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genpatches-2.6/trunk/2.6.21/0000_README Revision 933 genpatches-2.6/trunk/2.6.24/0000_README Revision 1235
374400-4500 other 374400-4500 other
38 38
39Individual Patch Descriptions: 39Individual Patch Descriptions:
40-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 40--------------------------------------------------------------------------
41 41
42Patch: 1000_linux- 42Patch: 1000_linux-
43From: www.kernel.org 43From: http://www.kernel.org
44Desc: Linux 44Desc: Linux
46Patch: 2100_sd-sr-medium-detection.patch
47From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/196879
48Desc: Add early medium-not-present detection in sr/sd drivers
50Patch: 2101_sr-follow-tray-status.patch
51From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/196879
52Desc: Fix CDROM_DRIVE_STATUS ioctl implementation
54Patch: 2102_sr-test-unit-ready.patch
55From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/196879
56Desc: Fix TEST_UNIT_READY for medium detection
45 57
46Patch: 4105_dm-bbr.patch 58Patch: 4105_dm-bbr.patch
47From: EVMS 2.5.2 59From: EVMS 2.5.2
48Desc: Bad block relocation support for LiveCD users 60Desc: Bad block relocation support for LiveCD users
49 61
50Patch: 4200_fbsplash-0.9.2-r5.patch 62Patch: 4200_fbcondecor-0.9.4.patch
51From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock 63From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock
52Desc: Bootsplash successor by Michal Januszewski 64Desc: Bootsplash successor by Michal Januszewski
53 65
54Patch: 4205_vesafb-tng-1.0-rc2.patch
55From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock/projects/vesafb-tng/
56Desc: Updated vesafb driver for x86.
58Patch: 4300_squashfs-3.2.patch 66Patch: 4300_squashfs-3.3.patch
59From: http://squashfs.sourceforge.net/ 67From: http://squashfs.sourceforge.net/
60Desc: driver to support squashfs filesystems. 68Desc: driver to support squashfs filesystems.
61 69
62Patch: 4400_speakup-20070426.patch 70Patch: 4400_echo-ctrl-c.patch
63From: dsd@gentoo.org from speakup cvs 71From: Joe Peterson <lavajoe@gentoo.org>
64Desc: Provides console speech to visually-impaired users 72Desc: Echo ^C on Ctrl-C events to match other unixes
74Patch: 4401_ixany-interrupt-signal.patch
75From: Joe Peterson <lavajoe@gentoo.org>
76Desc: Bugfix for patch 4400
65 77
66Patch: 4405_alpha-sysctl-uac.patch 78Patch: 4405_alpha-sysctl-uac.patch
67From: 79From: Tavis Ormandy <taviso@gentoo.org>
68Desc: enable control of the unaligned access control policy from sysctl 80Desc: enable control of the unaligned access control policy from sysctl

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