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diff --git a/bfd/ChangeLog b/bfd/ChangeLog
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+2019-08-31 Jim Wilson <jimw@sifive.com>
+ PR 23825
+ * elfnn-riscv.c (riscv_elf_create_dynamic_sections): Add SEC_LOAD,
+ SEC_DATA, and SEC_HAS_CONTENTS to .tdata.dyn section.
2019-08-30 Jim Wilson <jimw@sifive.com>
* elfnn-riscv.c (riscv_elf_relocate_section): For unresolvable reloc
diff --git a/bfd/elfnn-riscv.c b/bfd/elfnn-riscv.c
index ef2471eb999..1d04ae9b7ef 100644
--- a/bfd/elfnn-riscv.c
+++ b/bfd/elfnn-riscv.c
@@ -373,9 +373,23 @@ riscv_elf_create_dynamic_sections (bfd *dynobj,
if (!bfd_link_pic (info))
+ /* Technically, this section doesn't have contents. It is used as the
+ target of TLS copy relocs, to copy TLS data from shared libraries into
+ the executable. However, if we don't mark it as loadable, then it
+ matches the IS_TBSS test in ldlang.c, and there is no run-time address
+ space allocated for it even though it has SEC_ALLOC. That test is
+ correct for .tbss, but not correct for this section. There is also
+ a second problem that having a section with no contents can only work
+ if it comes after all sections with contents in the same segment,
+ but the linker script does not guarantee that. This is just mixed in
+ with other .tdata.* sections. We can fix both problems by lying and
+ saying that there are contents. This section is expected to be small
+ so this should not cause a significant extra program startup cost. */
htab->sdyntdata =
bfd_make_section_anyway_with_flags (dynobj, ".tdata.dyn",