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* net-analyzer/medusa: dropping amd64 keyword, some dependencies not yet keywordedx-drum2007-06-093-9/+13
* net-analyzer/medusa: dropped ssl USE flag, dev-libs/openssl is now mandatoryx-drum2007-06-024-33/+39
* net-analyzer/medusa: inital commitx-drum2007-06-024-0/+139
* Cleanup -- Readd packages if there are changesMarkus Ullmann2006-12-0625-721/+0
* version bump (bug #53955)Robert Buchholz2006-11-107-9/+162
* Fix for bug #153888, removal of win32 related filesRobert Buchholz2006-11-103-28/+34
* Import of current Portage versionRobert Buchholz2006-11-1022-0/+562