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* Dropping WebUI stuff in a new branch, lots of this stuff needs tidying up and...Liam McLoughlin2011-07-1252-8/+11954
* Fixed hostname setting and changed Gearman daemon/client to meet Zend coding ...Liam McLoughlin2011-07-114-117/+141
* Added compress flag to build toolLiam McLoughlin2011-07-113-4/+13
* Updating configurations for new-style partitioningLiam McLoughlin2011-07-082-2/+2
* Moving to non-calcuated RootFS size (this makes more sense if we're using a t...Liam McLoughlin2011-07-081-1/+1
* Changed Gearman test client to accept config path as an argument, added waiti...Liam McLoughlin2011-07-083-6/+11
* Delete config after the build has finished in daemonLiam McLoughlin2011-07-081-0/+2
* Added a README with some basic installation/running instructions, removed cac...Liam McLoughlin2011-07-083-3/+69
* Added more robust error handling (we're not going to zombie onwards now when ...Liam McLoughlin2011-07-084-87/+131
* Added basic Gearman worker/clientLiam McLoughlin2011-07-084-50/+149
* Fix minimal config and incorrect cachedkernel logicLiam McLoughlin2011-06-162-2/+2
* Added flags and cachedkernel optionLiam McLoughlin2011-06-162-17/+1062
* Adding Python 2.6 to fluxbox config to fix a build failureLiam McLoughlin2011-06-161-1/+1
* Changed Stage3 and Portage snapshot URLs to reliable self-hosted onesLiam McLoughlin2011-06-161-2/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.overlays.gentoo.org/proj/gentoasterLiam McLoughlin2011-06-161-1/+1
| * Bugfixes and tidy upLiam McLoughlin2011-06-163-17/+31
* | Bugfixes and tidy upLiam McLoughlin2011-06-163-16/+30
* Minimal configuration has to be larger, fixed a network setup error tooLiam McLoughlin2011-06-152-2/+2
* Added configuration loading support, fixed up the kernel config for framebuff...Liam McLoughlin2011-06-158-66/+856
* Conditionals for download and updated kernel configLiam McLoughlin2011-06-142-59/+149
* Fixed typo in the wget for PortageLiam McLoughlin2011-06-141-3/+4
* Fixed Stage3 and Portage downloadLiam McLoughlin2011-06-141-9/+12
* Started testing GNOME, dies with Perl errors at the moment thoughLiam McLoughlin2011-06-081-5/+7
* Reenable hostname settingLiam McLoughlin2011-06-041-1/+1
* Fixed mounting! We're now booting to a login promptLiam McLoughlin2011-06-041-7/+8
* Fixed offset but now mounting failsLiam McLoughlin2011-06-041-10/+10
* Adding fstab and renaming bootloader configLiam McLoughlin2011-06-043-5/+35
* Super messy commit for pushing to Gentoo infra, will clean all this up once b...Liam McLoughlin2011-06-041-4/+6
* Initial commitLiam McLoughlin2011-06-033-0/+2869