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authorMichael Orlitzky <>2020-02-28 19:46:24 -0500
committerMichael Orlitzky <>2020-02-29 17:00:00 -0500
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parentrespect ROOT env variable (diff)
src/ enable nullglob during find_targets().
While it didn't appear to hurt anything, the find_targets() function could output a literal "php*.*" when there were no valid PHP targets. Now the "nullglob" shell option is enabled during that function. Signed-off-by: Michael Orlitzky <>
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diff --git a/src/ b/src/
index a047c62..12ef1e1 100644
--- a/src/
+++ b/src/
@@ -246,10 +246,12 @@ update_sapi() {
# A space-separated list of target names, for example, "php5.6 php7.0".
find_targets() {
- # TODO: when there aren't any phpX.Y directories, this returns
- # "php*.*". This doesn't seem to bother our consumers, but it
- # would probably be more polite to return nothing in that case.
+ # Temporarily enable the "nullglob" shell option to ensure that we
+ # don't return a literal "php*.*" when there are no valid targets.
+ local shopt_nullglob_saved=$(shopt -p nullglob)
+ shopt -s nullglob
cd "${ROOT%/}@LIBDIR@" && echo php*.*
+ ${shopt_nullglob_saved}
# List all valid targets for the given SAPI. The list is obtained by