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"#","Name","Color","Parent","Start","Stop","Icon","Description","[Namechange","When","Description","[Namechange","When","Description",". . . ]]"
-"N","Ututo","#ba3232",,"2000.10",,,"http://www.ututo.org/","Ututo XS","2005.6","http://www.ututo.org/",,,,
+"N","Ututo","#ba3232",,"2000.10","2012.4",,"http://www.ututo.org/","Ututo XS","2005.6","http://www.ututo.org/",,,,
"N","Enoch","#a0a0f0",,"1999.4",,,"http://www.gentoo.org/","Gentoo","1999.12","http://www.gentoo.org/","Gentoo 1.0_rc3","2000.12","http://www.gentoo.org","Gentoo 1.0","2002.3.31","http://www.gentoo.org",
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+no wikipedia page
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+First release -unknown-
+Last release 1/2009
+Gentoox is an operating system based on Gentoo Linux, created
+especially for the Xbox by Thomas Pedley. Gentoox requires a modchip
+or a software mod to run, as it is not authorized Microsoft software.
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+First release May 2003
+Very much active
+Different file system layout
+Not based directly on Gentoo (anymore?), own build system
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+LiveCD based on Gentoo
+First release 17-04-2003
+Last release 12-05-2004
+Was rather shortlived
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+Derivative of Ututo, started 2004, but not active in itself anymore
+Accoding to Wikipedia, a desktop variant of Ututo
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+Still very much alive, but now mostly based on Ubuntu
+(that's the Ututo UL variant)
+Citing from the homepage, via Google Translate:
+It is an Ubuntu 64 iso, to which the packages and non-free
+repositories were removed and the nucleus replaced by a free one. The
+scripts for doing that task are here.
+The idea is to serve the original purpose of Ututo: distribute
+Simusol. And of course keep your two characteristics relevant:
+* Operate without installing in an extremely simple,
+* And be 100% free.
+The aim of the project is to encourage and promote the generation and
+appropiation of knowledge in developing countries, reducing the (so
+called) digital divide.
+In this opportunity, after a two-year break, the Ututo project meets
+the presentation and distribution of the free SimuSol software.
+SimuSol facilitates the description and simulation of different
+physical circuits and their numerical simulation.
+The original version (?) and for sure the XS variant were based on
+Gentoo, as was probably the desktop variant Ututo-e.
+The last release of the XS variant was 2012.04, not sure about the e