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-From: tobbs@opentrash.com
-To: procps@freelists.org
-Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2016 15:01:29 +0200
-Subject: [procps] [Patch] Test suite fails if /proc/<pid>/smaps is absent
-Message-Id: <20160911130129.9A8B3322A81@astra4649.startdedicated.de>
-Summary: Some Linux systems do not have /proc/<pid>/smaps, hence the test
-suite fails. Attached a patch to skip tests in that case it.
-When pmap is called with either -c, -x, or -x it tries to read
-/proc/<pid>/smaps (pmap.c, l. 540). If not present it exits.
-The file /proc/<pid>/smaps exits on Linux systems only if the kernel is
-compiled with the option CONFIG_PROC_PAGE_MONITOR (see man page proc(5)).
-In the test suite some tests check the output of pmap -X et al, but they
-fail if /proc/<pid>/smaps is not present, because pmap does not produce
-their expected output.
-Attached a patch which checks if /proc/<pid>/smaps exits, if not it
-skipps the test related to it.
-Note: It is unclear what the 'expected' behaviour/output of pmap should
-be if the file /proc/<pid>/smaps is not present. Maybe add an additional
-test to check the return code if /proc/<pid>/smaps is absent.
---- a/testsuite/pmap.test/pmap.exp
-+++ b/testsuite/pmap.test/pmap.exp
-@@ -45,6 +45,11 @@
- spawn $pmap -qd $mypid
- expect_table $test $pmap_procname $pmap_device_items "\$"
-+if { [ file readable "/proc/self/smaps" ] == 0 } {
-+ unsupported "Skipping test which require pmap to access /proc/<pid>/smaps, because kernel seems to be compiled without CONFIG_PROC_PAGE_MONITOR."
-+} else {
- set test "pmap extended output"
- spawn $pmap -x $mypid
- expect_table $test $pmap_ext_header $pmap_ext_items $pmap_ext_footer
-@@ -66,3 +71,4 @@
- spawn $pmap -XX 1
- expect_pass $test "$pmap_initname\$"