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configure.in  167  9 years  azarah  Release sandbox-1.2.13.
ChangeLog  167  9 years  azarah  Release sandbox-1.2.13.
libsandbox.c  166  9 years  azarah  Make libsb_fini() do cleanup a bit more complete just in case we get another uCl…
sandbox.c  165  9 years  azarah  Do not handle adding working directory to SANDBOX_WRITE, as portage does it itse…
sandbox.h  157  9 years  azarah  If we are called from the command line, do not care about PORTAGE_TMPDIR, and ma…
sandbox_futils.c  152  9 years  azarah  Do not resolve symlinks in PORTAGE_TMPDIR in sandbox .. we will handle that in l…
getcwd.c  148  9 years  azarah  Fix getcwd, bug #98419.
canonicalize.c  117  9 years  azarah  Some strncpy/strncat and other cleanups.
symbols.in  112  9 years  azarah  Add wrapper for access() function, bug #85413.
Makefile.am  81  9 years  azarah  Really remove libctest.c
sandbox.bashrc  71  9 years  azarah  Do not reset already set LD_PRELOAD when starting sandbox. If LD_PRELOAD is alr…
localdecls.h  63  9 years  vapier  dont define BROKEN_RTLD_NEXT in uClibc
autogen.sh  51  9 years  vapier  use automake-1.9 (not that it really matters eh)
clean.sh  50  9 years  vapier  remove the symbols header file
COPYING  8  10 years  ferringb  annoying autotool files. stuck usual copyright stuff w/ gpl v2 notice in COPYIN…
INSTALL  8  10 years  ferringb  annoying autotool files. stuck usual copyright stuff w/ gpl v2 notice in COPYIN…
AUTHORS  7  10 years  ferringb  a quicky attempt at making authors actually useful. Fairly complete from what I…
NEWS  2  10 years  ferringb  Initial revision
README  2  10 years  ferringb  Initial revision

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