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+GLEP: 9
+Title: Gentoo Package Update System
+Version: $Revision$
+Last-Modified: $Date$
+Author: John J. Whitney <>
+Status: deferred
+Type: Standards Track
+Content-Type: text/x-rst
+Created: 19-Jul-2003
+Post-History: 25-Jul-2003
+This document proposes an official package updating system for Gentoo Linux.
+The Deltup project has been developed for this purpose. [#DELTUP]_
+As packages grow larger the amount of redundant data keeps increasing. Updating
+existing tarballs by patching is the natural way to handle source updates.
+This system will reduce mirror loads (potentially mirror size as well) and
+significantly speed up downloads, making Gentoo much more attractive for users
+with low-bandwidth connections.
+Server Implementation
+I propose that the patches be put onto the Gentoo Mirrors and stored in a new
+directory called "patchfiles" which could be placed beside "distfiles".
+It would be advantageous to have a list of available patches within the portage
+tree so that it can be updated during "emerge sync". A file named "dtu.list"
+can be created and placed in $PORTDIR/profiles.
+If a machine can be set up to generate patches it should contain a local mirror
+of distfiles which it can monitor for added packages. When a package is added
+to distfiles the machine can try to determine the previous tarball so a patch
+can be made and placed in the patchfiles dir. In addition, special-case patches
+can be added manually.
+The dtu.list file will be maintained by a special script. Whenever patches
+are added or removed to the patchfiles dir, the script will make necessary
+additions/removals in dtu.list. This will be done with minimal changes in the
+file so it can be synchronized efficiently.
+Client Implementation
+The system will be optional for users and can be enabled by making portage
+invoke efetch through the FETCHCOMMAND environment variable [#TINYHOWTO]_.
+When a package fetch is requested, the efetch/fetchcommand scripts (part of
+Deltup) will scan the dtu.list file for updates and try downloading and applying
+them if they exist, or fall back to a full package download if they don't or if
+the patching process fails.
+The most controversial feature has been the addition of dtu.list to the portage
+tree, so in this section I will list the reasons I support it.
+- Flexibility. Without it, there must be a standard naming scheme which we
+ would be stuck with once the system is in place. Changing the system would
+ require serious compatibility breaks. With the dtu.list file we can change
+ the naming scheme easily without problems, or even have several different
+ naming schemes.
+- Features. Without patch information detecting different upgrade paths would
+ be impossible. Split package patching would also be impossible. If the info
+ is available we can use it to find the quickest upgrade path, like jumping
+ from a .0 release, or even disable certain patches if there are problems with
+ them.
+- It would be impossible to know which packages to upgrade from in some cases,
+ including renamed packages.
+- Knowing which patches are available will eliminate the overhead of attempting
+ to download patches which don't exist.
+The dtu.list file will contain several hundred kilobytes of data. That has
+caused some concern over how efficiently it can be rsynced. To address these
+concerns the file's format will be plaintext and care has been taken to
+minimize the number of changes as removals/additions are made.
+Backwards Compatibility
+There are no backwards compatibility issues since Deltup can generate correct
+package MD5sums.
+I suggest we start with a scaled-down implementation and provide more as the
+demand increases. All of the necessary code is already written and working in
+non-official tests.
+.. [#DELTUP]
+.. [#PATCHES]
+.. [#TINYHOWTO] Tiny Deltup HOWTO
+ (
+This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
+Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit