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* commit-xfce-sync: Tell the user we're doneChristoph Mende2012-07-201-0/+2
* Use --rbind for /dev in mount-chroot.shChristoph Mende2012-07-011-2/+1
* Remove, replaced by wired's updateChristoph Mende2012-07-011-41/+0
* Make variables modifiableChristoph Mende2011-12-181-3/+3
* sync: Run eclean with -qChristoph Mende2011-07-141-2/+2
* Don't use /rootChristoph Mende2011-07-131-3/+3
* Run eclean-dist and eclean-pkg after syncChristoph Mende2011-07-131-0/+2
* Remove keywords instead of dropping to ~archChristoph Mende2011-06-211-2/+2
* Remove xfconf-live usageChristoph Mende2011-06-191-4/+0
* Get paths via portageqChristoph Mende2011-04-271-3/+7
* Use portageq to get the overlay paths tooChristoph Mende2011-04-222-3/+3
* Get PORTDIR via portageq and make OVERLAY editable via environmentChristoph Mende2011-04-203-6/+5
* fix changes counterChristoph Mende2011-04-161-1/+1
* fix cp/sedChristoph Mende2011-04-161-3/+4
* mount-chroot: Don't bind distfiles/packages under PORTDIRChristoph Mende2011-04-161-1/+3
* Added my personal scriptsChristoph Mende2011-04-115-0/+228