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1 The Gentoo-Hardened LiveCD
3 This CD is currently in a testing stage. By using this CD, we expect you
4 to notify us whenever you come across a problem, and make an attempt to be
5 useful. Merely complaining about things will not help us, which makes us
6 unlikely to help you.
8 Important notes:
10 There are several kernel options when booting. The default uses a
11 hardened-sources-2.6 kernel, but without pax and grsec, and will launch
12 gdm on boot. There are two variations of this kernel, one that will not
13 start gdm, and one that will not show a framebuffer and will start gdm.
15 There is also a hardened-sources-2.6 kernel with pax and grsec. It has the
16 same variations as above.
18 The initial root password is scrambled. To login, use the default
19 user/pass combination of hardened/hardened. If you wish to become root,
20 you may run 'sudo su -' and then you will be free to change the password.
22 The CD contains OpenSSH, but it is not started by default, since there is
23 a known default username and password. To further avoid problems
24 from user-error, the 'hardened' user is denied ssh access through
25 /etc/ssh/sshd_config. You must remove the DenyUsers, or create a new
26 user for ssh access.
28 Purpose:
30 This CD provides a full graphical X/gnome environement with several
31 productivity applications. The main features though are that the CD is
32 loaded with just about every imaginable computer and network forensic tool
33 in portage. If you want an application added to the CD, feel free to
34 request it.
36 The CD also features a pax and grsec kernel. This is mostly useful for
37 demonstration purposes. Once that kernel proves not to give any problems,
38 it will likely become the default.
40 Located on the CD in the 'stages/' directory, the stages available at
41 http://dev.gentoo.org/~tseng/stages/hardened-2.6/ can be found.
43 Where to find the LiveCD:
45 The CD is available for download on your favorite mirror in
46 'experimental/x86/hardened/livecd/' with the name
47 'hardened-x86-2005.0-testX.iso. The list of Gentoo mirrors is available at:
48 http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/mirrors.xml.
50 Filing bugs:
52 Please do *not* file bugs at bugs.gentoo.org right now, as this CD is
53 merely in testing. If you have a problem to report, please inform us in
54 #gentoo-hardened on freenode, or on the gentoo-hardened mailing list.


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