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src/  347  9 years  vapier  update ignores
scripts/  354  8 years  vapier  use `make dist` to generate tarballs
libsbutil/  352  8 years  vapier  drop the externals
libsandbox/  347  9 years  vapier  update ignores
etc/  347  9 years  vapier  update ignores
data/  321  9 years  azarah  Do not source /etc/profile even in interactive mode.
localdecls.h  224  10 years  azarah  More changes to try and resolve OSes with generic getcwd() implementations.
configure.ac  327  9 years  azarah  Release sandbox-1.2.20alpha2.
autogen.sh  350  8 years  vapier  make svn2cl usage part of dist rather than autogen
README  2  11 years  ferringb  Initial revision
NEWS  2  11 years  ferringb  Initial revision
Makefile.am  350  8 years  vapier  make svn2cl usage part of dist rather than autogen
INSTALL  351  8 years  vapier  update to current autoconf
ChangeLog.0  199  10 years  azarah  Add scripts/svn2cl.*; move ChangeLog and update autogen.sh to generate ChangeLog…
COPYING  8  11 years  ferringb  annoying autotool files. stuck usual copyright stuff w/ gpl v2 notice in COPYIN…
AUTHORS  7  11 years  ferringb  a quicky attempt at making authors actually useful. Fairly complete from what I…

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