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1AT_SETUP(libsigsegv) 1AT_SETUP(libsigsegv)
2 2
3ulimit -Ss 300
4AT_SB_CHECK([libsigsegv_tst], [1], [ignore], [ignore])
5dnl this test fills up the stack and then triggers a segfault ...
6dnl but it's hard to wrap things without a stack, so let's ignore
7dnl this test for now ...
3AT_SB_CHECK([libsigsegv_tst], [0], [dnl 8dnl AT_SB_CHECK([libsigsegv_tst], [0], [dnl
4starting overflow ... caught segv ... OVERFLOW: OK! 9dnl starting overflow ... caught segv ... OVERFLOW: OK!
5]) 10dnl ])
6 11

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