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Docs for the scp tasks:
+22:27 <@Ticho> Caster:
+22:27 <@Caster> well it's from Betelgeuse, I'll have to look myself :)
+22:27 <@Ticho> i read the link mentioned in README, but it is bit too advanced
+22:28 <@Betelgeuse> Ticho: The running and is supposed to transfer testfile.txt to a remove machine
+22:28 <@Betelgeuse> Ticho: Just need to add the info to build.xml
+22:28 <@Ticho> Betelgeuse: yes, but how to invoke it
+22:28 <@Caster> edit the todir parameter in build.xml
+22:29 <@Caster> and run 'ant' in the dir with build.xml
+22:29 <@Betelgeuse> Ticho: ant -f build.xml
+22:29 <@Ticho> ah, that's what i needed
+22:29 <@Betelgeuse> Ticho: or just ant if build.xml is in pwd
+22:29 <@Ticho> it would be worth mentioning it somewher