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--- a/binutils/doc/binutils.texi
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@@ -796,7 +796,7 @@ nm [@option{-A}|@option{-o}|@option{--print-file-name}] [@option{-a}|@option{--d
[@option{--plugin} @var{name}]
[@option{--size-sort}] [@option{--special-syms}]
- [@option{--synthetic}] [@option{--with-symbol-versions}] [@option{--target=}@var{bfdname}]
+ [@option{--synthetic}] [@option{--target=}@var{bfdname}]
@c man end
@end smallexample
@@ -1130,14 +1130,6 @@ Include synthetic symbols in the output. These are special symbols
created by the linker for various purposes. They are not shown by
default since they are not part of the binary's original source code.
-@item --with-symbol-versions
-Enables the display of symbol version information if any exists. The
-version string is displayed as a suffix to the symbol name, preceeded by
-an @@ character. For example @samp{foo@@VER_1}. If the version is
-the default version to be used when resolving unversioned references
-to the symbol then it is displayed as a suffix preceeded by two @@
-characters. For example @samp{foo@@@@VER_2}.
@item --target=@var{bfdname}
@cindex object code format
Specify an object code format other than your system's default format.