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* media-plugins/gst-plugins-faad: Remove ancient 1.4.4 copy from hereMart Raudsepp2017-11-103-20/+0
* Remove gstreamer packages that are in main tree by nowMart Raudsepp2015-01-073-28/+0
* Add a gst-plugins-omx-1.2.0 that can play 1080p videoMart Raudsepp2014-11-102-0/+53
* Update gstreamer bits to 1.4.4Mart Raudsepp2014-11-104-2/+2
* Add gst-plugins-soup, as I'm using it on my RPiMart Raudsepp2014-11-083-0/+28
* Update gstreamer bits to 1.4.3Mart Raudsepp2014-10-072-1/+1
* Update gstreamer bits to 1.4.2Mart Raudsepp2014-09-192-1/+1
* Update gstreamer bits to 1.4.1Mart Raudsepp2014-09-062-1/+1
* Update gstreamer bits to 1.4.0 stable until I get them to main tree (-bad is ...Mart Raudsepp2014-08-022-1/+1
* Update gstreamer bits to 1.3.91 RCMart Raudsepp2014-07-122-1/+1
* Update gstreamer split faad plugin to 1.3.90 RCMart Raudsepp2014-07-072-1/+1
* Add gstreamer 1.3.3 development versions of stuff I need for glimagesink test...Mart Raudsepp2014-06-263-0/+20
* Remove the gst-plugins-ffmpeg live CVS ebuild, new 0.10.3 release has the H.2...Mart Raudsepp2007-12-283-76/+0
* Kill digest filesMart Raudsepp2007-10-211-0/+0
* Live ebuild for gst-ffmpeg. Probably kills kitten, but makes H.264 playback u...Mart Raudsepp2007-10-084-0/+76