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Revision 299 - Directory Listing
Modified Sun Mar 26 15:47:05 2006 UTC (11 years ago) by phreak
Adding new patches

Revision 297 - Directory Listing
Modified Sat Mar 25 15:42:06 2006 UTC (11 years ago) by phreak
Copied from: vserver-sources/2.1.1_rc14 revision 296
Preparing -r1 for 2.0.2_rc14 and 2.1.1_rc14, still waiting for more patches

Revision 296 - Directory Listing
Added Fri Mar 24 11:02:22 2006 UTC (11 years ago) by phreak
Original Path: vserver-sources/2.1.1_rc14
_rc14 including the cloop patch, adding support for VXC_CRYPTO_LOOP

Sticky Revision:
(Current path doesn't exist after revision 533)

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