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Revision 49 Revision 50
66 66
67Patch: 1900_pci-driver-typo.patch 67Patch: 1900_pci-driver-typo.patch
68From: stable queue 68From: stable queue
69Desc: Fix compilation problem 69Desc: Fix compilation problem
70 70
71Patch: 1905_mm-BUG.patch
72From: Stable queue
73Desc: Fix remap_pte_range range checking
71Patch: 2300_qla2xxx-initialization.patch 75Patch: 2300_qla2xxx-initialization.patch
72From: scsi-for-linus-2.6 tree 76From: scsi-for-linus-2.6 tree
73Desc: Fix initialization of qla2xxx SCSI hardware 77Desc: Fix initialization of qla2xxx SCSI hardware
74 78
75Patch: 2305_sata-bridge-lockup.patch 79Patch: 2305_sata-bridge-lockup.patch

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