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48 48
49Patch: 1710_sparc-sparsemem.patch 49Patch: 1710_sparc-sparsemem.patch
50From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/127095 50From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/127095
51Desc: Use sparsemem for ultrasparc machines 51Desc: Use sparsemem for ultrasparc machines
52 52
53Patch: 2400_sky2-1.1.patch
54From: Stephen Hemminger
55Desc: sky2 update, hopefully solves stability issues
57Patch: 2405_skge-1.5.patch
58From: Stephen Hemminger
59Desc: skge update, hopefully solves performance issues
61Patch: 2410_hostap-eapol-encryption.patch
62From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/127546
63Desc: Fix disconnect when renewing keys with hostap driver
65Patch: 2600_input-h-bits-per-long.patch
66From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/124301
67Desc: input.h header fix for splashutils compile
53Patch: 4000_deprecate-sk98lin.patch 69Patch: 4000_deprecate-sk98lin.patch
54From: dsd@gentoo.org 70From: dsd@gentoo.org
55Desc: Add a note suggesting users try skge 71Desc: Add a note suggesting users try skge
56 72
57Patch: 4100_libata-enable-atapi.patch 73Patch: 4100_libata-enable-atapi.patch

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