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| * Copying test-harness eclass to experimental overlay.Joshua Nichols2006-07-171-0/+196
| * Split generation 2 packages from gentoo-java-experimental to migration-packag...Krzysztof Pawlik2006-05-212-858/+0
* | In portage.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-07-061-103/+0
* | Split generation 2 packages from gentoo-java-experimental to migration-packag...Krzysztof Pawlik2006-05-214-407/+0
* Using generation 2. Use *only* with migration overlay, won't work with currentKrzysztof Pawlik2006-05-091-3/+4
* Migrated several packages.Joshua Nichols2006-05-081-3/+4
* Style fixes.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-02-031-10/+5
* Fixed running unzip.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-02-031-1/+1
* More documentation for eclass.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-02-031-5/+14
* Previous commit had wrong eclass commited. Fixed.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-02-031-3/+8
* Sun's JWSDP split ebuilds, eclass and license for them.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-02-031-0/+93
* Moved java-maven.eclass to java-experimental.Joshua Nichols2006-01-081-0/+129
* Added a maven-plugin.eclass, and make ebuilds use this.Joshua Nichols2006-01-031-0/+104
* Updated commons-jelly-tags eclass and packages.Joshua Nichols2005-12-251-14/+21
* Applied patch from compnerd to jelly tags eclass.Joshua Nichols2005-12-231-12/+17
* Updated wagon.eclass to have a jdk and jre version.Joshua Nichols2005-11-031-2/+2
* Fixed URI of jboss-4.0.2-gentoo.conf in eclass.Joshua Nichols2005-10-241-1/+1
* remove java-utilsThomas Matthijs2005-10-211-125/+0
* Did some house cleaning of jboss stuff. Fixed dep in jboss-module-common.Joshua Nichols2005-10-121-2/+3
* Way to many things to have kept track of. I really ought to commit more regul...Joshua Nichols2005-10-073-460/+463
* Added more maven dependencies. This included some commons-jelly-tags, and a n...Joshua Nichols2005-09-081-0/+43
* Adjusted slots of commons-jelly-tags*Joshua Nichols2005-09-061-10/+15
* Fixed SRC_URI of commons-jelly-tagsJoshua Nichols2005-09-051-1/+2
* Added commons-jelly-tags-{util,xml}Joshua Nichols2005-09-051-2/+6
* Changed common-jelly-tags to use a generic patch for all packages, instead of...Joshua Nichols2005-09-051-6/+2
* Added commons-jelly-tags-dynabeanJoshua Nichols2005-09-051-0/+22
* Added eclass for commons-jelly-tags, and two examples using it (commons-jelly...Joshua Nichols2005-09-051-0/+91
* Forgot to commit jboss-4 eclassJoshua Nichols2005-08-271-14/+125
* Fixed Manifests (because it was bugging me...): Joshua Nichols2005-07-081-13/+24
* kill bogus depThomas Matthijs2005-07-041-2/+2
* Committing work I've done on jboss thus far.Joshua Nichols2005-07-041-0/+628
* Added a development version for java-utils.eclassPetteri Räty2005-05-101-0/+125
* 1. java-pkg_dosrc is now official so removing the eclassPetteri Räty2005-03-161-354/+0
* Added experimental version for java-pkg.eclassPetteri Räty2005-03-151-0/+354