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* Combine configs, fix image download path via a new config option, add initscriptLiam McLoughlin2011-08-103-9/+5
* Progress bar is now AJAXified!Liam McLoughlin2011-08-062-10/+98
* Add email notification supportLiam McLoughlin2011-08-062-3/+16
* Fix simultaneous build detection, fix sorting on keyboard layoutsLiam McLoughlin2011-08-041-11/+20
* Add options for configuring default keyboard layout and timezoneLiam McLoughlin2011-08-022-3/+16
* Fix a simultaneous builds bug where failed builds were counted as still being...Liam McLoughlin2011-08-023-4/+21
* Fix config generation double quotingLiam McLoughlin2011-07-281-4/+4
* Adding USE, package USE, FEATURES and keywords to WebUILiam McLoughlin2011-07-283-7/+54
* Fix broken VNC client JSLiam McLoughlin2011-07-271-3/+7
* Making everything Zend compliant againLiam McLoughlin2011-07-278-216/+333
* Fix broken shell filterLiam McLoughlin2011-07-271-8/+8
* Add missing IP address parameter when creating job entryLiam McLoughlin2011-07-271-7/+7
* Added simultaneous build settingsLiam McLoughlin2011-07-275-2/+37
* Moved to using mysqli and prepared statementsLiam McLoughlin2011-07-274-67/+95
* Added disk size capLiam McLoughlin2011-07-242-7/+17
* Adding RECAPTCHA, more standards workLiam McLoughlin2011-07-246-15/+358
* Use config file, defines to control settings, more Zend standards workLiam McLoughlin2011-07-241-0/+11
* Changed code to be closer to Zend standardLiam McLoughlin2011-07-245-219/+345
* Added zonetab loading for timezone listsLiam McLoughlin2011-07-211-114/+33
* Handle \r\n when building the configuration fileLiam McLoughlin2011-07-151-5/+5
* Dropping WebUI stuff in a new branch, lots of this stuff needs tidying up and...Liam McLoughlin2011-07-1250-0/+11839