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* Update/cleanup header for the git migration in main treeAndreas Sturmlechner2015-08-096-6/+6
* [eclass] Fix IUSE.missing caused by java-maven-2.eclassAndreas Sturmlechner2015-08-051-3/+14
* [eclass] Replace deprecated hasq with hasJohannes Huber2015-07-222-4/+4
* Clear out ancient NetBeans stuff with fordfrog's blessing.James Le Cuirot2015-03-281-115/+0
* clojure.eclass: Added bootstrap mode, fixed various bugs.Solano Gomez2010-03-241-8/+23
* Moved clojure-contrib from java-experimental to java-overlaySolano Gomez2010-03-231-0/+171
* Add openoffice-ext eclass to java-overlay.Serkan Kaba2009-04-101-0/+108
* Fixed lacation of maven-helper.py see #237539Alistair Bush2008-09-131-8/+9
* typo in maven eclassMathieu Pasquet2007-12-311-1/+1
* allow maven-build.xml to be rewritten and custom build targets, thx to aliMathieu Pasquet2007-12-311-3/+11
* allowing to unpack from P or PF | improve -source handlingMathieu Pasquet2007-12-151-5/+36
* fix DEPENDS for maven eclassMathieu Pasquet2007-11-031-1/+1
* fix DEPENDS for maven eclassMathieu Pasquet2007-11-031-1/+1
* moving eclasses for maven from java-experimental overlay to java overlayMathieu Pasquet2007-11-032-0/+641
* Adding patch feature to src_unpackMathieu Pasquet2007-05-261-0/+7
* eclass/excalibur.eclass: Migrate src_test to splitted ant.Petteri Räty2007-04-271-4/+3
* kiorky: add wildcards to work with PN-PV or just PNMathieu Pasquet2007-04-221-4/+4
* removing forgotten debug messageMathieu Pasquet2007-04-221-1/+0
* kiorky: let jars being renamedMathieu Pasquet2007-04-221-1/+2
* Move test-harness.eclass and java-utils-test to java-experimental and fix S a...Vlastimil Babka2007-04-201-193/+0
* Move commons-jelly stuff to java-experimental.Vlastimil Babka2007-04-201-99/+0
* Move java-maven-plugin-2.eclass to java-experimental, fix inherit in mavent-a...Vlastimil Babka2007-04-201-47/+0
* Move jboss-4*.eclass to java-experimental.Vlastimil Babka2007-04-202-1582/+0
* kiorky: remove stall stuffMathieu Pasquet2007-04-201-113/+0
* eclass/java-maven-2.eclass: commiting my stuff according to my discuss with B...Mathieu Pasquet2007-03-021-4/+4
* eclass/jboss-4-tmp.eclass: commiting my stuff according to my discuss with Be...Mathieu Pasquet2007-03-024-27/+328
| * ECLASS and INHERITED variables are not needed any more and removed trailing w...Petteri Räty2007-01-214-18/+6
| * fix xerces dependency in eclass tooVlastimil Babka2006-11-301-1/+1
| * Moved java-gnome.eclass to migrated-overlay.Joshua Nichols2006-10-041-74/+0
* | eclass/jboss-4-tmp.eclass: commiting my jboss eclassMathieu Pasquet2007-02-241-10/+18
* | Fixed to use xerces-2.6.Joshua Nichols2007-02-221-2/+2
* | eclass/jboss-4-tmp.eclass: commiting my dayly changes to my jboss eclassMathieu Pasquet2007-02-181-2/+3
* | eclass/jboss-4-tmp.eclass: commiting stuff to my jboss eclass part2Mathieu Pasquet2007-02-171-3/+2
* | eclass/jboss-4-tmp.eclass: commiting stuff to my jboss eclassMathieu Pasquet2007-02-171-16/+36
* | eclass/.jboss-4.eclass.swp: remove zombie fileMathieu Pasquet2007-02-171-0/+0
* | eclass/.jboss-4.eclass.swp: create a temporary eclass to work with for JBossMathieu Pasquet2007-02-172-0/+756
* | ECLASS and INHERITED variables are not needed any more and removed trailing w...Petteri Räty2007-01-215-18/+4
* | Added Excalibur eclasses.Petteri Räty2007-01-202-0/+153
* | eclass for Netbeans 5.5 packsMiroslav Šulc2007-01-141-0/+118
* | Removed trailing white space.Petteri Räty2006-12-021-18/+17
* | :) Hibernates jboss related deps now build.Alistair Bush2006-10-231-1/+5
* | Various fixes including ability to build jboss-module-common :)Alistair Bush2006-10-231-1/+1
* | Add ruff glassfish-persistence ebuild to overlayAlistair Bush2006-10-081-1/+1
* | Removed java-gnome packages that were added to portage.Joshua Nichols2006-10-081-85/+0
* | Updated to java-gnome-2.14.3. Cleanups to java-gnome.eclassJoshua Nichols2006-10-041-7/+18
* | Moved java-gnome.eclass to migrated-overlay.Joshua Nichols2006-10-041-0/+74
| * test-harness.eclass moved to migrated overlayVlastimil Babka2006-08-241-196/+0
* | test-harness.eclass moved to migrated overlayVlastimil Babka2006-08-241-0/+196
| * Fixed call to java-pkg_get-jni-cflagsJoshua Nichols2006-08-051-1/+1
| * New java-gnome eclass, and update to java-gnome to use it.Joshua Nichols2006-08-051-0/+74