Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Version bumpx-drum2009-08-053-1/+56
* Update the 0.1.5 sources with a new snapshot (r2274 20090221)x-drum2009-04-094-5/+75
* Add a new live ebuild wrt bug 262551x-drum2009-03-233-7/+63
* remove stuff already in portagex-drum2009-03-154-103/+2
* switch to EAPI=2x-drum2009-01-284-19/+18
* refetch sources and update manifestx-drum2009-01-232-2/+1
* Version Bump; eautoreconf is now mandatory, force itx-drum2009-01-235-6/+72
* update manifestsx-drum2009-01-081-12/+2
* fix Invalid date in Gentoo Copyrightx-drum2009-01-082-2/+2
* sync overlay with portagex-drum2008-11-104-13/+24
* add sys-devel/gettext to DEPEND wrt bug #238556x-drum2008-09-243-13/+8
* Merge portage versionsMarkus Ullmann2008-09-154-6/+23
* Version bump: remove dev-util/yacc from DEPEND, see bug #236948; fix unused s...x-drum2008-09-135-8/+57
* remove dev-util/yacc from DEPEND, see bug #236948; fix unused sys/acl.h inclu...x-drum2008-09-084-4/+42
* fix missing automake stuffx-drum2008-09-032-4/+5
* Initial ebuild for kBuildx-drum2008-09-034-0/+68