE Root Port"
3276     0x1106 0x287e "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8251 Ultra VLINK Controller"
3277     0x1106 0x3022 "Card:S3 UniChrome" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CLE266"
3278     0x1106 0x3038 "usb-uhci" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C586B USB"
3279     0x1106 0x3040 "i2c-via" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C586B ACPI"
3280     0x1106 0x3043 "via-rhine" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT86C100A [Rhine 10/100]"
3281     0x1106 0x3044 "ohci1394" "VIA Technologies Inc.|OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller"
3282     0x1106 0x3050 "i2c-viapro" "VIA Technologies Inc.|Power Management Controller"
3283     0x1106 0x3051 "i2c-viapro" "VIA Technologies Inc.|Power Management Controller"
3284     0x1106 0x3053 "via-rhine" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT6105M [Rhine III 10/100]"
3285     0x1106 0x3057 "i2c-viapro" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C686 [Apollo Super ACPI]"
3286     0x1106 0x3058 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C686 [Apollo Super AC97/Audio]"
3287     0x1106 0x3059 0x1019 0x0a81 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|L7VTA v1.0 Motherboard (KT400-8235)"
3288     0x1106 0x3059 0x1043 0x8095 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|A7V8X Motherboard (Realtek ALC650 codec)"
3289     0x1106 0x3059 0x1043 0x80a1 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|A7V8X-X Motherboard"
3290     0x1106 0x3059 0x1043 0x80b0 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|A7V600 motherboard (ADI AD1980 codec [SoundMAX])"
3291     0x1106 0x3059 0x1106 0x3059 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|L7VMM2 Motherboard"
3292     0x1106 0x3059 0x1106 0x4161 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K7VT2 motherboard"
3293     0x1106 0x3059 0x1297 0xc160 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|FX41 motherboard (Realtek ALC650 codec)"
3294     0x1106 0x3059 0x1458 0xa002 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|GA-7VAX Onboard Audio (Realtek ALC650)"
3295     0x1106 0x3059 0x1462 0x0080 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T NEO 2 motherboard"
3296     0x1106 0x3059 0x1462 0x3800 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|KT266 onboard audio"
3297     0x1106 0x3059 0x1462 0x5901 "via82cxxx_audio" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8233 [AC97 Audio Controller]"
3298     0x1106 0x3059 0x147b 0x1407 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|KV8-MAX3 motherboard"
3299     0x1106 0x3059 0x1849 0x9761 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K7VT4 motherboard"
3300     0x1106 0x3059 0x4005 0x4710 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU (MSI-6380 v2) onboard audio (Realtek/ALC 200/200P)"
3301     0x1106 0x3059 0xa0a0 0x01b6 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|AK77-8XN onboard audio"
3302     0x1106 0x3059 "snd-via82xx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8233 [AC97 Audio Controller]"
3303     0x1106 0x3065 "via-rhine" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT6102 [Rhine II 10/100]"
3304     0x1106 0x3068 "slamr" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C686 [Apollo Super AC97/Modem]"
3305     0x1106 0x3074 "via-ircc" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8233 PCI to ISA Bridge"
3306     0x1106 0x3086 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C686 Power management"
3307     0x1106 0x3091 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8633 [Apollo Pro266]"
3308     0x1106 0x3099 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8367 [KT266]"
3309     0x1106 0x3101 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8653 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3310     0x1106 0x3102 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8662 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3311     0x1106 0x3103 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8615 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3312     0x1106 0x3104 "ehci-hcd" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8235 USB Enhanced Controller"
3313     0x1106 0x3106 "via-rhine" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT6105 [Rhine III 10/100]"
3314     0x1106 0x3108 "Card:S3 UniChrome" "VIA Technologies Inc.|S3 Unichrome Pro VGA Adapter"
3315     0x1106 0x3109 "via-ircc" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8233C PCI to ISA Bridge"
3316     0x1106 0x3112 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8361 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3317     0x1106 0x3113 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI to PCI Bridge"
3318     0x1106 0x3116 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU-to-PCI Bridge"
3319     0x1106 0x3118 "Card:S3 UniChrome" "VIA Technologies Inc.|S3 Unichrome Pro VGA Adapter"
3320     0x1106 0x3119 "via-velocity" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT3119 Gigabit Ethernet Controller"
3321     0x1106 0x3122 "Card:S3 UniChrome" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8623 [Apollo CLE266] integrated CastleRock graphics"
3322     0x1106 0x3123 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8623 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3323     0x1106 0x3128 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4X266A CPU-to-PCI Bridge"
3324     0x1106 0x3133 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT3133 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3325     0x1106 0x3147 "via-ircc" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8233 PCI to ISA Bridge"
3326     0x1106 0x3148 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU-to-PCI Bridge"
3327     0x1106 0x3149 "sata_via" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT6420 SATA RAID Controller"
3328     0x1106 0x3156 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P/KN266 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3329     0x1106 0x3158 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU-to-PCI Bridge"
3330     0x1106 0x3164 "via82cxxx" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT6410 ATA133 RAID Controller"
3331     0x1106 0x3168 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8374 P4X400 Host Controller/AGP Bridge"
3332     0x1106 0x3177 "via-ircc" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8233A PCI to ISA Bridge"
3333     0x1106 0x3178 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
3334     0x1106 0x3188 "amd64-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
3335     0x1106 0x3189 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8377 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3336     0x1106 0x3198 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU-to-PCI Bridge"
3337     0x1106 0x3202 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
3338     0x1106 0x3204 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M800 Bridge"
3339     0x1106 0x3205 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|KM400 Bridge"
3340     0x1106 0x3208 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
3341     0x1106 0x3209 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to PCI Bridge"
3342     0x1106 0x3213 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI to PCI Bridge"
3343     0x1106 0x3218 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T800M Host Bridge"
3344     0x1106 0x3227 "i2c-viapro" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8237 PCI-to-ISA Bridge"
3345     0x1106 0x3238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 CPU-to-PCI Bridge"
3346     0x1106 0x3249 "sata_via" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT6421 SATA Controller"
3347     0x1106 0x3258 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI to PCI Bridge"
3348     0x1106 0x3259 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|??? CPU to PCI Bridge"
3349     0x1106 0x3269 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|KT880 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3350     0x1106 0x3282 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T880Pro CPU to PCI Bridge"
3351     0x1106 0x3288 "snd-hda-intel" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VIA High Definition Audio Controller"
3352     0x1106 0x3290 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M890 Host Bridge"
3353     0x1106 0x3296 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800 Host Bridge"
3354     0x1106 0x3337 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8237A PCI to ISA Bridge"
3355     0x1106 0x3349 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8251 AHCI/SATA 4-Port Controller"
3356     0x1106 0x337a "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8237A PCI to PCI Bridge"
3357     0x1106 0x337b "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8237A PCI to PCIE Bridge"
3358     0x1106 0x4149 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VIA VT6420 (ATA133) Controller"
3359     0x1106 0x4204 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|??? CPU to PCI Bridge"
3360     0x1106 0x4208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT890 Host Bridge"
3361     0x1106 0x4238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|??? CPU to PCI Bridge"
3362     0x1106 0x4258 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|??? CPU to PCI Bridge"
3363     0x1106 0x4259 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|??? CPU to PCI Bridge"
3364     0x1106 0x4269 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|KT880 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3365     0x1106 0x4282 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T880Pro CPU to PCI Bridge"
3366     0x1106 0x4290 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M890 Host Bridge"
3367     0x1106 0x4296 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800 Host Bridge"
3368     0x1106 0x4308 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT894 Host Bridge"
3369     0x1106 0x4314 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800CE Host Bridge"
3370     0x1106 0x4511 "via82cxxx_audio" "VIA Technologies Inc.|AC97 Audio"
3371     0x1106 0x5030 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C596 ACPI [Apollo PRO]"
3372     0x1106 0x5208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT890 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller"
3373     0x1106 0x5238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller"
3374     0x1106 0x5290 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M890 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller"
3375     0x1106 0x5308 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT894 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller"
3376     0x1106 0x6100 "via-rhine" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT85C100A [Rhine II]"
3377     0x1106 0x7204 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M800 Bridge"
3378     0x1106 0x7205 "Card:S3 UniChrome" "VIA Technologies Inc.|KM400 Graphics Adapter"
3379     0x1106 0x7208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT890 Host Bridge"
3380     0x1106 0x7238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3381     0x1106 0x7258 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT880 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3382     0x1106 0x7259 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PM880 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3383     0x1106 0x7269 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|KT880 CPU to PCI Bridge"
3384     0x1106 0x7282 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T880Pro CPU to PCI Bridge"
3385     0x1106 0x7290 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8M890 Host Bridge"
3386     0x1106 0x7296 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800 Host Bridge"
3387     0x1106 0x7308 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT894 Host Bridge"
3388     0x1106 0x7314 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|P4M800CE Host Bridge"
3389     0x1106 0x8208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 PCI to AGP Bridge"
3390     0x1106 0x8231 "via-ircc" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8231 [PCI-to-ISA Bridge]"
3391     0x1106 0x8235 "i2c-viapro" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8235 Power Management"
3392     0x1106 0x8305 "agpgart" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8363/8365 [KT133/KM133 AGP]"
3393     0x1106 0x8391 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8371 [PCI-PCI Bridge]"
3394     0x1106 0x8501 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8501"
3395     0x1106 0x8596 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C596 [Apollo PRO AGP]"
3396     0x1106 0x8597 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C597 [Apollo VP3 AGP]"
3397     0x1106 0x8598 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C598 [Apollo MVP3 AGP]"
3398     0x1106 0x8601 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8601"
3399     0x1106 0x8602 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to AGP Bridge"
3400     0x1106 0x8605 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8605 [PM133 AGP]"
3401     0x1106 0x8691 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C691 [Apollo Pro]"
3402     0x1106 0x8693 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT82C693 Apollo Pro+ PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3403     0x1106 0x9238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 I/O APIC"
3404     0x1106 0x9398 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8601 2D/3D Graphics Accelerator"
3405     0x1106 0xa208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT890 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3406     0x1106 0xa238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3407     0x1106 0xb091 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8633 [Apollo Pro266 AGP]"
3408     0x1106 0xb099 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8367 [KT266 AGP]"
3409     0x1106 0xb101 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8653 CPU to AGP Controller"
3410     0x1106 0xb102 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8362 CPU to AGP Controller"
3411     0x1106 0xb103 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8615 CPU to AGP Controller"
3412     0x1106 0xb112 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8361 CPU to AGP Controller"
3413     0x1106 0xb113 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|I/O APIC"
3414     0x1106 0xb115 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to AGP Controller"
3415     0x1106 0xb116 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI-to-PCI Bridge (AGP)"
3416     0x1106 0xb133 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|CPU to AGP Controller"
3417     0x1106 0xb148 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI-to-PCI Bridge (AGP)"
3418     0x1106 0xb156 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI-to-PCI Bridge (AGP)"
3419     0x1106 0xb158 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI-to-PCI Bridge (AGP)"
3420     0x1106 0xb168 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI-to-PCI Bridge (AGP)"
3421     0x1106 0xb188 "amd64-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI-to-PCI Bridge (AGP 2.0/3.0)"
3422     0x1106 0xb198 "via-agp" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI-to-PCI Bridge (AGP 2.0/3.0)"
3423     0x1106 0xb213 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|I/O APIC"
3424     0x1106 0xc208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT890 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3425     0x1106 0xc238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3426     0x1106 0xd104 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|VT8237 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller"
3427     0x1106 0xd208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT890 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3428     0x1106 0xd213 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PCI to PCI Bridge"
3429     0x1106 0xd238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3430     0x1106 0xe208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT890 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3431     0x1106 0xe238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3432     0x1106 0xf208 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|PT890 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3433     0x1106 0xf238 "unknown" "VIA Technologies Inc.|K8T890 PCI-to-PCI Bridge"
3434     0x1107 0x0576 "unknown" "Stratus Computers|VIA VT82C570MV [Apollo] (Wrong vendor ID!)"
3435     0x1107 0x8576 "unknown" "Stratus Computer|PCI Host Bridge"
3436     0x1108 0x0100 "unknown" "Proteon Inc.|p1690plus_AA"