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src/  271  11 years  azarah  Use is_env_on(ENV_SANDBOX_ON) now that we have is_env_on().
data/  265  11 years  azarah  Add SANDBOX_INTRACTV logic, and Vapier's sandboxshell mojo.
scripts/  247  12 years  azarah  Fix symbol/map generation on Alpha. Thanks to report from Fernando J. Pereda <f
configure.ac  256  11 years  vapier  Rafal Rzepecki writes: sandbox's configure script first finds readelf, then igno…
autogen.sh  244  12 years  azarah  Revert last change, and add comment.
localdecls.h  224  12 years  azarah  More changes to try and resolve OSes with generic getcwd() implementations.
Makefile.am  203  12 years  azarah  Move clean.sh to scripts. Some 'make distcheck' fixes.
ChangeLog.0  199  12 years  azarah  Add scripts/svn2cl.*; move ChangeLog and update autogen.sh to generate ChangeLog…
INSTALL  8  13 years  ferringb  annoying autotool files. stuck usual copyright stuff w/ gpl v2 notice in COPYIN…
COPYING  8  13 years  ferringb  annoying autotool files. stuck usual copyright stuff w/ gpl v2 notice in COPYIN…
AUTHORS  7  13 years  ferringb  a quicky attempt at making authors actually useful. Fairly complete from what I…
README  2  13 years  ferringb  Initial revision
NEWS  2  13 years  ferringb  Initial revision

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svn:ignore .deps Makefile Makefile.in aclocal.m4 autom4te.cache compile config.guess config.h config.h.in config.log config.status config.sub configure depcomp install-sh libtool ltmain.sh missing stamp-h1 symbols.h

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